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An Assessment of the Semantic Network in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease [JOCN 5:2]Agnes S. Chan, Nelson Butters, Jane S. Paulsen, David P. Salmon, Michael R. Swenson, Laurence T. MaloneyArticle1993-04-01
An Association between Auditory–Visual Synchrony Processing and Reading Comprehe... [JOCN 29:3]Julia Mossbridge, Jacob Zweig, Marcia Grabowecky, Satoru SuzukiArticle
The Association between Dopamine DRD2 Polymorphisms and Working Memory Capacity ... [JOCN 22:9]Sebastian A. Markett, Christian Montag, Martin ReuterArticle2010-09-01
The Association between Gray Matter Volume and Reading Proficiency: A Longitudin... [JOCN 27:2]Janosch Linkersdörfer, Alina Jurcoane, Sven Lindberg, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus Hasselhorn, Christian J. Fiebach, Jan LonnemannArticle
Associations between Basal Cortisol Levels and Memory Retrieval in Healthy Young... [JOCN 25:11]Sandra Ackermann, Francina Hartmann, Andreas Papassotiropoulos, Dominique J.-F. de Quervain, Björn RaschArticle2013-11-01
Associative EnginesAndy ClarkBook1993-09-21
The Associative Memory Deficit in Aging Is Related to Reduced Selectivity of Bra... [JOCN 28:9]Cristina Saverino, Zainab Fatima, Saman Sarraf, Anita Oder, Stephen C. Strother, Cheryl L. GradyArticle
Associative Memory in a Multimodular Network [NECO 11:7]Nir Levy, David Horn, Eytan RuppinArticle1999-10-01
Associative Memory with Dynamic Synapses [NECO 14:12]Lovorka Pantic, Joaquín J. Torres, Hilbert J. Kappen, Stan C.A.M. GielenArticle2002-12-01
Associative Memory with Uncorrelated Inputs [NECO 8:2]Ronald MichaelsArticle1996-02-01
Associative Recognition Processes Are Modulated by Modality Relations [JOCN 26:8]Roni Tibon, Shir Ben-Zvi, Daniel A. LevyArticle2014-08-01
The Astrocyte as a Gatekeeper of Synaptic Information Transfer [NECO 19:2]Vladislav Volman, Eshel Ben-Jacob, Herbert LevineArticle2007-02-01
Asymmetric Compression of Representational Space for Object Animacy Categorizati... [JOCN 29:12]Tijl Grootswagers, J. Brendan Ritchie, Susan G. Wardle, Andrew Heathcote, Thomas A. CarlsonArticle
Asymmetric Connectivity between the Anterior Temporal Lobe and the Language Netw... [JOCN 27:3]Robert S. Hurley, Borna Bonakdarpour, Xue Wang, M.-Marsel MesulamArticle
Asymmetric DOM in Coordination: A Problem for Movement-Based Approaches [LING 50:3]Laura Kalin, Philipp WeisserArticle
Asymmetric Dynamics in Optimal Variance Adaptation [NECO 10:5]Michael DeWeese, Anthony ZadorArticle1998-07-01
Asymmetric high-order anatomical brain connectivity sculpts effective connectivi... [NETN 4:3]Arseny A. Sokolov, Peter Zeidman, Adeel Razi, Michael Erb, Philippe Ryvlin, Marina A. Pavlova, Karl J. FristonArticle
Asymmetric Parallel Boltzmann Machines are Belief Networks [NECO 4:6]Radford M. NealArticle1992-11-01
Asymmetric Processing of Numerical and Nonnumerical Magnitudes in the Brain: An ... [JOCN 28:1]Tali Leibovich, Stephan E. Vogel, Avishai Henik, Daniel AnsariArticle
Asymmetrical Brain, TheRichard J. Davidson, Kenneth HugdahlBook2004-09-01
The Asymmetrical Brain [JOCN 15:6]Lynn C. RobertsonArticle2003-08-01
Asymmetries in Scrambling and Cyclic Linearization [LING 38:1]Heejeong KoArticle2007-01-01
An Asymmetry in Voice Mismatches in VP-Ellipsis and Pseudogapping [LING 39:1]Jason MerchantArticle2008-01-01
Asymmetry of Configuration Space Induced by Unequal Crossover: Implications for ... [ARTL 6:1]Max Shpak, Günter P. WagnerArticle2000-01-01
Asymmetry of Neuronal Activity During Extracellular Microelectrode Recording fro... [JOCN 12:5]Theodore H. Schwartz, Michael M. Haglund, Ettore Lettich, George A .OjemannArticle2000-09-01
Asymmetry of Neuronal Combinatorial Codes Arises from Minimizing Synaptic Weight... [NECO 28:8]Christian Leibold, Mauro M. Monsalve-MercadoArticle
Asymptotic Behavior and Synchronizability Characteristics of a Class of Recurren... [NECO 19:9]Christof CebullaArticle2007-09-01
Asymptotic Behavior of Periodic Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Delays [NECO 21:12]Wei LinArticle2009-12-01
Asymptotic Behaviors of Support Vector Machines with Gaussian Kernel [NECO 15:7]S. Sathiya Keerthi, Chih-Jen LinArticle2003-07-01
Asymptotic Bias in Information Estimates and the Exponential (Bell) Polynomials [NECO 12:12]Jonathan D. VictorArticle2000-12-01
Asymptotic Convergence of Backpropagation [NECO 1:3]Gerald Tesauro, Yu He, Subutai AhmadArticle1989-09-01
Asymptotic Convergence Properties of the EM Algorithm for Mixture of Experts [NECO 23:8]Yan Yang, Jinwen MaArticle2011-08-01
Asymptotic Convergence Rate of the EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixtures [NECO 12:12]Jinwen Ma, Lei Xu, Michael I. JordanArticle2000-12-01
An Asymptotic Model for the English Hapax/Vocabulary Ratio [COLI 36:4]Fan FengxiangArticle2010-12-01
Asymptotic Properties of the Fisher Kernel [NECO 16:1]Koji Tsuda, Shotaro Akaho, Motoaki Kawanabe, Klaus-Robert MüllerArticle2004-01-01
An Asymptotic Statistical Theory of Polynomial Kernel Methods [NECO 16:8]Kazushi IkedaArticle2004-08-01
Asymptotic Theory of Information-Theoretic Experimental Design [NECO 17:7]Liam PaninskiArticle2005-07-01
Asynchronies in the Development of Electrophysiological Responses to Motion and ... [JOCN 16:8]Teresa V. Mitchell, Helen J. NevilleArticle2004-10-01
Asynchronous Event-Based Motion Processing: From Visual Events to Probabilistic ... [NECO 31:6]Mina A. Khoei, Sio-hoi Ieng, Ryad BenosmanArticle
Asynchronous Master-Slave Parallelization of Differential Evolution for Multi-Ob... [EVCO 21:2]Matjaž Depolli, Roman Trobec, Bogdan FilipičArticle2013-05-01
Asynchronous States and the Emergence of Synchrony in Large Networks of Interact... [NECO 15:1]D. Hansel, G. MatoArticle2003-01-01
At 120 msec You Can Spot the Animal but You Don't Yet Know It's a Dog [JOCN 27:1]Chien-Te Wu, Sébastien M. Crouzet, Simon J. Thorpe, Michéle Fabre-ThorpeArticle
At the Crossroads of Evolutionary Computation and Music: Self-Programming Synthe... [EVCO 12:2]Eduardo Reck MirandaArticle2004-06-01
At the Edge of Semantic Space: The Breakdown of Coherent Concepts in Semantic De... [JOCN 23:9]Emily J. Mayberry, Karen Sage, Matthew A. Lambon RalphArticle2011-09-01
A-Templatic Reduplication [LING 29:3]Diamandis GafosArticle1998-07-01
Atoms and Sets: A Characterization of Semantic Number [LING 33:3]Yoad WinterArticle2002-07-01
The Atoms of Language: The Mind's Hidden Rules of Grammar [ARTL 9:1]Bart de BoerArticle2003-01-01
Attachment and BondingC. Sue Carter, Lieselotte Ahnert, K. E. Grossmann, Sarah B. Hrdy, Michael E. Lamb, Stephen W. Porges, Norbert SachserBook2006-01-01
Attending to Multiple Visual Streams: Interactions between Location-based and Ca... [JOCN 21:8]Sabrina Fagioli, Emiliano MacalusoArticle2009-08-01
Attending to What and Where: Background Connectivity Integrates Categorical and ... [JOCN 30:9]Alexa Tompary, Naseem Al-Aidroos, Nicholas B. Turk-BrowneArticle