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Are We Ready for Real-world Neuroscience? [JOCN 31:3]Pawel J. Matusz, Suzanne Dikker, Alexander G. Huth, Catherine PerrodinArticle
Are You Sure That This Happened? Assessing the Factuality Degree of Events in Te... [COLI 38:2]Roser Saurí, James PustejovskyArticle2012-06-01
An Argument against Assimilating Appositive Relatives to Coordinate Structures [LING 39:4]Barbara CitkoArticle2008-10-01
Argument Determiner Phrases and Number Phrases [LING 29:4]Yen-hui Audrey LiArticle1998-10-01
An Argument for Multiple Spell-Out [LING 32:1]Steven Franks, Željko BoškovićArticle2001-01-01
Argument Mining: A Survey [COLI 45:4]John Lawrence, Chris ReedArticle
Argument Realization [COLI 32:3]Karin KipperArticle2006-09-01
Argumentation Machines: New Frontiers in Argumentation and Computation [COLI 31:1]Ingrid ZukermanArticle2005-03-01
Argumentation Mining [COLI 45:3]Henning WachsmuthArticle
Argumentation Mining in User-Generated Web Discourse [COLI 43:1]Ivan Habernal, Iryna GurevychArticle
Arguments as RelationsJohn BowersBook2010-10-29
Arithmetic Perceptrons [NECO 7:1]Sergio A. CannasArticle1995-01-01
Arm Trajectory Modifications During Reaching Towards Visual Targets [JOCN 3:3]Tamar Flash, Ealan HenisArticle1991-07-01
Arousal and Attention: Self-chosen Stimulation Optimizes Cortical Excitability a... [JOCN 20:8]Thomas Fischer, Robert Langner, Niels Birbaumer, Burkhard BrockeArticle2008-08-01
Arrernte: A Language with No Syllable Onsets [LING 30:1]Gavan Breen, Rob PensalfiniArticle1999-01-01
The Art of Artificial Evolution: A Handbook on Evolutionary Art and Music. Juan ... [ARTL 15:2]Alice EldridgeArticle2009-04-01
Articulated Definiteness without Articles [LING 49:3]Peter JenksArticle
Artifact & Artifice: Views on Life [ARTL 9:1]Alan DorinArticle2003-01-01
An Artificial Bioindicator System for Network Intrusion Detection [ARTL 21:2]Christian Blum, José A. Lozano, Pedro Pinacho DavidsonArticle
Artificial Chemistries—A Review [ARTL 7:3]Peter Dittrich, Jens Ziegler, Wolfgang BanzhafArticle2001-07-01
Artificial Chemistry [ARTL 15:1]Hideaki Suzuki, Peter DittrichArticle2009-01-01
Artificial Cybernetic Living Individuals Based on SupraMolecular-Level Organizat... [ARTL 17:1]Bernard KorzeniewskiArticle2011-01-01
Artificial Dendritic Trees [NECO 5:4]John G. EliasArticle1993-07-01
Artificial Ears for a Biomimetic Sonarhead: From Multiple Reflectors to Surfaces [ARTL 7:2]J. M. Carmena, N. Kämpchen, D. Kim, J. C. T. HallamArticle2001-04-01
An Artificial Ecosystem: Emergent Dynamics and Lifelike Properties [ARTL 13:2]Mauno RönkköArticle2007-04-01
Artificial Evolution [ARTL 3:1]George R. vB. EnnengaArticle1997-01-01
Artificial Fish Schools: Collective Effects of School Size, Body Size, and Body ... [ARTL 9:3]Hanspeter Kunz, Charlotte K. HemelrijkArticle2003-07-01
Artificial Fishes: Autonomous Locomotion, Perception, Behavior, and Learning in ... [ARTL 1:4]Demetri Terzopoulos, Xiaoyuan Tu, Radek GrzeszczukArticle1994-07-01
Artificial Gene Regulatory Networks—A Review [ARTL 24:4]Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, Kyle Harrington, Wolfgang BanzhafArticle
Artificial Intelligence and Literary Creativity: Inside the Mind of BRUTUS, a St... [COLI 26:4]Ronald de SousaArticle2000-12-01
Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots: Case Studies of Successful Robot Syst... [ARTL 6:2]Holly A. YancoArticle2000-04-01
Artificial LifeChristopher G. LangtonBook1997-01-22
Artificial Life and the Chinese Room Argument [ARTL 8:4]David Anderson, B. Jack CopelandArticle2002-10-01
Artificial Life Art, Creativity, and Techno-hybridization (editor's introduction... [ARTL 21:3]Alan DorinArticle
Artificial Life as a Tool for Biological Inquiry [ARTL 1:1_2]Charles Taylor, David JeffersonArticle1993-10-01
Artificial Life as Philosophy [ARTL 1:3]Daniel C. DennettArticle1994-04-01
Artificial Life Down Under [ARTL 11:3]Hussein A. AbbassArticle2005-01-01
Artificial Life IVRodney A. Brooks, Pattie MaesBook1994-09-13
Artificial Life Models for Musical Applications: Workshop Report [ARTL 8:1]Eleonora Bilotta, Eduardo Reck Miranda, Pietro Pantano, Peter M. ToddArticle2002-01-01
Artificial Life Models in Software. Andrew Adamatzky and Maciej Komosinski (Eds.... [ARTL 13:2]Hiroki SayamaArticle2007-04-01
Artificial Life Next Generation Perspectives: Echoes from the 2018 Conference in... [ARTL 26:1]Olaf Witkowski, Takashi Ikegami, Nathaniel Virgo, Mizuki Oka, Hiroyuki IizukaArticle
The Artificial Life Roots of Artificial Intelligence [ARTL 1:1_2]Luc SteelsArticle1993-10-01
An Artificial Life View of the Collatz Problem [ARTL 17:2]Hiroki SayamaArticle2011-04-01
Artificial Life: Discipline or Method? Report on a Debate Held at ECAL '99 [ARTL 6:2]Jason Noble, Seth Bullock, Ezequiel A. Di PaoloArticle2000-04-01
Artificial Metamorphosis: Evolutionary Design of Transforming, Soft-Bodied Robot... [ARTL 22:3]Michał Joachimczak, Reiji Suzuki, Takaya AritaArticle
Artificial Symbiogenesis [ARTL 2:3]Lawrence Bull, Terence C. FogartyArticle1995-04-01
Artificial Symbiogenesis and Differing Reproduction Rates [ARTL 16:1]Larry BullArticle2010-01-01
As Time Goes ByNorbert HornsteinBook1993-08-13
As Working Memory Grows: A Developmental Account of Neural Bases of Working Memo... [JOCN 27:9]Maria Kharitonova, Warren Winter, Margaret A. SheridanArticle
Ascending and Descending VPs in English [LING 43:2]Vikki Janke, Ad NeelemanArticle2012-01-01