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Nonlinear and Noisy Extension of Independent Component Analysis: Theory and Its ... [NECO 17:1]Shin-ichi Maeda, Wen-Jie Song, Shin IshiiArticle2005-01-01
Convergence of the IRWLS Procedure to the Support Vector Machine Solution [NECO 17:1]Fernando Pérez-Cruz, Carlos Bousoño-Calzón, Antonio Artés-RodríguezArticle2005-01-01
How to Pretend That Correlated Variables Are Independent by Using Difference Obs... [NECO 17:1]Christopher K. I. WilliamsArticle2005-01-01
Bilinear Sparse Coding for Invariant Vision [NECO 17:1]David B. Grimes, Rajesh P. N. RaoArticle2005-01-01
A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Learning Nonlinear Statistical Regularities in... [NECO 17:2]Yan Karklin, Michael S. LewickiArticle2005-02-01
A Further Result on the ICA One-Bit-Matching Conjecture [NECO 17:2]Jinwen Ma, Zhiyong Liu, Lei XuArticle2005-02-01
A Note on Stone's Conjecture of Blind Signal Separation [NECO 17:2]Shengli Xie, Zhaoshui He, Yuli FuArticle2005-02-01
Extended Gaussianization Method for Blind Separation of Post-Nonlinear Mixtures [NECO 17:2]Kun Zhang, Lai-Wan ChanArticle2005-02-01
Loading Deep Networks Is Hard: The Pyramidal Case [NECO 17:2]David WindischArticle2005-02-01
Robust Reinforcement Learning [NECO 17:2]Jun Morimoto, Kenji DoyaArticle2005-02-01
Bayesian Analysis of Nonlinear Autoregression Models Based on Neural Networks [NECO 17:2]A. Menchero, R. Montes Diez, D. Ríos Insua, P. MüllerArticle2005-02-01
A Computational Model of the Functional Role of the Ventral-Striatal D2 Receptor... [NECO 17:2]Andrew James Smith, Suzanna Becker, Shitij KapurArticle2005-02-01
Temporal Sequence Learning, Prediction, and Control: A Review of Different Model... [NECO 17:2]Florentin Wörgötter, Bernd PorrArticle2005-02-01
Memorization and Association on a Realistic Neural Model [NECO 17:3]Leslie G. ValiantArticle2005-03-01
Effects of Noisy Drive on Rhythms in Networks of Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuro... [NECO 17:3]Christoph Börgers, Nancy KopellArticle2005-03-01
The Combined Effects of Inhibitory and Electrical Synapses in Synchrony [NECO 17:3]Benjamin Pfeuty, Germán Mato, David Golomb, David HanselArticle2005-03-01
On Convergence Conditions of an Extended Projection Neural Network [NECO 17:3]Youshen Xia, Gang FengArticle2005-03-01
Maximum Likelihood Topographic Map Formation [NECO 17:3]Marc M. Van HulleArticle2005-03-01
Spikernels: Predicting Arm Movements by Embedding Population Spike Rate Patterns... [NECO 17:3]Lavi Shpigelman, Yoram Singer, Rony Paz, Eilon VaadiaArticle2005-03-01
On the Capabilities of Higher-Order Neurons: A Radial Basis Function Approach [NECO 17:3]Michael SchmittArticle2005-03-01
Memory Capacity of Balanced Networks [NECO 17:3]Yuval Aviel, David Horn, Moshe AbelesArticle2005-03-01
Estimating the Posterior Probabilities Using the K-Nearest Neighbor Rule [NECO 17:3]Amir F. AtiyaArticle2005-03-01
Supervised Learning Through Neuronal Response Modulation [NECO 17:3]Christian D. Swinehart, L. F. AbbottArticle2005-03-01
A Subjective Distance Between Stimuli: Quantifying the Metric Structure of Repre... [NECO 17:4]Damián Oliva, Inés Samengo, Stefan Leutgeb, Sheri MizumoriArticle2005-04-01
Nonlinear Complex-Valued Extensions of Hebbian Learning: An Essay [NECO 17:4]Simone FioriArticle2005-04-01
Neurons Tune to the Earliest Spikes Through STDP [NECO 17:4]Rudy Guyonneau, Rufin VanRullen, Simon J. ThorpeArticle2005-04-01
Rate and Synchrony in Feedforward Networks of Coincidence Detectors: Analytical ... [NECO 17:4]Shawn Mikula, Ernst NieburArticle2005-04-01
Dynamical Behaviors of a Large Class of General Delayed Neural Networks [NECO 17:4]Tianping Chen, Wenlian Lu, Guanrong ChenArticle2005-04-01
Difficulty of Singularity in Population Coding [NECO 17:4]Shun-ichi Amari, Hiroyuki NakaharaArticle2005-04-01
Quantifying Stimulus Discriminability: A Comparison of Information Theory and Id... [NECO 17:4]Eric E. Thomson, William B. KristanArticle2005-04-01
Synaptic Shot Noise and Conductance Fluctuations Affect the Membrane Voltage wit... [NECO 17:4]Magnus J. E. Richardson, Wulfram GerstnerArticle2005-04-01
Independent Variable Time-Step Integration of Individual Neurons for Network Sim... [NECO 17:4]William W. Lytton, Michael L. HinesArticle2005-04-01
Gain Control by Concerted Changes in IA and I H Conductances [NECO 17:5]Denis BurdakovArticle2005-05-01
Neural Modeling of an Internal Clock [NECO 17:5]Tadashi Yamazaki, Shigeru TanakaArticle2005-05-01
Leave-One-Out Bounds for Support Vector Regression Model Selection [NECO 17:5]Ming-Wei Chang, Chih-Jen LinArticle2005-05-01
Universal Approximation Capability of Cascade Correlation for Structures [NECO 17:5]Barbara Hammer, Alessio Micheli, Alessandro SperdutiArticle2005-05-01
Stochastic Optimal Control and Estimation Methods Adapted to the Noise Character... [NECO 17:5]Emanuel TodorovArticle2005-05-01
SVM Soft Margin Classifiers: Linear Programming versus Quadratic Programming [NECO 17:5]Qiang Wu, Ding-Xuan ZhouArticle2005-05-01
Mirror Symmetric Topographic Maps Can Arise from Activity-Dependent Synaptic Cha... [NECO 17:5]Reiner Schulz, James A. ReggiaArticle2005-05-01
Image Segmentation by Networks of Spiking Neurons [NECO 17:5]Joachim M. Buhmann, Tilman Lange, Ulrich RamacherArticle2005-05-01
Winner-Relaxing Self-Organizing Maps [NECO 17:5]Jens Christian ClaussenArticle2005-05-01
Evidence Evaluation for Bayesian Neural Networks Using Contour Monte Carlo [NECO 17:6]Faming LiangArticle2005-06-01
A Unified Approach to Building and Controlling Spiking Attractor Networks [NECO 17:6]Chris EliasmithArticle2005-06-01
Learning by Kernel Polarization [NECO 17:6]Yoram BaramArticle2005-06-01
Rule Extraction from Recurrent Neural Networks: ATaxonomy and Review [NECO 17:6]Henrik JacobssonArticle2005-06-01
A Hierarchy of Associations in Hippocampo-Cortical Systems: Cognitive Maps and N... [NECO 17:6]J. P. Banquet, Ph. Gaussier, M. Quoy, A. Revel, Y. BurnodArticle2005-06-01
An Ensemble of Cooperative Extended Kohonen Maps for Complex Robot Motion Tasks [NECO 17:6]Kian Hsiang Low, Wee Kheng Leow, Marcelo H. Ang Jr.Article2005-06-01
Synchronized Firings in the Networks of Class 1 Excitable Neurons with Excitator... [NECO 17:6]Takashi Kanamaru, Masatoshi SekineArticle2005-06-01
A New Approach to Spatial Covariance Modeling of Functional Brain Imaging Data: ... [NECO 17:7]Christian Habeck, John W. Krakauer, Claude Ghez, Harold A. Sackeim, David Eidelberg, Yaakov Stern, James R. MoellerArticle2005-07-01
Asymptotic Theory of Information-Theoretic Experimental Design [NECO 17:7]Liam PaninskiArticle2005-07-01