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Upper Beta Band Oscillations in Human Premotor Cortex Encode Subjective Choices ... [JOCN 28:5]Jan Herding, Bernhard Spitzer, Felix BlankenburgArticle
Optimization for Statistical Machine Translation: A Survey [COLI 42:1]Graham Neubig, Taro WatanabeArticle
Integrating Selectional Constraints and Subcategorization Frames in a Dependency... [COLI 42:1]Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Alexis NasrArticle
A Comparative Study of Minimally Supervised Morphological Segmentation [COLI 42:1]Teemu Ruokolainen, Oskar Kohonen, Kairit Sirts, Stig-Arne Grönroos, Mikko Kurimo, Sami VirpiojaArticle
Online Learning for Statistical Machine Translation [COLI 42:1]Daniel Ortiz-MartínezArticle
Feature Selection for Ridge Regression with Provable Guarantees [NECO 28:4]Saurabh Paul, Petros DrineasArticle
Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Tensor-Based Regression and Classificat... [NECO 28:4]Kishan Wimalawarne, Ryota Tomioka, Masashi SugiyamaArticle
Optimal Schedules in Multitask Motor Learning [NECO 28:4]Jeong Yoon Lee, Youngmin Oh, Sung Shin Kim, Robert A. Scheidt, Nicolas SchweighoferArticle
Vector Symbolic Spiking Neural Network Model of Hippocampal Subarea CA1 Novelty ... [NECO 28:4]Claus AgerskovArticle
Effects of Awareness on the Control of Attention [JOCN 28:6]Taylor W. Webb, Hope H. Kean, Michael S. A. GrazianoArticle
Multivoxel Object Representations in Adult Human Visual Cortex Are Flexible: An ... [JOCN 28:6]Mehdi Senoussi, Isabelle Berry, Rufin VanRullen, Leila ReddyArticle
Decisions Made with Less Evidence Involve Higher Levels of Corticosubthalamic Nu... [JOCN 28:6]Baltazar Zavala, Huiling Tan, Simon Little, Keyoumars Ashkan, Alexander L. Green, Tipu Aziz, Thomas Foltynie, Ludvic Zrinzo, Kareem Zaghloul, Peter BrownArticle
Assessing the Neural Correlates of Task-unrelated Thoughts during Episodic Encod... [JOCN 28:6]David Maillet, M. Natasha RajahArticle
Dysfunction of the Human Mirror Neuron System in Ideomotor Apraxia: Evidence fro... [JOCN 28:6]Silvi Frenkel-Toledo, Dario G. Liebermann, Shlomo Bentin, Nachum SorokerArticle
Multisensory Part-based Representations of Objects in Human Lateral Occipital Co... [JOCN 28:6]Goker Erdogan, Quanjing Chen, Frank E. Garcea, Bradford Z. Mahon, Robert A. JacobsArticle
Age-related Changes in the Sleep-dependent Reorganization of Declarative Memorie... [JOCN 28:6]Bengi Baran, Janna Mantua, Rebecca M. C. SpencerArticle
A Genetic Polymorphism of the Human Dopamine Transporter Determines the Impact o... [JOCN 28:6]Stephanie M. Greer, Andrea N. Goldstein, Brian Knutson, Matthew P. WalkerArticle
Fusiform Gyrus Laterality in Writing Systems with Different Mapping Principles: ... [JOCN 28:6]Elizabeth A. Hirshorn, Alaina Wrencher, Corrine Durisko, Michelle W. Moore, Julie A. FiezArticle
Beta-adrenergic Blockade at Memory Encoding, but Not Retrieval, Decreases the Su... [JOCN 28:6]Ulrike Rimmele, Sandra F. Lackovic, Russell H. Tobe, Bennett L. Leventhal, Elizabeth A. PhelpsArticle
Causal Inference on Discrete Data via Estimating Distance Correlations [NECO 28:5]Furui Liu, Laiwan ChanArticle
A Mathematical Motivation for Complex-Valued Convolutional Networks [NECO 28:5]Mark Tygert, Joan Bruna, Soumith Chintala, Yann LeCun, Serkan Piantino, Arthur SzlamArticle
Effect of Reference Scheme on Power and Phase of the Local Field Potential [NECO 28:5]Vinay Shirhatti, Ayon Borthakur, Supratim RayArticle
Separating Spike Count Correlation from Firing Rate Correlation [NECO 28:5]Giuseppe Vinci, Valérie Ventura, Matthew A. Smith, Robert E. KassArticle
Lightest to the Right: An Apparently Anomalous Displacement in Irish [LING 47:2]Ryan Bennett, Emily Elfner, James McCloskeyArticle
On Evaluation Metrics in Optimality Theory [LING 47:2]Ezer Rasin, Roni KatzirArticle
Ellipsis, Economy, and the (Non)uniformity of Traces [LING 47:2]Troy Messick, Gary ThomsArticle
Finite-State Phonology Predicts a Typological Gap in Cyclic Stress Assignment [LING 47:2]Bronwyn Bjorkman, Ewan DunbarArticle
The Unity of Focus: Evidence from Sign Language (ASL and LSF) [LING 47:2]Philippe Schlenker, Valentina Aristodemo, Ludovic Ducasse, Jonathan Lamberton, Mirko SantoroArticle
Embedding the Antecedent in Gapping: Low Coordination and the Role of Parallelis... [LING 47:2]Maziar ToosarvandaniArticle
Computational Design of a Circular RNA with Prionlike Behavior [ARTL 22:2]Stefan Badelt, Christoph Flamm, Ivo L. HofackerArticle
An Informational Study of the Evolution of Codes and of Emerging Concepts in Pop... [ARTL 22:2]Andrés C. Burgos, Daniel PolaniArticle
A General Statistical Method for Identifying Adaptations by Parameterizing Trait... [ARTL 22:2]Drew BlountArticle
Population and Evolutionary Dynamics based on Predator–Prey Relationships in a 3... [ARTL 22:2]Takashi Ito, Marcin L. Pilat, Reiji Suzuki, Takaya AritaArticle
Active Shape Discrimination with Compliant Bodies as Reservoir Computers [ARTL 22:2]Chris Johnson, Andrew Philippides, Philip HusbandsArticle
List of Reviewers [ARTL 22:2]Article
Compartmentalization of an all-E. coli Cell-Free Expression S... [ARTL 22:2]Filippo Caschera, Vincent NoireauxArticle
Dopaminergic Genetic Polymorphisms Predict Rule-based Category Learning [JOCN 28:7]Kaileigh A. Byrne, Tyler Davis, Darrell A. WorthyArticle
Cortical Integration of Contextual Information across Objects [JOCN 28:7]Tomer Livne, Moshe BarArticle
Don't Think, Just Feel the Music: Individuals with Strong Pavlovian-to-Instrumen... [JOCN 28:7]Miriam Sebold, Daniel J. Schad, Stephan Nebe, Maria Garbusow, Elisabeth Jünger, Nils B. Kroemer, Norbert Kathmann, Ulrich S. Zimmermann, Michael N. Smolka, Michael A. Rapp, Andreas Heinz, Quentin J. M. HuysArticle
Dopamine Gene Profiling to Predict Impulse Control and Effects of Dopamine Agoni... [JOCN 28:7]Hayley J. MacDonald, Cathy M. Stinear, April Ren, James P. Coxon, Justin Kao, Lorraine MacDonald, Barry Snow, Steven C. Cramer, Winston D. ByblowArticle
Age-related Multiscale Changes in Brain Signal Variability in Pre-task versus Po... [JOCN 28:7]Hongye Wang, Anthony R. McIntosh, Natasa Kovacevic, Maria Karachalios, Andrea B. ProtznerArticle
Cue-related Temporal Factors Modulate Movement-related Beta Oscillatory Activity... [JOCN 28:7]Elizabeth Heinrichs-Graham, David J. Arpin, Tony W. WilsonArticle
Transient Distraction and Attentional Control during a Sustained Selective Atten... [JOCN 28:7]Elise Demeter, Marty G. WoldorffArticle
Addiction History Associates with the Propensity to Form Habits [JOCN 28:7]Theresa H. McKim, Daniel J. Bauer, Charlotte A. BoettigerArticle
Feature-Linking Model for Image Enhancement [NECO 28:6]Kun Zhan, Jicai Teng, Jinhui Shi, Qiaoqiao Li, Mingying WangArticle
Direct Density Derivative Estimation [NECO 28:6]Hiroaki Sasaki, Yung-Kyun Noh, Gang Niu, Masashi SugiyamaArticle
Robust Support Vector Machines for Classification with Nonconvex and Smooth Loss... [NECO 28:6]Yunlong Feng, Yuning Yang, Xiaolin Huang, Siamak Mehrkanoon, Johan A. K. SuykensArticle
Electroencephalographic Motor Imagery Brain Connectivity Analysis for BCI: A Rev... [NECO 28:6]Mahyar Hamedi, Sh-Hussain Salleh, Alias Mohd NoorArticle
Maintaining Consistency of Spatial Information in the Hippocampal Network: A Com... [NECO 28:6]Y. DabaghianArticle
McCulloch-Pitts Brains and Pseudorandom Functions [NECO 28:6]Vašek Chvátal, Mark Goldsmith, Nan YangArticle