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Age Differences in Deactivation: A Link to Cognitive Control? [JOCN 19:6]Jonas Persson, Cindy Lustig, James K. Nelson, Patricia A. Reuter-LorenzArticle2007-06-01
Age Differences in Target Detection and Interference Resolution in Working Memor... [JOCN 20:12]William J. Tays, Jane Dywan, Karen J. Mathewson, Sidney J. SegalowitzArticle2008-12-01
Age Differences in the Frontal Lateralization of Verbal and Spatial Working Memo... [JOCN 12:1]Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, John Jonides, Edward E. Smith, Alan Hartley, Andrea Miller, Christina Marshuetz, Robert A. KoeppeArticle2000-01-01
Age Group and Individual Differences in Attentional Orienting Dissociate Neural ... [JOCN 26:4]Andria Shimi, Bo-Cheng Kuo, Duncan E. Astle, Anna C. Nobre, Gaia ScerifArticle2014-04-01
Age-equivalent Top–Down Modulation during Cross-modal Selective Attention [JOCN 26:12]Maria J. S. Guerreiro, Joaquin A. Anguera, Jyoti Mishra, Pascal W. M. Van Gerven, Adam GazzaleyArticle
AgeismTodd D. NelsonBook2004-09-01
Agency in Natural and Artificial Systems [ARTL 11:1-2]Alvaro Moreno, Arantza EtxeberriaArticle2005-01-01
An Agent Harms a Victim: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Specif... [JOCN 20:10]Gayannée Kédia, Sylvie Berthoz, Michele Wessa, Denis Hilton, Jean-Luc MartinotArticle2008-10-01
Agent-Based Brain Modeling by Means of Hierarchical Cooperative Coevolution [ARTL 15:3]Michail Maniadakis, Panos TrahaniasArticle2009-07-01
Agent-Based Computational Economics: Growing Economies From the Bottom Up [ARTL 8:1]Leigh TesfatsionArticle2002-01-01
An Agent-Based Model for the Role of Short-Term Memory Enhancement in ... [ARTL 24:02]Javier VeraArticle
Agent-Based Model of Genotype Editing [EVCO 15:3]Chien-feng Huang, Jasleen Kaur, Ana Maguitman, Luis M. RochaArticle2007-09-01
Age-related Alterations in Simple Declarative Memory and the Effect of Negative ... [JOCN 21:10]Vishnu P. Murty, Fabio Sambataro, Saumitra Das, Hao-Yang Tan, Joseph H. Callicott, Terry E. Goldberg, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Daniel R. Weinberger, Venkata S. MattayArticle2009-10-01
Age-related and Genetic Modulation of Frontal Cortex Efficiency [JOCN 26:4]Lars Nyberg, Micael Andersson, Karolina Kauppi, Anders Lundquist, Jonas Persson, Sara Pudas, Lars-Göran NilssonArticle2014-04-01
Age-related Changes in Brain Activity across the Adult Lifespan [JOCN 18:2]Cheryl L. Grady, Mellanie V. Springer, Donaya Hongwanishkul, Anthony R. McIntosh, Gordon WinocurArticle2006-02-01
Age-related Changes in Object Processing and Contextual Binding Revealed Using f... [JOCN 18:4]Michael W. L. Chee, Joshua O. S. Goh, Vinod Venkatraman, Jiat Chow Tan, Angela Gutchess, Brad Sutton, Andy Hebrank, Eric Leshikar, Denise ParkArticle2006-04-01
Age-related Changes in the Activation of the Intraparietal Sulcus during Nonsymb... [JOCN 18:11]Daniel Ansari, Bibek DhitalArticle2006-11-01
Age-related Changes in the Sleep-dependent Reorganization of Declarative Memorie... [JOCN 28:6]Bengi Baran, Janna Mantua, Rebecca M. C. SpencerArticle
Age-related Decline of Visual Working Memory: Behavioral Results Simulated with ... [JOCN 30:10]Matthew C. Costello, Aaron T. BussArticle
Age-related Differences in Brain Activity during True and False Memory Retrieval [JOCN 20:8]Nancy A. Dennis, Hongkeun Kim, Roberto CabezaArticle2008-08-01
Age-related Differences in Corticomotor Excitability and Inhibitory Processes du... [JOCN 24:5]Hakuei Fujiyama, Mark R. Hinder, Matthew W. Schmidt, Christophe Tandonnet, Michael I. Garry, Jeffery J. SummersArticle2012-05-01
Age-related differences in functional brain network segregation are consistent w... [NETN 4:1]Tania S. Kong, Caterina Gratton, Kathy A. Low, Chin Hong Tan, Antonio M. Chiarelli, Mark A. Fletcher, Benjamin Zimmerman, Edward L. Maclin, Bradley P. Sutton, Gabriele Gratton, Monica FabianiArticle
Age-Related Differences in Neural Activity during Item and Temporal-Order Memory... [JOCN 12:1]Roberto Cabeza, Nicole D. Anderson, Sylvain Houle, Jennifer A. Mangels, Lars NybergArticle2000-01-01
Age-related Differences in Prestimulus Subsequent Memory Effects Assessed with E... [JOCN 30:6]Joshua D. Koen, Erin D. Horne, Nedra Hauck, Michael D. RuggArticle
Age-related Differences in the Neural Bases of Phonological and Semantic Process... [JOCN 26:12]Michele T. Diaz, Micah A. Johnson, Deborah M. Burke, David J. MaddenArticle
Age-related Multiscale Changes in Brain Signal Variability in Pre-task versus Po... [JOCN 28:7]Hongye Wang, Anthony R. McIntosh, Natasa Kovacevic, Maria Karachalios, Andrea B. ProtznerArticle
Age-related Neural Changes during Memory Conjunction Errors [JOCN 22:7]Kelly S. Giovanello, Elizabeth A. Kensinger, Alana T. Wong, Daniel L. SchacterArticle2010-07-01
Age-related Neural Reorganization during Spoken Word Recognition: The Interactio... [JOCN 24:6]Meredith Shafto, Billi Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Paul Wright, L. K. TylerArticle2012-06-01
Age-related Shift in Neural Complexity Related to Task Performance and Physical ... [JOCN 27:3]Jennifer J. Heisz, Michelle Gould, Anthony R. McIntoshArticle
Aging Affects the Interaction between Attentional Control and Source Memory: An ... [JOCN 26:12]Michael R. Dulas, Audrey DuarteArticle
Aging and Recognition Memory: Changes in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Associated... [JOCN 11:5]David J. Madden, Lawrence R. Gottlob, Laura L. Denny, Timothy G. Turkington, James M. Provenzale, Thomas C. Hawk, R. Edward ColemanArticle1999-09-01
Aging and the Neural Correlates of Successful Picture Encoding: Frontal Activati... [JOCN 17:1]Angela H. Gutchess, Robert C. Welsh, Trey Hedden, Ashley Bangert, Meredith Minear, Linda L. Liu, Denise C. ParkArticle2005-01-01
The Aging Brain and Executive Functions Revisited: Implications from Meta-analyt... [JOCN 33:9]Marisa K. Heckner, Edna C. Cieslik, Simon B. Eickhoff, Julia A. Camilleri, Felix Hoffstaedter, Robert LangnerArticle
Aging Does Not Affect Brain Patterns of Repetition Effects Associated with Perce... [JOCN 20:10]Anja Soldan, Yunglin Gazes, H. John Hilton, Yaakov SternArticle2008-10-01
Agnostic PAC Learning of Functions on Analog Neural Nets [NECO 7:5]Wolfgang MaassArticle1995-09-01
Agrammatism: Behavioral Description and Neurobiological Explanation [JOCN 7:2]Friedemann PulvermüllerArticle1995-04-01
Agreeing Adpositions in Avar and The Directionality-of-Valuation Debate [LING 51:4]Pavel RudnevArticle
Agreeing How? Implications for Theories of Agreement and Locality [LING 44:2]Vicki Carstens, Michael DiercksArticle2013-04-01
Agreement and Head MovementIan RobertsBook2010-10-29
The Agreement Measure γcat a Complement to γ Focused on Categorization of a Cont... [COLI 43:3]Yann MathetArticle
Agreement Mismatch in Partitive Relatives [LING 50:4]Nicholas LongenbaughArticle
Agreement Weakening at PF: A Reply to Benmamoun and Lorimor [LING 43:1]Peter Ackema, Ad NeelemanArticle2012-01-01
Agreement without A-Positions: Another Look at Algonquian [LING 36:4]Elizabeth Ritter, Sara Thomas RosenArticle2005-10-01
AI EthicsMark CoeckelberghBook2020-04-08
Airline Crew Scheduling with Potts Neurons [NECO 9:7]Martin Lagerholm, Carsten Peterson, Bo SöderbergArticle1997-07-01
Algebraic Analysis for Nonidentifiable Learning Machines [NECO 13:4]Sumio WatanabeArticle2001-04-01
An Algebraic Framework to Represent Finite State Machines in Single-Layer Recurr... [NECO 7:5]R. Alquézar, A. SanfeliuArticle1995-09-01
Algebraic Method for the Analysis of Signaling Crosstalk [ARTL 14:1]Yoshiya Matsubara, Shinichi Kikuchi, Masahiro Sugimoto, Kotaro Oka, Masaru TomitaArticle2008-01-01
Algebraic Mind, TheGary F. MarcusBook2003-03-01
Algebraic Theory of Recombination Spaces [EVCO 5:3]Peter F. Stadler, Günter P. WagnerArticle1997-09-01