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Genetic Algorithms with Memory- and Elitism-Based Immigrants in Dynamic Environm... [EVCO 16:3]Shengxiang YangArticle2008-09-01
Backpropagation with Homotopy [NECO 5:3]Liping Yang, Wanzhen YuArticle1993-05-01
Adaptive Online Learning Algorithms for Blind Separation: Maximum Entropy and Mi... [NECO 9:7]Howard Hua Yang, Shun-ichi AmariArticle1997-07-01
Wide-Band Information Transmission at the Calyx of Held [NECO 21:4]Zhijun Yang, Matthias H. Hennig, Michael Postlethwaite, Ian D. Forsythe, Bruce P. GrahamArticle2009-04-01
A Multiscale Correlation of Wavelet Coefficients Approach to Spike Detection [NECO 23:1]Chenhui Yang, Byron Olson, Jennie SiArticle2011-01-01
Asymptotic Convergence Properties of the EM Algorithm for Mixture of Experts [NECO 23:8]Yan Yang, Jinwen MaArticle2011-08-01
A Twin-Candidate Model for Learning-Based Anaphora Resolution [COLI 34:3]Xiaofeng Yang, Jian Su, Chew Lim TanArticle2008-09-01
Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots: Case Studies of Successful Robot Syst... [ARTL 6:2]Holly A. YancoArticle2000-04-01
Neural Modeling of an Internal Clock [NECO 17:5]Tadashi Yamazaki, Shigeru TanakaArticle2005-05-01
Relaxation of Selection, Niche Construction, and the Baldwin Effect in Language ... [ARTL 16:4]Hajime Yamauchi, Takashi HashimotoArticle2010-10-01
Single-trial EEG Power and Phase Dynamics Associated with Voluntary Response Inh... [JOCN 22:4]Kentaro Yamanaka, Yoshiharu YamamotoArticle2010-04-01
Tile Automaton: A Model for an Architecture of a Living System [ARTL 5:1]Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Kunihiko KanekoArticle1999-01-01
Using Suffix Arrays to Compute Term Frequency and Document Frequency for All Sub... [COLI 27:1]Mikio Yamamoto, Kenneth W. ChurchArticle2001-03-01
Visuospatial Attention Shift and Motor Responses in Cerebellar Disorders [JOCN 10:1]Shuhei Yamaguchi, Haruhisa Tsuchiya, Shotai KobayashiArticle1998-01-01
Electroencephalographic Activity in a Flanker Interference Task Using Japanese O... [JOCN 14:7]Shuhei Yamaguchi, Genya Toyoda, Jiang Xu, Shotai Kobayashi, Avishai HenikArticle2002-10-01
Relative Density-Ratio Estimation for Robust Distribution Comparison [NECO 25:5]Makoto Yamada, Taiji Suzuki, Takafumi Kanamori, Hirotaka Hachiya, Masashi SugiyamaArticle2013-05-01
High-Dimensional Feature Selection by Feature-Wise Kernelized Lasso [NECO 26:1]Makoto Yamada, Wittawat Jitkrittum, Leonid Sigal, Eric P. Xing, Masashi SugiyamaArticle2014-01-01
Effects of Aging on Arithmetic Problem-Solving: An Event-related Brain Potential... [JOCN 17:1]Radouane El Yagoubi, Patrick Lemaire, Mireille BessonArticle2005-01-01
Labeling Chinese Predicates with Semantic Roles [COLI 34:2]Nianwen XueArticle2008-06-01
Cerebral Asymmetry in the Fusiform Areas Predicted the Efficiency of Learning a ... [JOCN 18:6]Gui Xue, Chuansheng Chen, Zhen Jin, Qi DongArticle2006-06-01
The Neural Substrates of Visual Perceptual Learning of Words: Implications for t... [JOCN 19:10]Gui Xue, Russell A. PoldrackArticle2007-10-01
Spaced Learning Enhances Subsequent Recognition Memory by Reducing Neural Repeti... [JOCN 23:7]Gui Xue, Leilei Mei, Chuansheng Chen, Zhong-Lin Lu, Russell Poldrack, Qi DongArticle2011-07-01
Distinctive Neural Mechanisms Supporting Visual Object Individuation and Identif... [JOCN 21:3]Yaoda XuArticle2009-03-01
On Convergence Properties of the EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixtures [NECO 8:1]Lei Xu, Michael I. JordanArticle1996-01-01
One-Bit-Matching Theorem for ICA, Convex-Concave Programming on Polyhedral Set, ... [NECO 19:2]Lei XuArticle2007-02-01
Convergence Analysis of Three Classes of Split-Complex Gradient Algorithms for C... [NECO 22:10]Dongpo Xu, Huisheng Zhang, Lijun LiuArticle2010-10-01
Simple Neural-Like P Systems for Maximal Independent Set Selection [NECO 25:6]Lei Xu, Peter JeavonsArticle2013-06-01
A New Supervised Learning Algorithm for Spiking Neurons [NECO 25:6]Yan Xu, Xiaoqin Zeng, Shuiming ZhongArticle2013-06-01
On Antiperiodic Solutions for Cohen-Grossberg Shunting Inhibitory Neural Network... [NECO 26:10]Changjin Xu, Qiming ZhangArticle2014-10-01
Exponential Stability of Almost Periodic Solutions for Memristor-Based Neural Ne... [NECO 28:12]Changjin Xu, Peiluan Li, Yicheng PangArticle
Linguistically Annotated Reordering: Evaluation and Analysis [COLI 36:3]Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Aiti Aw, Haizhou LiArticle2010-09-01
Training Pi-Sigma Network by Online Gradient Algorithm with Penalty for Small We... [NECO 19:12]Yan Xiong, Wei Wu, Xidai Kang, Chao ZhangArticle2007-12-01
Semantic Similarity from Natural Language and Ontology Analysis [COLI 42:4]Deyi XiongArticle
Models of the Posterior Parietal Cortex Which Perform Multimodal Integration and... [JOCN 12:4]Jing Xing, Richard A. AndersenArticle2000-07-01
A Note on Stone's Conjecture of Blind Signal Separation [NECO 17:2]Shengli Xie, Zhaoshui He, Yuli FuArticle2005-02-01
Selectively Grouping Neurons in Recurrent Networks of Lateral Inhibition [NECO 14:11]Xiaohui Xie, Richard H. R. Hahnloser, H. Sebastian SeungArticle2002-11-01
Equivalence of Backpropagation and Contrastive Hebbian Learning in a Layered Net... [NECO 15:2]Xiaohui Xie, H. Sebastian SeungArticle2003-02-01
On Blind Separability Based on the Temporal Predictability Method [NECO 21:12]Shengli Xie, Guoxu Zhou, Zuyuan Yang, Yuli FuArticle2009-12-01
On Convergence Conditions of an Extended Projection Neural Network [NECO 17:3]Youshen Xia, Gang FengArticle2005-03-01
An Extended Projection Neural Network for Constrained Optimization [NECO 16:4]Youshen XiaArticle2004-04-01
A Cooperative Recurrent Neural Network for Solving L1 Estimation Problems with G... [NECO 20:3]Youshen Xia, Mohamed S. KamelArticle2008-03-01
A Measurement Fusion Method for Nonlinear System Identification Using a Cooperat... [NECO 19:6]Youshen Xia, Mohamed S. KamelArticle2007-06-01
On Exponential Convergence Conditions of an Extended Projection Neural Network [NECO 20:9]Youshen Xia, Dongyi YeArticle2008-09-01
A Novel Iterative Method for Computing Generalized Inverse [NECO 26:2]Youshen Xia, Tianping Chen, Jinjun ShanArticle2014-02-01
Distinct Neurophysiological Mechanisms Mediate Mixing Costs and Switch Costs [JOCN 21:1]Glenn R. Wylie, Micah M. Murray, Daniel C. Javitt, John J. FoxeArticle2009-01-01
The Effect of Parkinson's Disease on the Dynamics of On-line and Proactive Cogni... [JOCN 22:9]Scott A. Wylie, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Theodore R. Bashore, Wery P. M. van den WildenbergArticle2010-09-01
Dopamine Agonists and the Suppression of Impulsive Motor Actions in Parkinson Di... [JOCN 24:8]Scott A. Wylie, Daniel O. Claassen, Hilde M. Huizenga, Kerilyn D. Schewel, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Theodore R. Bashore, Wery P. M. van den WildenbergArticle2012-08-01
On the Temporal Relation of Top–Down and Bottom–Up Mechanisms during Guidance of... [JOCN 22:4]Agnieszka Wykowska, Anna SchuböArticle2010-04-01
Irrelevant Singletons in Visual Search Do Not Capture Attention but Can Produce ... [JOCN 23:3]Agnieszka Wykowska, Anna SchuböArticle2011-03-01
Neural Correlates of Letter-String Length and Lexicality during Reading in a Reg... [JOCN 15:7]T. N. Wydell, T. Vuorinen, P. Helenius, R. SalmelinArticle2003-10-01