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Influence of Prosodic Information on the Processing of Split Particles: ERP Evid... [JOCN 17:1]Frédéric Isel, Kai Alter, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2005-01-01
Effects of Aging on Arithmetic Problem-Solving: An Event-related Brain Potential... [JOCN 17:1]Radouane El Yagoubi, Patrick Lemaire, Mireille BessonArticle2005-01-01
Dynamic Dopamine Modulation in the Basal Ganglia: A Neurocomputational Account o... [JOCN 17:1]Michael J. FrankArticle2005-01-01
Grammatical Gender and Number Agreement in Spanish: An ERP Comparison [JOCN 17:1]Horacio Barber, Manuel CarreirasArticle2005-01-01
Dissociations of Face and Object Recognition in Developmental Prosopagnosia [JOCN 17:2]Brad Duchaine, Ken NakayamaArticle2005-02-01
Preattentive Binding of Auditory and Visual Stimulus Features [JOCN 17:2]István Winkler, István Czigler, Elyse Sussman, János Horváth, László BalázsArticle2005-02-01
Sequential Memory: A Putative Neural and Synaptic Dynamical Mechanism [JOCN 17:2]Gustavo Deco, Edmund T. RollsArticle2005-02-01
Brain Activation during Face Perception: Evidence of a Developmental Change [JOCN 17:2]E. H. Aylward, J. E. Park, K. M. Field, A. C. Parsons, T. L. Richards, S. C. Cramer, A. N. MeltzoffArticle2005-02-01
Transmodal Sensorimotor Networks during Action Observation in Professional Piani... [JOCN 17:2]B. Haslinger, P. Erhard, E. Altenmüller, U. Schroeder, H. Boecker, A. O. Ceballos-BaumannArticle2005-02-01
Deferred Imitation of Action Sequences in Developmental Amnesia [JOCN 17:2]Anna-Lynne R. Adlam, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Mortimer Mishkin, Michelle de HaanArticle2005-02-01
Mirror Neurons Responding to Observation of Actions Made with Tools in Monkey Ve... [JOCN 17:2]Pier Francesco Ferrari, Stefano Rozzi, Leonardo FogassiArticle2005-02-01
Separation of the Systems for Color and Spatial Manipulation in Working Memory R... [JOCN 17:2]Harald M. Mohr, David E. J. LindenArticle2005-02-01
Repetition-priming Modulates Category-related Effects on Event-related Potential... [JOCN 17:2]Markus KieferArticle2005-02-01
Pronominal Reference in Sentences about Persons or Things: An Electrophysiologic... [JOCN 17:2]Anke Hammer, Bernadette M. Jansma, Monique Lamers, Thomas F. MünteArticle2005-02-01
Cortical Representations of Personally Familiar Objects and Places: Functional O... [JOCN 17:2]Motoaki Sugiura, Nadim J. Shah, Karl Zilles, Gereon R. FinkArticle2005-02-01
Listening to Action-related Sentences Activates Fronto-parietal Motor Circuits [JOCN 17:2]Marco Tettamanti, Giovanni Buccino, Maria Cristina Saccuman, Vittorio Gallese, Massimo Danna, Paola Scifo, Ferruccio Fazio, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Stefano F. Cappa, Daniela PeraniArticle2005-02-01
A Dissociation between the Representation of Tool-use Skills and Hand Dominance:... [JOCN 17:2]Scott H. Frey, Margaret G. Funnell, Valerie E. Gerry, Michael S. GazzanigaArticle2005-02-01
Revisiting Previously Searched Locations in Visual Neglect: Role of Right Pariet... [JOCN 17:2]Sabira K. Mannan, Dominic J. Mort, Tim L. Hodgson, Jon Driver, Christopher Kennard, Masud HusainArticle2005-02-01
Prosody-driven Sentence Processing: An Event-related Brain Potential Study [JOCN 17:3]Ann Pannekamp, Ulrike Toepel, Kai Alter, Anja Hahne, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2005-03-01
Theta Responses Are Involved in Lexical—Semantic Retrieval during Language Proce... [JOCN 17:3]Marcel C.M. Bastiaansen, Marieke van der Linden, Mariken ter Keurs, Ton Dijkstra, Peter HagoortArticle2005-03-01
Overlap in the Functional Neural Systems Involved in Semantic and Episodic Memor... [JOCN 17:3]M. N. Rajah, A. R. McIntoshArticle2005-03-01
Role of the Right and Left Hemispheres in Recovery of Function during Treatment ... [JOCN 17:3]Bruce Crosson, Anna Bacon Moore, Kaundinya Gopinath, Keith D. White, Christina E. Wierenga, Megan E. Gaiefsky, Katherine S. Fabrizio, Kyung K. Peck, David Soltysik, Christina MilstedArticle2005-03-01
“Where to?” Remote Memory for Spatial Relations and Landmark Identity in Former ... [JOCN 17:3]R. Shayna Rosenbaum, Fuqiang Gao, Brian Richards, Sandra E. Black, Morris MoscovitchArticle2005-03-01
Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence of a Right Hemisphere Bias for the ... [JOCN 17:3]Emiliana R. Simon-Thomas, Kemi O. Role, Robert T. KnightArticle2005-03-01
The Neurophysiology of Response Competition: Motor Cortex Activation and Inhibit... [JOCN 17:3]Peter Praamstra, Ellen SeissArticle2005-03-01
Top-down Enhancement and Suppression of the Magnitude and Speed of Neural Activi... [JOCN 17:3]Adam Gazzaley, Jeffrey W. Cooney, Kevin McEvoy, Robert T. Knight, Mark D'EspositoArticle2005-03-01
Fusiform Activation to Animals is Driven by the Process, Not the Stimulus [JOCN 17:3]Timothy T. Rogers, Julia Hocking, Andrea Mechelli, Karalyn Patterson, Cathy PriceArticle2005-03-01
Expectation and the Vestibular Control of Balance [JOCN 17:3]Michel Guerraz, Brian L. DayArticle2005-03-01
Second Language Interferes with Word Production in Fluent Bilinguals: Brain Pote... [JOCN 17:3]Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, Arie van der Lugt, Michael Rotte, Belinda Britti, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Thomas F. MünteArticle2005-03-01
Right Hemisphere Activation of Joke-related Information: An Event-related Brain ... [JOCN 17:3]Seana Coulson, Ying Choon WuArticle2005-03-01
Interaction of Face and Voice Areas during Speaker Recognition [JOCN 17:3]Katharina von Kriegstein, Andreas Kleinschmidt, Philipp Sterzer, Anne-Lise GiraudArticle2005-03-01
Integration of Visual and Auditory Information by Superior Temporal Sulcus Neuro... [JOCN 17:3]Nick E. Barraclough, Dengke Xiao, Chris I. Baker, Mike W. Oram, David I. PerrettArticle2005-03-01
Dorsal and Ventral Stream Interaction: Contributions from Optic Ataxia [JOCN 17:4]Marc Himmelbach, Hans-Otto KarnathArticle2005-04-01
To Look or Not to Look? Typical and Atypical Development of Oculomotor Control [JOCN 17:4]Gaia Scerif, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Ruth Campos, Mayada Elsabbagh, Jon Driver, Kim CornishArticle2005-04-01
Visually Induced Auditory Expectancy in Music Reading: A Behavioral and Electrop... [JOCN 17:4]Daniele Schön, Mireille BessonArticle2005-04-01
The Intraparietal Sulcus and Perceptual Organization [JOCN 17:4]Rhodri CusackArticle2005-04-01
Partially Distributed Representations of Objects and Faces in Ventral Temporal C... [JOCN 17:4]Alice J. O'Toole, Fang Jiang, Hervé Abdi, James V. HaxbyArticle2005-04-01
Functional Connectivity: Integrating Behavioral, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and F... [JOCN 17:4]Abigail A. Baird, Mary K. Colvin, John D. VanHorn, Souheil Inati, Michael S. GazzanigaArticle2005-04-01
Neural Correlates of Memory for Items and for Associations: An Event-related Fun... [JOCN 17:4]Amélie M. Achim, Martin LepageArticle2005-04-01
Evidence for Multiple, Distinct Representations of the Human Body [JOCN 17:4]John Schwoebel, H. Branch CoslettArticle2005-04-01
Development of Sensitivity to Texture and Contour Information in the Human Infan... [JOCN 17:4]Anthony M. Norcia, Francesca Pei, Yoram Bonneh, Chuan Hou, Vanitha Sampath, Mark W. PettetArticle2005-04-01
How Position, Velocity, and Temporal Information Combine in the Prospective Cont... [JOCN 17:4]Joost C. Dessing, C. (Lieke) E. Peper, Daniel Bullock, Peter J. BeekArticle2005-04-01
Behavioral Change and Its Neural Correlates in Visual Agnosia After Expertise Tr... [JOCN 17:4]Marlene Behrmann, Jonathan Marotta, Isabel Gauthier, Michael J. Tarr, Thomas J. McKeeffArticle2005-04-01
Common Mechanisms for Working Memory and Attention: The Case of Perseveration wi... [JOCN 17:4]Jennifer Merva Stedron, Sarah Devi Sahni, Yuko MunakataArticle2005-04-01
An Event-related Potential Study of Selective Auditory Attention in Children and... [JOCN 17:4]Donna Coch, Lisa D. Sanders, Helen J. NevilleArticle2005-04-01
fMRI Evidence for the Role of Recollection in Suppressing Misattribution Errors:... [JOCN 17:5]Jason P. Mitchell, Chad S. Dodson, Daniel L. SchacterArticle2005-05-01
Event-Related Potential Correlates of Long-Term Memory for Briefly Presented Fac... [JOCN 17:5]Carrie A. Joyce, Marta KutasArticle2005-05-01
The Functional Organization of Auditory Working Memory as Revealed by fMRI [JOCN 17:5]Stephen R. Arnott, Cheryl L. Grady, Stephanie J. Hevenor, Simon Graham, Claude AlainArticle2005-05-01
Hearing Two Things at Once: Neurophysiological Indices of Speech Segregation and... [JOCN 17:5]Claude Alain, Karen Reinke, Yu He, Chenghua Wang, Nancy LobaughArticle2005-05-01
Rule-Based Category Learning is Impaired in Patients with Parkinson's Disease bu... [JOCN 17:5]W. Todd Maddox, Paul Aparicio, Natalie L. Marchant, Richard B. IvryArticle2005-05-01