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Practical Experiments with Regular Approximation of Context-Free Languages [COLI 26:1]Mark-Jan NederhofArticle2000-03-01
Learning Dependency Translation Models as Collections of Finite-State Head Trans... [COLI 26:1]Hiyan Alshawi, Srinivas Bangalore, Shona DouglasArticle2000-03-01
Treatment of Epsilon Moves in Subset Construction [COLI 26:1]Gertjan van NoordArticle2000-03-01
Multitiered Nonlinear Morphology Using Multitape Finite Automata: A Case Study o... [COLI 26:1]George Anton KirazArticle2000-03-01
Integrating Text Planning and Linguistic Choice Without Abandoning Modularity: T... [COLI 26:2]Robert RubinoffArticle2000-06-01
A Model for Multimodal Reference Resolution [COLI 26:2]Luis Pineda, Gabriela GarzaArticle2000-06-01
A Multistrategy Approach to Improving Pronunciation by Analogy [COLI 26:2]Yannick Marchand, Robert I. DamperArticle2000-06-01
Models of Translational Equivalence among Words [COLI 26:2]I. Dan MelamedArticle2000-06-01
Pipelines and Size Constraints [COLI 26:2]Ehud ReiterArticle2000-06-01
A Grammar Writer's Cookbook [COLI 26:2]Michael MaxwellArticle2000-06-01
Extracting the Lowest-Frequency Words: Pitfalls and Possibilities [COLI 26:3]Marc Weeber, Rein Vos, R. Harald BaayenArticle2000-09-01
Incremental Processing and Acceptability [COLI 26:3]Glyn MorrillArticle2000-09-01
Dialogue Act Modeling for Automatic Tagging and Recognition of Conversational Sp... [COLI 26:3]Andreas Stolcke, Klaus Ries, Noah Coccaro, Elizabeth Shriberg, Rebecca Bates, Daniel Jurafsky, Paul Taylor, Rachel Martin, Carol Van Ess-Dykema, Marie MeteerArticle2000-09-01
An Event-related Neuroimaging Study Distinguishing Form and Content in Sentence ... [JOCN 12:1]W. Ni, R. T. Constable, W. E. Mencl, K. R. Pugh, R. K. Fulbright, S. E. Shaywitz, B. A. Shaywitz, J. C. Gore, D. ShankweilerArticle2000-01-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 29:4]Article1998-10-01
Arrernte: A Language with No Syllable Onsets [LING 30:1]Gavan Breen, Rob PensalfiniArticle1999-01-01
Charting the Learning Path: Cues to Parameter Setting [LING 30:1]Bezalel Elan DresherArticle1999-01-01
Movement and Control [LING 30:1]Norbert HornsteinArticle1999-01-01
Toward a More Complete Typology of Anaphoric Expressions [LING 30:1]Elena Anagnostopoulou, Martin EveraertArticle1999-01-01
Middles and Reflexivity [LING 30:1]Thomas StroikArticle1999-01-01
Exceptional Binding with Psych Verbs? [LING 30:1]Márcia Cançado, Carlos FranchiArticle1999-01-01
Notes on Quantifier/Wh Interaction [LING 30:1]Satoshi OkuArticle1999-01-01
The English Middle and Agentivity [LING 30:1]T. R. RapoportArticle1999-01-01
Reconstruction, Binding Theory, and the Interpretation of Chains [LING 30:2]Danny FoxArticle1999-04-01
On Feature Strength: Three Minimalist Approaches to Overt Movement [LING 30:2]Howard LasnikArticle1999-04-01
On the Relation between Syntactic Phrases and Phonological Phrases [LING 30:2]Hubert TruckenbrodtArticle1999-04-01
More on the Anaphor Agreement Effect [LING 30:2]Ellen WoolfordArticle1999-04-01
The Directionality of Emphasis Spread in Arabic [LING 30:2]Janet C. E. WatsonArticle1999-04-01
Morphological Strength and Syntactic Change [LING 30:2]Masataka IshikawaArticle1999-04-01
Reciprocity and Binding in Early Child Grammar [LING 30:2]Ayumi MatsuoArticle1999-04-01
Raised Objects and Superiority [LING 30:2]Hidekazu TanakaArticle1999-04-01
Reduplication with Fixed Segmentism [LING 30:3]John Alderete, Jill Beckman, Laura Benua, Amalia Gnanadesikan, John McCarthy, Suzanne UrbanczykArticle1999-07-01
Pseudocleft Connectedness: Implications for the LF Interface Level [LING 30:3]Caroline Heycock, Anthony KrochArticle1999-07-01
Checking Economy [LING 30:3]Juvénal NdayiragijeArticle1999-07-01
Impossible Words? [LING 30:3]Jerry Fodor, Ernie LeporeArticle1999-07-01
A Response to Fodor and Lepore, “Impossible Words?” [LING 30:3]Ken Hale, Samuel Jay KeyserArticle1999-07-01
English Expletive Constructions Are Not Infected [LING 30:3]Carson T. SchützeArticle1999-07-01
Tonal Contour and Register Harmony in Chaozhou [LING 30:3]Zhiming BaoArticle1999-07-01
Bare Singular Effects in Genitive Constructions [LING 30:3]Judy B. Bernstein, Wayne Cowart, Dana McDanielArticle1999-07-01
Processing Agentive By-Phrases in Complex Event and Nonevent Nominals [LING 30:3]Shelia M. KennisonArticle1999-07-01
Bare and Not-So-Bare Nouns and the Structure of NP [LING 30:4]Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng, Rint SybesmaArticle1999-10-01
The View from the Periphery: The English Comparative Correlative [LING 30:4]Peter W. Culicover, Ray JackendoffArticle1999-10-01
Reduplicative Identity in Chaha [LING 30:4]Michael Kenstowicz, Degif Petros BanksiraArticle1999-10-01
Vehicle Change and Reconstruction in Ā-Chains [LING 30:4]Ken SafirArticle1999-10-01
The Syntax of Quantifiers and Quantifier Float [LING 30:4]Elabbas BenmamounArticle1999-10-01
First Conjunct Agreement: Against a Clausal Analysis [LING 30:4]Alan MunnArticle1999-10-01
Further Remarks on First Conjunct Agreement [LING 30:4]Joseph Aoun, Elabbas Benmamoun, Dominique SporticheArticle1999-10-01
Individuation and Quantification [LING 30:4]Chris BarkerArticle1999-10-01
Are Turkish Preverbal Bare Nouns Syntactic Arguments? [LING 35:3]Yasemin AydemirArticle2004-07-01
The Syntax of Existential Constructions [LING 35:3]Ilan HazoutArticle2004-07-01