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Where Genetic Algorithms Excel* [EVCO 9:1]Eric B. Baum, Dan Boneh, Charles GarrettArticle2001-03-01
Where Biology Meets PsychologyValerie Gray HardcastleBook1999-08-27
Where and When the Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulates Attentional Response: Com... [JOCN 18:5]S. Crottaz-Herbette, V. MenonArticle2006-05-01
When “3” is a Jerk and “E” is a King: Personifying Inanimate Objects in Synesthe... [JOCN 19:6]Daniel Smilek, Kelly A. Malcolmson, Jonathan S. A. Carriere, Meghan Eller, Donna Kwan, Michael ReynoldsArticle2007-06-01
When “It” Becomes “Mine”: Attentional Biases Triggered by Object Ownership... [JOCN 23:12]David J. Turk, Kim van Bussel, Joanne L. Brebner, Andreea S. Toma, Olav Krigolson, Todd C. HandyArticle2011-12-01
When Two Become One: The Role of Oxytocin in Interpersonal Coordination and Coop... [JOCN 25:9]Maayan Arueti, Nufar Perach-Barzilay, Michael M. Tsoory, Barry Berger, Nir Getter, Simone G. Shamay-TsooryArticle2013-09-01
When True Recognition Suppresses False Recognition: Evidence from Amnesic Patien... [JOCN 10:6]Daniel L. Schacter, Mieke Verfaellie, Michael D. Anes, Carrie RacineArticle1998-11-01
When to Take a Gesture Seriously: On How We Use and Prioritize Communicative Cue... [JOCN 29:8]Thomas C. Gunter, J. E. Douglas WeinbrennerArticle
When Time Shapes Behavior: fMRI Evidence of Brain Correlates of Temporal Monitor... [JOCN 21:6]Antonino Vallesi, Anthony R. McIntosh, Tim Shallice, Donald T. StussArticle2009-06-01
When Three Is Not Some: On the Pragmatics of Numerals [JOCN 26:4]Einat Shetreet, Gennaro Chierchia, Nadine GaabArticle2014-04-01
When Things Are Better or Worse than Expected: The Medial Frontal Cortex and the... [JOCN 18:7]Geoffrey F. Potts, Laura E. Martin, Philip Burton, P. Read MontagueArticle2006-07-01
When the Whole Is Not Greater Than the Combination of Its Parts: A “Decompositio... [COLI 41:1]Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, Lorenzo Ferrone, Marco BaroniArticle
When the Whole Is Less Than the Sum of Its Parts: How Composition Affects PMI Va... [COLI 42:2]Denis Paperno, Marco BaroniArticle
When Temporal Certainty Doesn't Help [JOCN 32:2]Flor Kusnir, Slav Pesin, Gal Moscona, Ayelet N. LandauArticle
When Sounds Become Actions: Higher-order Representation of Newly Learned Action ... [JOCN 24:2]Luca F. Ticini, Simone Schütz-Bosbach, Carmen Weiss, Antonino Casile, Florian WaszakArticle2012-02-01
When Self-Consciousness BreaksG. Lynn Stephens, George GrahamBook2003-03-01
When Response Variability Increases Neural Network Robustness to Synaptic Noise [NECO 18:6]Gleb Basalyga, Emilio SalinasArticle2006-06-01
When QR Disobeys Superiority [LING 40:1]Arthur Stepanov, Penka StatevaArticle2009-01-01
When Peanuts Fall in Love: N400 Evidence for the Power of Discourse [JOCN 18:7]Mante S. Nieuwland, Jos J. A. van BerkumArticle2006-07-01
When One Person's Mistake Is Another's Standard Usage: The Effect of Foreign Acc... [JOCN 24:4]Adriana Hanulíková, Petra M. van Alphen, Merel M. van Goch, Andrea WeberArticle2012-04-01
When Not to Classify: Anomaly Detection of Attacks (ADA) on DNN Classifiers at T... [NECO 31:8]David Miller, Yujia Wang, George KesidisArticle
When Movement Must Be Blocked: A Reply to Embick and Noyer [LING 36:1]Jorge Hankamer, Line MikkelsenArticle2005-01-01
When Minimalism Isn't Enough: An Argument for Argument Structure [LING 33:1]Jeffrey T. RunnerArticle2002-01-01
When Metacognition Fails: Impaired Awareness of Deficit in Alzheimer's Disease [JOCN 3:2]Susan M. McGlynn, Alfred W. KaszniakArticle1991-04-01
When Memory Is Not Enough: Electrophysiological Evidence for Goal-dependent Use ... [JOCN 23:10]Nancy B. Carlisle, Geoffrey F. WoodmanArticle2011-10-01
When Loading Working Memory Reduces Distraction: Behavioral and Electrophysiolog... [JOCN 20:7]Iria SanMiguel, María-José Corral, Carles EsceraArticle2008-07-01
When Less Is More: Evidence for a Facilitative Cathodal tDCS Effect in Attention... [JOCN 24:9]Michal Weiss, Michal LavidorArticle2012-09-01
When Keeping in Mind Supports Later Bringing to Mind: Neural Markers of Phonolog... [JOCN 13:8]Lila Davachi, Anat Maril, Anthony D. WagnerArticle2001-11-01
When in Doubt, Do it Both Ways: Brain Evidence of the Simultaneous Activation of... [JOCN 13:4]M. Catherine DeSoto, Monica Fabiani, David C. Geary, Gabriele GrattonArticle2001-05-01
When Imagining Yourself in Pain, Visual Perspective Matters: The Neural and Beha... [JOCN 27:5]Brittany M. Christian, Carolyn Parkinson, C. Neil Macrae, Lynden K. Miles, Thalia WheatleyArticle
When Heuristics Clash with Parsing Routines: ERP Evidence for Conflict Monitorin... [JOCN 18:7]Marieke van Herten, Dorothee J. Chwilla, Herman H. J. KolkArticle2006-07-01
When Gaze Turns into Grasp [JOCN 18:12]Andrea C. Pierno, Cristina Becchio, Matthew B. Wall, Andrew T. Smith, Luca Turella, Umberto CastielloArticle2006-11-01
When Far Becomes Near: Remapping of Space by Tool Use [JOCN 12:3]Anna Berti, Francesca FrassinettiArticle2000-05-01
When Events Change Their Nature: The Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Aspect... [JOCN 26:9]Martin Paczynski, Ray Jackendoff, Gina KuperbergArticle2014-09-01
When Elephants Fly: Differential Sensitivity of Right and Left Inferior Frontal ... [JOCN 21:12]Laura Menenti, Karl Magnus Petersson, René Scheeringa, Peter HagoortArticle2009-12-01
When Blue is Larger than Red: Colors Influence Numerical Cognition in Synesthesi... [JOCN 17:11]Roi Cohen Kadosh, Noam Sagiv, David E. J. Linden, Lynn C. Robertson, Gali Elinger, Avishai HenikArticle2005-11-01
When are Downward-Entailing Contexts Identified? The Case of the Domain Widener ... [LING 41:4]Charles Clifton Jr., Lyn FrazierArticle2010-10-01
When Action Turns into Words. Activation of Motor-Based Knowledge during Categor... [JOCN 14:8]Christian Gerlach, Ian Law, Olaf B. PaulsonArticle2002-11-01
When a Wh-Word Refuses to Stay in Situ [LING 51:2]Arthur Stepanov, Ali Al MoussaouiArticle
When a Thought Equals a Look: Refreshing Enhances Perceptual Memory [JOCN 20:8]Do-Joon Yi, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Marvin M. Chun, Marcia K. JohnsonArticle2008-08-01
Wh-Doubling: Implications for the Syntax of Wh-Movement [LING 33:1]José CamachoArticle2002-01-01
What’s Not to Like [LING 51:4]Jacopo Romoli, Matthew MandelkernArticle
What's the Future for Computational Linguistics? [COLI 34:4]Robert DaleArticle2008-12-01
What's Left of Human Nature?Maria KronfeldnerBook2018-09-21
What You See Is What You Remember: Visual Chunking by Temporal Integration Enhan... [JOCN 29:12]Elkan G. Akyürek, Nils Kappelmann, Marc Volkert, Hedderik Van RijnArticle
What Weights Work for You? Adapting Weights for Any Pareto Front Shape in Decomp... [EVCO 28:2]Miqing Li, Xin YaoArticle
What We Think before a Voluntary Movement [JOCN 25:6]Logan Schneider, Elise Houdayer, Ou Bai, Mark HallettArticle2013-06-01
What the Hands Reveal about the BrainHoward Poizner, Edward Klima, Ursula BellugiBook1990-03-14
What the Body CommandsColin KleinBook2015-07-31
What Size Net Gives Valid Generalization? [NECO 1:1]Eric B. Baum, David HausslerArticle1989-03-01