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Attractor Reliability Reveals Deterministic Structure in Neuronal Spike Trains [NECO 14:7]P. H. E. Tiesinga, J.-M. Fellous, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle2002-07-01
Attributive Adjectives and Nominal Templates [LING 40:3]Robert TruswellArticle2009-07-01
A-Type K+ Current Can Act as a Trigger for Bursting in the Absence of a Slow Var... [NECO 20:2]Natalia Toporikova, Joël Tabak, Marc E. Freeman, Richard BertramArticle2008-02-01
Audiovisual Integration in Patients with Visual Deficit [JOCN 17:9]Francesca Frassinetti, Nadia Bolognini, Davide Bottari, Annalisa Bonora, Elisabetta LàdavasArticle2005-09-01
Audiovisual Matching in Speech and Nonspeech Sounds: A Neurodynamical Model [JOCN 22:2]Marco Loh, Gabriele Schmid, Gustavo Deco, Wolfram ZieglerArticle2010-02-01
Audiovisual Speech Integration Does Not Rely on the Motor System: Evidence from ... [JOCN 26:3]William Matchin, Kier Groulx, Gregory HickokArticle2014-03-01
Auditory and Visual Spatial Localization Deficits Following Bilateral Parietal L... [JOCN 12:4]M. L. Phan, K. L. Schendel, G .H .Recanzone, L. C. RobertsonArticle2000-07-01
Auditory Attention Causes Gain Enhancement and Frequency Sharpening at Successiv... [JOCN 30:6]Jessica de Boer, Katrin KrumbholzArticle
Auditory Brainstem Correlates of Perceptual Timing Deficits [JOCN 19:3]Krista L. Johnson, Trent G. Nicol, Steven G. Zecker, Nina KrausArticle2007-03-01
Auditory Cortex Accesses Phonological Categories: An MEG Mismatch Study [JOCN 12:6]Colin Phillips, Thomas Pellathy, Alec Marantz, Elron Yellin, Kenneth Wexler, David Poeppel, Martha McGinnis, Timothy RobertsArticle2000-11-01
Auditory Cortical Responses to Speech-Like Stimuli in Dyslexic Adults [JOCN 14:5]Hanna Renvall, Riitta HariArticle2002-07-01
Auditory Evoked Responses in Musicians during Passive Vowel Listening Are Modula... [JOCN 26:12]Jürg Kühnis, Stefan Elmer, Lutz JänckeArticle
Auditory Imagery Modulates Frequency-specific Areas in the Human Auditory Cortex [JOCN 25:2]Jihoon Oh, Jae Hyung Kwon, Po Song Yang, Jaeseung JeongArticle2013-02-01
Auditory Language Comprehension in Children with Developmental Dyslexia: Evidenc... [JOCN 18:10]B. Sabisch, A. Hahne, E. Glass, W. von Suchodoletz, A. D. FriedericiArticle2006-10-01
Auditory NeuroscienceJan Schnupp, Israel Nelken, Andrew KingBook2010-12-31
Auditory Perceptual Category Formation Does Not Require Perceptual Warping [JOCN 27:8]Valeria C. Caruso, Evan BalabanArticle
Auditory Peripersonal Space in Humans [JOCN 14:7]Alessandro Farnè, Elisabetta LàdavasArticle2002-10-01
Auditory Priming within and across Modalities: Evidence from Positron Emission T... [JOCN 11:4]Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, Daniel L. Schacter, Nathaniel M. AlpertArticle1999-07-01
Auditory Scene AnalysisAlbert S. BregmanBook1994-09-29
Auditory Short-term Memory Capacity Correlates with Gray Matter Density in the L... [JOCN 23:12]Fiona M. Richardson, Sue Ramsden, Caroline Ellis, Stephanie Burnett, Odette Megnin, Caroline Catmur, Tom M. Schofield, Alex P. Leff, Cathy J. PriceArticle2011-12-01
Auditory Spatial and Object Processing in the Human Planum Temporale: No Evidenc... [JOCN 22:4]Kevin R. Smith, I-Hui Hsieh, Kourosh Saberi, Gregory HickokArticle2010-04-01
Auditory Spatial Tuning in Late-onset Blindness in Humans [JOCN 18:2]Anne Fieger, Wolfgang Teder-Sälejärvi, Steven A. Hillyard, Helen J. NevilleArticle2006-02-01
Auditory Target Detection Is Affected by Implicit Temporal and Spatial Expectati... [JOCN 23:5]Johanna Rimmele, Hajnal Jolsvai, Elyse SussmanArticle2011-05-01
Auditory Working Memory Load Impairs Visual Ventral Stream Processing: Toward a ... [JOCN 22:3]Jane Klemen, Christian Büchel, Mira Bühler, Mareike M. Menz, Michael RoseArticle2010-03-01
Auditory-Visual Integration during Multimodal Object Recognition in Humans: A Be... [JOCN 11:5]M. H. Giard, F. PeronnetArticle1999-09-01
Auditory–Motor Interaction Revealed by fMRI: Speech, Music, and Working Memory i... [JOCN 15:5]Gregory Hickok, Bradley Buchsbaum, Colin Humphries, Tugan MuftulerArticle2003-05-01
An Augmented Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for Complex-Valued Recurrent Neura... [NECO 19:4]Su Lee Goh, Danilo P. MandicArticle2007-04-01
Author Index [COLI 29:4]Article2003-12-01
Author Index: Volume 26 [COLI 26:4]Article2000-12-01
Author Index: Volume 27 [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Author Index: Volume 28 [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Authors' Answer to the Book Review of Introduction to Evolutionary Computing Pub... [EVCO 12:3]A.E. Eiben, J.E. SmithArticle2004-09-01
Authorship Attribution with Topic Models [COLI 40:2]Yanir Seroussi, Ingrid Zukerman, Fabian BohnertArticle2014-06-01
An Autoassociative Neural Network Model of Paired-Associate Learning [NECO 13:9]Daniel S. Rizzuto, Michael J. KahanaArticle2001-09-01
Autobiographical Memory and Patterns of Brain Atrophy in Fronto-temporal Lobar D... [JOCN 20:10]Margaret C. McKinnon, Elena I. Nica, Pheth Sengdy, Natasa Kovacevic, Morris Moscovitch, Morris Freedman, Bruce L. Miller, Sandra E. Black, Brian LevineArticle2008-10-01
Autobiographical Planning and the Brain: Activation and Its Modulation by Qualit... [JOCN 27:11]R. Nathan Spreng, Kathy D. Gerlach, Gary R. Turner, Daniel L. SchacterArticle
Autobiographically Significant Concepts: More Episodic than Semantic in Nature? ... [JOCN 27:1]Louis Renoult, Patrick S. R. Davidson, Erika Schmitz, Lillian Park, Kenneth Campbell, Morris Moscovitch, Brian LevineArticle
Autocatalysis: At the Root of Self-Replication [ARTL 17:3]Raphaël Plasson, Axel Brandenburg, Ludovic Jullien, Hugues BersiniArticle2011-07-01
AutoExtend: Combining Word Embeddings with Semantic Resources [COLI 43:3]Sascha Rothe, Hinrich SchützeArticle
Automated Algorithm Selection on Continuous Black-Box Problems by ... [EVCO 27:1]Pascal Kerschke, Heike TrautmannArticle
Automated Algorithm Selection: Survey and Perspectives [EVCO 27:1]Pascal Kerschke, Holger H. Hoos, Frank Neumann, Heike TrautmannArticle
Automated Algorithms for Multiscale Morphometry of Neuronal Dendrites [NECO 16:7]Christina M. Weaver, Patrick R. Hof, Susan L. Wearne, W. Brent LindquistArticle2004-07-01
Automated Design of Image Operators that Detect Interest Points [EVCO 16:4]Leonardo Trujillo, Gustavo OlagueArticle2008-12-01
Automated Discovery of Local Search Heuristics for Satisfiability Testing [EVCO 16:1]Alex S. FukunagaArticle2008-03-01
Automated Essay Scoring: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective [COLI 30:2]Lawrence M. RudnerArticle2004-06-01
Automated Global Structure Extraction for Effective Local Building Block Process... [EVCO 14:3]Martin V. Butz, Martin Pelikan, Xavier Llorà, David E. GoldbergArticle2006-09-01
Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners [COLI 37:3]Stephen PulmanArticle2011-09-01
Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners, Second Edition [COLI 41:1]Xiaofei LuArticle
Automated Optimal Design of Mechanical Conformational Switches [ARTL 2:2]Kazuhiro Saitou, Mark J. JakielaArticle1995-01-01
Automated Parameter Estimation of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model Using the Differentia... [NECO 23:10]Laure Buhry, Filippo Grassia, Audrey Giremus, Eric Grivel, Sylvie Renaud, Sylvain SaïghiArticle2011-10-01