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Adaptive Multiclass Classification for Brain Computer Interfaces [NECO 26:6]A. Llera, V. Gómez, H. J. KappenArticle2014-06-01
An Adaptive Multi-Swarm Optimizer for Dynamic Optimization Problems [EVCO 22:4]Changhe Li, Shengxiang Yang, Ming YangArticle
Adaptive Networks: Theory, Models and Applications. T. Gross and H. Sayama (Eds.... [ARTL 16:4]Nicholas GeardArticle2010-10-01
Adaptive Neural Coding Dependent on the Time-Varying Statistics of the Somatic I... [NECO 11:8]Jonghan Shin, Christof Koch, Rodney DouglasArticle1999-11-01
Adaptive Niche Radii and Niche Shapes Approaches for Niching with the CMA-ES [EVCO 18:1]Ofer M. Shir, Michael Emmerich, Thomas BäckArticle2010-03-01
Adaptive Online Learning Algorithms for Blind Separation: Maximum Entropy and Mi... [NECO 9:7]Howard Hua Yang, Shun-ichi AmariArticle1997-07-01
Adaptive Optimal Control Without Weight Transport [NECO 24:6]Lakshminarayan V. Chinta, Douglas B. TweedArticle2012-06-01
Adaptive Parent Population Sizing in Evolution Strategies [EVCO 23:3]G. Jake LaPorte, Juergen Branke, Chun-Hung ChenArticle
Adaptive Relevance Matrices in Learning Vector Quantization [NECO 21:12]Petra Schneider, Michael Biehl, Barbara HammerArticle2009-12-01
An Adaptive Sharing Elitist Evolution Strategy for Multiobjective Optimization [EVCO 11:4]Lino Costa, Pedro OliveiraArticle2003-12-01
Adaptive Spatiotemporal Receptive Field Estimation in the Visual Pathway [NECO 14:12]Garrett B. StanleyArticle2002-12-01
Adaptive Structure Concept Factorization for Multiview Clustering [NECO 30:4]Kun Zhan, Jinhui Shi, Jing Wang, Haibo Wang, Yuange XieArticle
Adaptive Synchronization of Activities in a Recurrent Network [NECO 21:6]Thomas VoegtlinArticle2009-06-01
Adaptive Top–Down Suppression of Hippocampal Activity and the Purging of Intrusi... [JOCN 27:1]Roland G. Benoit, Justin C. Hulbert, Ean Huddleston, Michael C. AndersonArticle
Adaptive Two-Pass Median Filter Based on Support Vector Machines for Image Resto... [NECO 16:2]Tzu-Chao Lin, Pao-Ta YuArticle2004-02-01
Adaptive Voting Rules for k-Nearest Neighbors Classifiers [NECO 7:3]R. Rovatti, R. Ragazzoni, Zs. M. Kovàcs, R. GuerrieriArticle1995-05-01
Addendum [NECO 19:1]Article2007-01-01
Addendum to Marshall et al. (2004): Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 16, 1327—... [JOCN 19:1]Article2007-01-01
Addiction and ResponsibilityJeffrey Poland, George GrahamBook2011-06-01
Addiction History Associates with the Propensity to Form Habits [JOCN 28:7]Theresa H. McKim, Daniel J. Bauer, Charlotte A. BoettigerArticle
Adding Lateral Inhibition to a Simple Feedforward Network Enables It to Perform ... [NECO 10:2]Leslie S. SmithArticle1998-02-01
Adding Learning to the Cellular Development of Neural Networks: Evolution and th... [EVCO 1:3]Frédéric Gruau, Darrell WhitleyArticle1993-09-01
ADHD and attentional control: Impaired segregation of task positive and task neg... [NETN 2:02]Brian D. Mills, Oscar Miranda-Dominguez, Kathryn L. Mills, Eric Earl, Michaela Cordova, Julia Painter, Sarah L. Karalunas, Joel T. Nigg, Damien A. FairArticle
ADHD symptoms are associated with the modular structure of intrinsic brain netwo... [NETN 3:2]Kirsten Hilger, Christian J. FiebachArticle
Adhering Focus [LING 33:1]Virginia HillArticle2002-01-01
Adjacency and Case Morphology in Scottish Gaelic [LING 51:3]Jason OstroveArticle
Adjectival Inflection and the Position of Measure Phrases [LING 42:3]Akira WatanabeArticle2011-07-01
Adjusting the Outputs of a Classifier to New a Priori Probabilities: A Simple Pr... [NECO 14:1]Marco Saerens, Patrice Latinne, Christine DecaesteckerArticle2002-01-01
An Adjustment to the Time-Rescaling Method for Application to Short-Trial Spike ... [NECO 15:11]Matthew C. WienerArticle2003-11-01
Adolescents Adapt More Slowly than Adults to Varying Reward Contingencies [JOCN 26:12]Amir Homayoun Javadi, Dirk H. K. Schmidt, Michael N. SmolkaArticle
Adult Brain Plasticity Elicited by Anomia Treatment [JOCN 15:3]Katri Cornelissen, Matti Laine, Antti Tarkiainen, Tiina Järvensivu, Nadine Martin, Riitta SalmelinArticle2003-04-01
Advanced Fitness Landscape Analysis and the Performance of Memetic Algorithms [EVCO 12:3]Peter MerzArticle2004-09-01
Advances in Artificial Life: Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems: Editori... [ARTL 21:4]Pietro Lio, Orazio Miglino, Giuseppe Nicosia, Stefano Nolfi, Mario PavoneArticle
Advances in Automatic Text Summarization [COLI 26:2]Mark SandersonArticle2000-06-01
Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 3Lee Spector, William B. Langdon, Una-May O'Reilly, Peter J. AngelineBook1999-07-16
Advances in Genetic Programming, Volume 1Kenneth E. Kinnear, Jr.Book2015-08-18
Advances in Information Retrieval: Recent Research from the Center for Intellige... [COLI 27:2]Sanda HarabagiuArticle2001-06-01
Advances in Kernel MethodsChristopher J.C. Burges, Bernhard Schölkopf, Alexander J. SmolaBook1998-12-17
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19Bernhard Schölkopf, John Platt, Thomas HofmannBook2007-08-31
Advances in Open Domain Question Answering [COLI 33:4]Paul ThompsonArticle2007-12-01
Advances in Probabilistic and Other Parsing Technologies [COLI 27:3]Chris BrewArticle2001-09-01
Advances in Synaptic PlasticityMichel Baudry, Joel L. Davis, Richard F. ThompsonBook1999-11-12
Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent AgentsMukesh Patel, Vasant Honavar, Karthik BalakrishnanBook2001-03-05
Advancing System Performance with Redundancy: From Biological to Artificial Desi... [NECO 31:3]Anh Tuan Nguyen, Jian Xu, Diu Khue Luu, Qi Zhao, Zhi YangArticle
Advancing the Boundaries of High-Connectivity Network Simulation with Distribute... [NECO 17:8]Abigail Morrison, Carsten Mehring, Theo Geisel, Ad Aertsen, Markus DiesmannArticle2005-08-01
Adventures in Modeling [ARTL 8:1]Kathy GriffisArticle2002-01-01
Adverbial Cognate Objects [LING 37:4]Heizo NakajimaArticle2006-10-01
Adversarial Feature Alignment: Avoid Catastrophic Forgetting in Incremental Task... [NECO 31:11]Xin Yao, Tianchi Huang, Chenglei Wu, Rui-Xiao Zhang, Lifeng SunArticle
Adversarial Search by Evolutionary Computation [EVCO 9:3]Tzung-Pei Hong, Ke-Yuan Huang, Wen-Yang LinArticle2001-09-01
Advice for a Young InvestigatorSantiago Ramón y CajalBook2004-04-01