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Biases in Attentional Orientation and Magnitude Estimation Explain Crossover: Ne... [JOCN 17:8]Mark Mennemeier, Christopher A. Pierce, Anjan Chatterjee, Britt Anderson, George Jewell, Rachael Dowler, Adam J. Woods, Tannahill Glenn, Victor W. MarkArticle2005-08-01
Native and Nonnative Speakers' Processing of a Miniature Version of Japanese as ... [JOCN 17:8]Jutta L. Mueller, Anja Hahne, Yugo Fujii, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2005-08-01
Investigating the Neural Basis of the Auditory Continuity Illusion [JOCN 17:8]Fatima T. Husain, Thomas P. Lozito, Antonio Ulloa, Barry HorwitzArticle2005-08-01
Structural Encoding of Body and Face in Human Infants and Adults [JOCN 17:8]Teodora Gliga, Ghislaine Dehaene-LambertzArticle2005-08-01
Holistic Processing of Faces: Learning Effects with Mooney Faces [JOCN 17:8]Marianne Latinus, Margot J. TaylorArticle2005-08-01
Naming the Same Entities from Visual or from Auditory Stimulation Engages Simila... [JOCN 17:8]Daniel Tranel, Thomas J. Grabowski, Jill Lyon, Hanna DamasioArticle2005-08-01
Electrophysiological Dissociation of Picture Versus Word Encoding: The Distincti... [JOCN 17:8]Andrew E. Budson, Daniel B. J. Droller, Chad S. Dodson, Daniel L. Schacter, Michael D. Rugg, Philip J. Holcomb, Kirk R. DaffnerArticle2005-08-01
A Note on the Applied Use of MDL Approximations [NECO 16:9]Daniel J. NavarroArticle2004-09-01
Fair Attribution of Functional Contribution in Artificial and Biological Network... [NECO 16:9]Alon Keinan, Ben Sandbank, Claus C. Hilgetag, Isaac Meilijson, Eytan RuppinArticle2004-09-01
Online Adaptive Decision Trees [NECO 16:9]Jayanta BasakArticle2004-09-01
A New Concept for Separability Problems in Blind Source Separation [NECO 16:9]Fabian J. TheisArticle2004-09-01
Blind Separation of Positive Sources by Globally Convergent Gradient Search [NECO 16:9]Erkki Oja, Mark PlumbleyArticle2004-09-01
Recurrent Network with Large Representational Capacity [NECO 16:9]Drazen DomijanArticle2004-09-01
Failure of Motor Learning for Large Initial Errors [NECO 16:9]Terence D. SangerArticle2004-09-01
A Solution for Two-Dimensional Mazes with Use of Chaotic Dynamics in a Recurrent... [NECO 16:9]Yoshikazu Suemitsu, Shigetoshi NaraArticle2004-09-01
Optimal Reduced-Set Vectors for Support Vector Machines with a Quadratic Kernel [NECO 16:9]Thorsten Thies, Frank WeberArticle2004-09-01
Modeling Mental Navigation in Scenes with Multiple Objects [NECO 16:9]Patrick Byrne, Suzanna BeckerArticle2004-09-01
Stochastic Reasoning, Free Energy, and Information Geometry [NECO 16:9]Shiro Ikeda, Toshiyuki Tanaka, Shun-ichi AmariArticle2004-09-01
Learning Eigenfunctions Links Spectral Embedding and Kernel PCA [NECO 16:10]Yoshua Bengio, Olivier Delalleau, Nicolas Le Roux, Jean-François Paiement, Pascal Vincent, Marie OuimetArticle2004-10-01
Disambiguating Visual Motion Through Contextual Feedback Modulation [NECO 16:10]Pierre Bayerl, Heiko NeumannArticle2004-10-01
Including Long-Range Dependence in Integrate-and-Fire Models of the High Intersp... [NECO 16:10]B. Scott JacksonArticle2004-10-01
Exact Solution for the Optimal Neuronal Layout Problem [NECO 16:10]Dmitri B. ChklovskiiArticle2004-10-01
Different Predictions by the Minimum Variance and Minimum Torque-Change Models o... [NECO 16:10]Hirokazu Tanaka, Meihua Tai, Ning QianArticle2004-10-01
Understanding the Cortical Specialization for Horizontal Disparity [NECO 16:10]Jenny C.A. Read, Bruce G. CummingArticle2004-10-01
Decoding a Temporal Population Code [NECO 16:10]Philipp Knüsel, Reto Wyss, Peter König, Paul F.M.J. VerschureArticle2004-10-01
Minimal Models of Adapted Neuronal Response to In Vivo–Like Input Currents [NECO 16:10]Giancarlo La Camera, Alexander Rauch, Hans-R. Lüscher, Walter Senn, Stefano FusiArticle2004-10-01
Two-State Membrane Potential Fluctuations Driven by Weak Pairwise Correlations [NECO 16:11]Andrea Benucci, Paul F.M.J. Verschure, Peter KönigArticle2004-11-01
Principal Components Analysis Competitive Learning [NECO 16:11]Ezequiel López-Rubio, Juan Miguel Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato, José Muñoz-Pérez, José Antonio Gómez-RuizArticle2004-11-01
Insect-Inspired Estimation of Egomotion [NECO 16:11]Matthias O. Franz, Javaan S. Chahl, Holger G. KrappArticle2004-11-01
A Temporal Stability Approach to Position and Attention-Shift-Invariant Recognit... [NECO 16:11]Muhua Li, James J. ClarkArticle2004-11-01
Correlated Firing Improves Stimulus Discrimination in a Retinal Model [NECO 16:11]Garrett T. Kenyon, James Theiler, John S. George, Bryan J. Travis, David W. MarshakArticle2004-11-01
Neural Network Uncertainty Assessment Using Bayesian Statistics: A Remote Sensin... [NECO 16:11]F. Aires, C. Prigent, W. B. RossowArticle2004-11-01
Predicting Axonal Response to Molecular Gradients with a Computational Model of ... [NECO 16:11]Geoffrey J. Goodhill, Ming Gu, Jeffrey S. UrbachArticle2004-11-01
On the Uniqueness of Loopy Belief Propagation Fixed Points [NECO 16:11]Tom HeskesArticle2004-11-01
Testing for and Estimating Latency Effects for Poisson and Non-Poisson Spike Tra... [NECO 16:11]Valérie VenturaArticle2004-11-01
Cognitive Map Formation Through Sequence Encoding by Theta Phase Precession [NECO 16:12]Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Yoko YamaguchiArticle2004-12-01
How Many Clusters? An Information-Theoretic Perspective [NECO 16:12]Susanne Still, William BialekArticle2004-12-01
Image Representation by Complex Cell Responses [NECO 16:12]Ingo J. Wundrich, Christoph von der Malsburg, Rolf P. WürtzArticle2004-12-01
A Complex-Valued RTRL Algorithm for Recurrent Neural Networks [NECO 16:12]Su Lee Goh, Danilo P. MandicArticle2004-12-01
A Learning Rule for Local Synaptic Interactions Between Excitation and Shunting ... [NECO 16:12]Chun-Hui Mo, Ming Gu, Christof KochArticle2004-12-01
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Stochastic Integrate-and-Fire Neural Encoding... [NECO 16:12]Liam Paninski, Jonathan W. Pillow, Eero P. SimoncelliArticle2004-12-01
Mean Field and Capacity in Realistic Networks of Spiking Neurons Storing Sparsel... [NECO 16:12]Emanuele Curti, Gianluigi Mongillo, Giancarlo La Camera, Daniel J. AmitArticle2004-12-01
Canonical Correlation Analysis: An Overview with Application to Learning Methods [NECO 16:12]David R. Hardoon, Sandor Szedmak, John Shawe-TaylorArticle2004-12-01
Modeling of Synchronized Bursting Events: The Importance of Inhomogeneity [NECO 16:12]Erez Persi, David Horn, Vladislav Volman, Ronen Segev, Eshel Ben-JacobArticle2004-12-01
On Learning Vector-Valued Functions [NECO 17:1]Charles A. Micchelli, Massimiliano PontilArticle2005-01-01
A Probabilistic Framework for Region-Specific Remodeling of Dendrites in Three-D... [NECO 17:1]Rishikesh Narayanan, Anusha Narayan, Sumantra ChattarjiArticle2005-01-01
Analysis of Cyclic Dynamics for Networks of Linear Threshold Neurons [NECO 17:1]H. J. Tang, K. C. Tan, Weinian ZhangArticle2005-01-01
Efficient Coding of Time-Relative Structure Using Spikes [NECO 17:1]Evan Smith, Michael S. LewickiArticle2005-01-01
Online Ranking by Projecting [NECO 17:1]Koby Crammer, Yoram SingerArticle2005-01-01
RSPOP: Rough Set–Based Pseudo Outer-Product Fuzzy Rule Identification Algorithm... [NECO 17:1]Kai Keng Ang, Chai QuekArticle2005-01-01