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Editorial Introduction [EVCO 1:1]Article1993-03-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 1:2]Article1993-06-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 2:2]Article1994-06-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 3:2]Article1995-06-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 4:2]Article1996-06-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 5:1]Article1997-03-01
Errata [JOCN 8:5]Article1996-09-01
Preface [JOCN 3:1]Article1991-01-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 38:2]Article2012-06-01
Index to Volumes 1–6 [JOCN 7:1]Article1995-01-01
Reviewers for Volume 39 [COLI 39:4]Article2013-12-01
Reviewers for Volume 36 [COLI 36:4]Article2010-12-01
Addendum to Marshall et al. (2004): Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 16, 1327—... [JOCN 19:1]Article2007-01-01
Publications Received [COLI 37:3]Article2011-09-01
Publications Received [COLI 36:3]Article2010-09-01
Publications Received [COLI 37:1]Article2011-03-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 37:1]Zhang XiaojunArticle2011-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 38:1]Article2012-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 40:1]Article2014-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 39:2]Article2013-06-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 39:2]Saab MansourArticle2013-06-01
Publications Received [COLI 38:3]Article2012-09-01
Mutation Rate Matters Even When Optimizing Monotonic Functions [EVCO 21:1], Thomas Jansen, Dirk Sudholt, Carola Winzen, Christine ZargesArticle2013-03-01
Motif Difficulty (MD): A Predictive Measure of Problem Difficulty for Evolutiona... [EVCO 20:3], Hussein A. Abbass, David G. Green, Weicai ZhongArticle2012-09-01
fMRI Measures of Perceptual Filling-in in the Human Visual Cortex [JOCN 18:3]J. D. Mendola, I. P. Conner, S. Sharma, A. Bahekar, S. LemieuxArticle2006-03-01
Tight Analysis of the (1+1)-EA for the Single Source Shortest Path Problem [EVCO 19:4], Edda Happ, Christian KleinArticle2011-12-01
Multimodal Function Optimization Using Minimal Representation Size Clustering an... [EVCO 5:1]Cem Hocaoǧlu, Arthur C. SandersonArticle1997-03-01
White Matter Changes Compromise Prefrontal Cortex Function in Healthy Elderly In... [JOCN 18:3]Christine Wu Nordahl, Charan Ranganath, Andrew P. Yonelinas, Charles DeCarli, Evan Fletcher, William J. JagustArticle2006-03-01
Memory of Ordinal Number Categories in Macaque Monkeys [JOCN 18:3]Tanya Orlov, Daniel J. Amit, Voloyday Yakovlev, Ehud Zohary, Shaul HochsteinArticle2006-03-01
Neurophysiological Correlates of Emotion Regulation in Children and Adolescents [JOCN 18:3]Marc D. Lewis, Connie Lamm, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Jim Stieben, Philip David ZelazoArticle2006-03-01
Effects of Musical Expertise and Boundary Markers on Phrase Perception in Music [JOCN 18:3]Christiane Neuhaus, Thomas R. Knösche, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. FriedericiArticle2006-03-01
Single-dose Levodopa Administration and Aging Independently Disrupt Time Product... [JOCN 18:3]Brian C. Rakitin, Nikolas Scarmeas, Tina Li, Chariklia Malapini, Yaakov SternArticle2006-03-01
Speeding Up Evolutionary Algorithms through Asymmetric Mutation Operators [EVCO 15:4], Nils Hebbinghaus, Frank NeumannArticle2007-12-01
The Temporal Dynamics of Event Memory: A Stage Analysis of Mnemonic Processing b... [JOCN 1:4]Jeffrey David LewineArticle1989-10-01
Unlocking the Nature of the Phonological–Deep Dyslexia Continuum: The Keys to Re... [JOCN 18:3]Jenni Crisp, Matthew A. Lambon Ralph, Matthew A. Lambon RalphArticle2006-03-01
Erratum [JOCN 21:9]Article2009-09-01
Errata [JOCN 22:12]Article2010-12-01
Index to Volume 29 [LING 29:4]Article1998-10-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 30:4]Article1999-10-01
Index to Volume 30 [LING 30:4]Article1999-10-01
A Type of Head-in-Situ Construction in English [LING 31:1]Atsurô Tsubomoto, John WhitmanArticle2000-01-01
Index to Volume 31 [LING 31:4]Article2000-10-01
Index to Volume 32 [LING 32:4]Article2001-10-01
Index to Volume 33 [LING 33:4]Article2002-10-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 34:4]Article2003-10-01
Index to Volume 34 [LING 34:4]Article2003-10-01
Index to Volume 35 [LING 35:4]Article2004-10-01
Index to Volume 36 [LING 36:4]Article2005-10-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 37:4]Article2006-10-01
Index to Volume 37 [LING 37:4]Article2006-10-01