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Electrophysiological Evidence for the Modulation of Retrieval Orientation by Dep... [JOCN 12:4]Michael D. Rugg, Kevin Allan, Claire S. BirchArticle2000-07-01
The Role of Segmentation in Phonological Processing: An fMRI Investigation [JOCN 12:4]Martha W. Burton, Steven L. Small, Sheila E. BlumsteinArticle2000-07-01
Tickling Expectations: Neural Processing in Anticipation of a Sensory Stimulus [JOCN 12:4]Katrina Carlsson, Predrag Petrovic, Stefan Skare, Karl Magnus Petersson, Martin IngvarArticle2000-07-01
Meeting Report: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Studies of Human Cognition [JOCN 12:4]Susan M. Fitzpatrick, Douglas L. RothmanArticle2000-07-01
Syntactic Gender and Semantic Expectancy: ERPs Reveal Early Autonomy and Late In... [JOCN 12:4]Thomas C. Gunter, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. Friederici, Herbert SchriefersArticle2000-07-01
Modulation of Spatial Orientation Processing by Mental Imagery Instructions: A M... [JOCN 12:4]Michel-Ange Amorim, Wilfried Lang, Gerald Lindinger, Dagmar Mayer, Lüder Deecke, Alain BerthozArticle2000-07-01
Auditory and Visual Spatial Localization Deficits Following Bilateral Parietal L... [JOCN 12:4]M. L. Phan, K. L. Schendel, G .H .Recanzone, L. C. RobertsonArticle2000-07-01
Models of the Posterior Parietal Cortex Which Perform Multimodal Integration and... [JOCN 12:4]Jing Xing, Richard A. AndersenArticle2000-07-01
Activation Timecourse of Ventral Visual Stream Object-recognition Areas: High De... [JOCN 12:4]Glen M. Doniger, John J. Foxe, Micah M. Murray, Beth A. Higgins, Joan Gay Snodgrass, Charles E. Schroeder, Daniel C. JavittArticle2000-07-01
Brain Activation During Reading in Deep Dyslexia: An MEG Study [JOCN 12:4]Matti Laine, Riitta Salmelin, Päivi Helenius, Reijo MarttilaArticle2000-07-01
Electrophysiological Correlates of Phonological Processing: A Cross-linguistic S... [JOCN 12:4]G. Dehaene-Lambertz, E. Dupoux, A. GoutArticle2000-07-01
Volitional Covert Orienting to a Peripheral Cue Does Not Suppress Cue-induced In... [JOCN 12:4]Giovanni Berlucchi, Leonardo Chelazzi, Giancarlo TassinariArticle2000-07-01
Brain Areas Involved in Perception of Biological Motion [JOCN 12:5]E. Grossman, M. Donnelly, R. Price, D. Pickens, V. Morgan, G. Neighbor, R. BlakeArticle2000-09-01
Mental Maze Solving [JOCN 12:5]David A. Crowe, Bruno B. Averbeck, Matthew V. Chafee, John H. Anderson, Apostolos P. GeorgopoulosArticle2000-09-01
Impaired Processing of Complex Auditory Stimuli in Rats with Induced Cerebrocort... [JOCN 12:5]Matthew G. Clark, Glenn D. Rosen, Paula Tallal, R. Holly FitchArticle2000-09-01
The Role of Spatial Selective Attention in Working Memory for Locations: Evidenc... [JOCN 12:5]Edward Awh, Lourdes Anllo-Vento, Steven A. HillyardArticle2000-09-01
Fine Discrimination of Faces can be Performed Rapidly [JOCN 12:5]Sidney R. LehkyArticle2000-09-01
Grasping after a Delay Shifts Size-Scaling from Absolute to Relative Metrics [JOCN 12:5]Y. Hu, M. A. GoodaleArticle2000-09-01
Electrophysiological Correlates of Conscious Vision: Evidence from Unilateral Ex... [JOCN 12:5]Carlo A. Marzi, Massimo Girelli, Carlo Miniussi, Nicola Smania, Angelo MaravitaArticle2000-09-01
Topographic and Temporal Indices of Vowel Spectral Envelope Extraction in the Hu... [JOCN 12:5]Eugen Diesch, Thomas LuceArticle2000-09-01
The Strategic Control of Gaze Direction in the Tower of London Task [JOCN 12:5]Timothy L. Hodgson, Adnan Bajwa, Adrian M. Owen, Christopher KennardArticle2000-09-01
Ontology-Based Interpretation of Natural Language [COLI 41:2]Chris BiemannArticle2000-09-01
Commentary [JOCN 12:5]Eric L. Schwartz, Michael CohenArticle2000-09-01
Shifting from the Perceptual Brain to the Logical Brain: The Neural Impact of Co... [JOCN 12:5]Olivier Houdé, Laure Zago, Emmanuel Mellet, Sylvain Moutier, Arlette Pineau, Bernard Mazoyer, Nathalie Tzourio-MazoyerArticle2000-09-01
Erratum [JOCN 12:5]Article2000-09-01
Performance on Indirect Measures of Race Evaluation Predicts Amygdala Activation [JOCN 12:5]Elizabeth A. Phelps, Kevin J. O'Connor, William A. Cunningham, E. Sumie Funayama, J. Christopher Gatenby, John C. Gore, Mahzarin R. BanajiArticle2000-09-01
Visualization and Measurement of the Cortical Surface [JOCN 12:5]Brian A. Wandell, Suelika Chial, Benjamin T. BackusArticle2000-09-01
Abnormal Functional Activation During a Simple Word Repetition Task: A PET Study... [JOCN 12:5]Eamon McCrory, Uta Frith, Nicola Brunswick, Cathy PriceArticle2000-09-01
Brain Activation During Mental Transformation of Size [JOCN 12:5]Axel Larsen, Claus Bundesen, Søren Kyllingsbæk, Olaf B. Paulson, Ian LawArticle2000-09-01
The Effects of Divided Attention on Encoding- and Retrieval-Related Brain Activi... [JOCN 12:5]Nicole D. Anderson, Tetsuya Iidaka, Roberto Cabeza, Shitij Kapur, Anthony R. McIntosh, Fergus I. M. CraikArticle2000-09-01
Hemispheric Asymmetries for Whole-Based and Part-Based Face Processing in the Hu... [JOCN 12:5]Bruno Rossion, Laurence Dricot, Anne Devolder, Jean-Michel Bodart, Marc Crommelinck, Beatrice de Gelder, Richard ZoontjesArticle2000-09-01
Asymmetry of Neuronal Activity During Extracellular Microelectrode Recording fro... [JOCN 12:5]Theodore H. Schwartz, Michael M. Haglund, Ettore Lettich, George A .OjemannArticle2000-09-01
Neglect Between but Not Within Auditory Objects [JOCN 12:6]Rhodri Cusack, Robert P. Carlyon, Ian H. RobertsonArticle2000-11-01
Letter from the Special Issue Editor [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Mark D'EspositoArticle2000-11-01
Neural Mechanisms of Visual Attention: Object-Based Selection of a Region in Spa... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Catherine M. Arrington, Thomas H. Carr, Andrew R. Mayer, Stephen M. RaoArticle2000-11-01
Neural Activation During Response Competition [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Eliot Hazeltine, Russell Poldrack, John D. E. GabrieliArticle2000-11-01
The Effects of Presentation Rate During Word and Pseudoword Reading: A Compariso... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Andrea Mechelli, Karl J. Friston, Cathy J. PriceArticle2000-11-01
The Emotional Modulation of Cognitive Processing: An fMRI Study [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Joseph R. Simpson, Dost Öngür, Erbil Akbudak, Thomas E. Conturo, John M. Ollinger, Abraham Z. Snyder, Debra A. Gusnard, Marcus E. RaichleArticle2000-11-01
Activity in Human Frontal Cortex Associated with Spatial Working Memory and Sacc... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Bradley R. Postle, Jeffrey S. Berger, Alexander M. Taich, Mark D'EspositoArticle2000-11-01
Transient Activity in the Human Calcarine Cortex During Visual-Mental Imagery: A... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Isabelle Klein, Anne-Lise Paradis, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Stephen M. Kosslyn, Denis Le BihanArticle2000-11-01
Functional Brain Imaging of Young, Nondemented, and Demented Older Adults [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Randy L. Buckner, Abraham Z. Snyder, Amy L. Sanders, Marcus E. Raichle, John C. Morris, John C. MorrisArticle2000-11-01
The Representation of Objects in the Human Occipital and Temporal Cortex [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Alumit Ishai, Leslie G. Ungerleider, Alex Martin, James V. HaxbyArticle2000-11-01
Interactions Between Forms of Memory: When Priming Hinders New Episodic Learning [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Anthony D. Wagner, Anat Maril, Daniel L. SchacterArticle2000-11-01
Attention Mechanisms in Visual Search—An fMRI Study [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Ute Leonards, Stefan Sunaert, Paul Van Hecke, Guy A. OrbanArticle2000-11-01
Deconvolution of Event-Related fMRI Responses in Fast-Rate Experimental Designs:... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Hermann Hinrichs, Michael Scholz, Claus Tempelmann, Martin G. Woldorff, Anders M. Dale, Hans-Jochen HeinzeArticle2000-11-01
The Influence of Memory Load Upon Delay-Interval Activity in a Working-Memory Ta... [JOCN 12:Supplement 2]Amishi P. Jha, Gregory McCarthyArticle2000-11-01
Hierarchical Organization of the Human Auditory Cortex Revealed by Functional Ma... [JOCN 13:1]C. M. Wessinger, J. VanMeter, B. Tian, J. Van Lare, J. Pekar, J.P. RauscheckerArticle2001-01-01
Behavioral and Electrophysiological Study of Phonological Priming between Bisyll... [JOCN 13:1]Nicolas Dumay, Abdelrhani Benraïss, Brian Barriol, Cécile Colin, Monique Radeau, Mireille BessonArticle2001-01-01
Differential Impact of the FMR-1 Full Mutation on Memory and Attention Functioni... [JOCN 13:1]Kim M. Cornish, Fehmidah Munir, Gareth CrossArticle2001-01-01
The Role of Familiar Size in the Control of Grasping [JOCN 13:1]J. J. Marotta, M. A. GoodaleArticle2001-01-01