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Unsupervised Spike Detection and Sorting with Wavelets and Superparamagnetic Clu... [NECO 16:8]R. Quian Quiroga, Z. Nadasdy, Y. Ben-ShaulArticle2004-08-01
Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition Using Syntactic and Semantic Contextual Ev... [COLI 27:1]Alessandro Cucchiarelli, Paola VelardiArticle2001-03-01
Unsupervised Mutual Information Criterion for Elimination of Overtraining in Sup... [NECO 7:1]G. Deco, W. Finnoff, H. G. ZimmermannArticle1995-01-01
Unsupervised Multilingual Sentence Boundary Detection [COLI 32:4]Tibor Kiss, Jan StrunkArticle2006-12-01
Unsupervised Learning of the Morphology of a Natural Language [COLI 27:2]John GoldsmithArticle2001-06-01
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology [COLI 37:2]Harald Hammarström, Lars BorinArticle2011-06-01
Unsupervised Learning of Individuals and Categories from Images [NECO 20:5]Stephen Waydo, Christof KochArticle2008-05-01
Unsupervised Learning of Generative and Discriminative Weights Encoding Elementa... [NECO 24:1]M. W. SpratlingArticle2012-01-01
Unsupervised Learning [NECO 1:3]H.B. BarlowArticle1989-09-01
Unsupervised Formation of Vocalization-Sensitive Neurons: A Cortical Model Based... [NECO 24:10]Tyler P. Lee, Dean V. BuonomanoArticle2012-10-01
Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution [COLI 40:2]Cosmin Adrian Bejan, Sanda HarabagiuArticle2014-06-01
An Unsupervised Ensemble Learning Method for Nonlinear Dynamic State-Space Model... [NECO 14:11]Harri Valpola, Juha KarhunenArticle2002-11-01
Unsupervised 2D Dimensionality Reduction with Adaptive Structure Learning [NECO 29:5]Xiaowei Zhao, Feiping Nie, Sen Wang, Jun Guo, Pengfei Xu, Xiaojiang ChenArticle
Unsupervised Compositionality Prediction of Nominal Compounds [COLI 45:1]Silvio Cordeiro, Aline Villavicencio, Marco Idiart, Carlos RamischArticle
Unsupervised Acquisition of Predominant Word Senses [COLI 33:4]Diana McCarthy, Rob Koeling, Julie Weeds, John CarrollArticle2007-12-01
Unseen Fearful Faces Influence Face Encoding: Evidence from ERPs in Hemianopic P... [JOCN 26:11]Roberto Cecere, Caterina Bertini, Martin E. Maier, Elisabetta LàdavasArticle2014-11-01
Unscrambled Pronouns in Dutch [LING 39:4]Gerlof Bouma, Helen de HoopArticle2008-10-01
Unrestricted Bridging Resolution [COLI 44:2]Yufang Hou, Katja Markert, Michael StrubeArticle
The Unrestricted Black-Box Complexity of Jump Functions [EVCO 24:4]Maxim Buzdalov, Benjamin Doerr, Mikhail KeverArticle
The Unrested Resting Brain: Sleep Deprivation Alters Activity within the Default... [JOCN 22:8]Ninad Gujar, Seung-Schik Yoo, Peter Hu, Matthew P. WalkerArticle2010-08-01
Unraveling the Relation between EEG Correlates of Attentional Orienting and Soun... [JOCN 32:5]Laura-Isabelle Klatt, Daniel Schneider, Anna-Lena Schubert, Christina Hanenberg, Jörg Lewald, Edmund Wascher, Stephan GetzmannArticle
An Unnoticed Reading for Wh-Questions: Elided Answers and Weak Islands [LING 39:4]Benjamin SpectorArticle2008-10-01
Unlocking the Nature of the Phonological–Deep Dyslexia Continuum: The Keys to Re... [JOCN 18:3]Jenni Crisp, Matthew A. Lambon RalphArticle2006-03-01
A Universal Pronoun in English? [LING 37:3]John Beavers, Andrew Koontz-GarbodenArticle2006-07-01
A Universal Model for Spike-Frequency Adaptation [NECO 15:11]Jan Benda, Andreas V. M. HerzArticle2003-11-01
Universal Approximation Using Radial-Basis-Function Networks [NECO 3:2]J. Park, I. W. SandbergArticle1991-06-01
A Universal Approximation Theorem for Mixture-of-Experts Models [NECO 28:12]Hien D. Nguyen, Luke R. Lloyd-Jones, Geoffrey J. McLachlanArticle
Universal Approximation of Multiple Nonlinear Operators by Neural Networks [NECO 14:11]Andrew D. Back, Tianping ChenArticle2002-11-01
Universal Approximation Depth and Errors of Narrow Belief Networks with Discrete... [NECO 26:7]Guido F. MontúfarArticle2014-07-01
Universal Approximation Capability of Cascade Correlation for Structures [NECO 17:5]Barbara Hammer, Alessio Micheli, Alessandro SperdutiArticle2005-05-01
Universal Approximation by Phase Series and Fixed-Weight Networks [NECO 5:3]Neil E. Cotter, Peter R. ConwellArticle1993-05-01
Unity of the Self, TheStephen WhiteBook1991-10-30
The Unity of Focus: Evidence from Sign Language (ASL and LSF) [LING 47:2]Philippe Schlenker, Valentina Aristodemo, Ludovic Ducasse, Jonathan Lamberton, Mirko SantoroArticle
Unitary Events in Multiple Single-Neuron Spiking Activity: II. Nonstationary Dat... [NECO 14:1]Sonja Grün, Markus Diesmann, Ad AertsenArticle2002-01-01
Unitary Events in Multiple Single-Neuron Spiking Activity: I. Detection and Sign... [NECO 14:1]Sonja Grün, Markus Diesmann, Ad AertsenArticle2002-01-01
Unintentional and Intentional Recognition Rely on Dissociable Neurocognitive Mec... [JOCN 28:11]Zara M. Bergström, David G. Williams, Mariam Bhula, Dinkar SharmaArticle
A Unifying View of Wiener and Volterra Theory and Polynomial Kernel Regression [NECO 18:12]Matthias O. Franz, Bernhard SchölkopfArticle2006-12-01
Unifying the MindDavid DanksBook2014-10-17
A Unifying Review of Linear Gaussian Models [NECO 11:2]Sam Roweis, Zoubin GhahramaniArticle1999-02-01
A Unifying Objective Function for Topographic Mappings [NECO 9:6]Geoffrey J. Goodhill, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle1997-08-01
A Unifying Framework of Synaptic and Intrinsic Plasticity in Neural Populations [NECO 30:4]Johannes Leugering, Gordon PipaArticle
Unifying Blind Separation and Clustering for Resting-State EEG/MEG Functional Co... [NECO 27:7]Jun-ichiro Hirayama, Takeshi Ogawa, Aapo HyvärinenArticle
Unifying Adversarial Training Algorithms with Data Gradient Regularization [NECO 29:4]Alexander G. Ororbia II, Daniel Kifer, C. Lee GilesArticle
A Unified Theory of Neuro-MRI Data Shows Scale-Free Nature of Connectivity Modes [NECO 29:6]Vitaly L. Galinsky, Lawrence R. FrankArticle
Unified Theories of Cognition [JOCN 3:3]Article1991-07-01
A Unified Classification Model Based on Robust Optimization [NECO 25:3]Akiko Takeda, Hiroyuki Mitsugi, Takafumi KanamoriArticle2013-03-01
A Unified Approach to the Study of Temporal, Correlational, and Rate Coding [NECO 13:6]Stefano Panzeri, Simon R. SchultzArticle2001-06-01
A Unified Approach to Building and Controlling Spiking Attractor Networks [NECO 17:6]Chris EliasmithArticle2005-06-01
The Unified and Holistic Method Gamma (γ) for Inter-Annotator Agreement Measure ... [COLI 41:3]Yann Mathet, Antoine Widlöcher, Jean-Philippe MétivierArticle
A Unified Analysis of Value-Function-Based Reinforcement-Learning Algorithms [NECO 11:8]Csaba Szepesvári, Michael L. LittmanArticle1999-11-01