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Against Lexical Self-Reference [LING 46:4]Eric McCreadyArticle
Against Moral ResponsibilityBruce N. WallerBook2011-11-30
Against The Null Comitative Analysis of Partial Control [LING 47:3]Idan LandauArticle
Against Subsegmental Glides [LING 33:4]Jerzy RubachArticle2002-10-01
Against Tanglewood by Focus Movement: A Reply to Erlewine and Kotek 2018 [LING 51:3]Itai Bassi, Nicholas LongenbaughArticle
Against the Existence of Pied-Piping: Evidence from Tlingit [LING 41:4]Seth CableArticle2010-10-01
Against the Movement Theory of Control: Another Argument from Icelandic [LING 43:2]Jim WoodArticle2012-01-01
Against the PredP Theory of Small Clauses [LING 50:1]Ora MatushanskyArticle
Age- and Episodic Memory-related Differences in Task-based Functional Connectivi... [JOCN 34:8]Sivaniya Subramaniapillai, Sricharana Rajagopal, Elizabeth Ankudowich, Stamatoula Pasvanis, Bratislav Misic, Bratislav Misic, Bratislav Misic, Bratislav Misic, Bratislav Misic, Bratislav Misic, M. Natasha RajahArticle
Age Differences in Behavior and PET Activation Reveal Differences in Interferenc... [JOCN 12:1]John Jonides, Christina Marshuetz, Edward E. Smith, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Robert A. Koeppe, Alan HartleyArticle2000-01-01
Age Differences in Deactivation: A Link to Cognitive Control? [JOCN 19:6]Jonas Persson, Cindy Lustig, James K. Nelson, Patricia A. Reuter-LorenzArticle2007-06-01
Age Differences in Target Detection and Interference Resolution in Working Memor... [JOCN 20:12]William J. Tays, Jane Dywan, Karen J. Mathewson, Sidney J. SegalowitzArticle2008-12-01
Age Differences in the Frontal Lateralization of Verbal and Spatial Working Memo... [JOCN 12:1]Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, John Jonides, Edward E. Smith, Alan Hartley, Andrea Miller, Christina Marshuetz, Robert A. KoeppeArticle2000-01-01
Age Group and Individual Differences in Attentional Orienting Dissociate Neural ... [JOCN 26:4]Andria Shimi, Bo-Cheng Kuo, Duncan E. Astle, Anna C. Nobre, Gaia ScerifArticle2014-04-01
Age-equivalent Top–Down Modulation during Cross-modal Selective Attention [JOCN 26:12]Maria J. S. Guerreiro, Joaquin A. Anguera, Jyoti Mishra, Pascal W. M. Van Gerven, Adam GazzaleyArticle
AgeismTodd D. NelsonBook2004-09-01
Agency in Natural and Artificial Systems [ARTL 11:1-2]Alvaro Moreno, Arantza EtxeberriaArticle2005-01-01
An Agent Harms a Victim: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Specif... [JOCN 20:10]Gayannée Kédia, Sylvie Berthoz, Michele Wessa, Denis Hilton, Jean-Luc MartinotArticle2008-10-01
Agent-Based Brain Modeling by Means of Hierarchical Cooperative Coevolution [ARTL 15:3]Michail Maniadakis, Panos TrahaniasArticle2009-07-01
Agent-Based Computational Economics: Growing Economies From the Bottom Up [ARTL 8:1]Leigh TesfatsionArticle2002-01-01
An Agent-Based Model for the Role of Short-Term Memory Enhancement in ... [ARTL 24:02]Javier VeraArticle
Agent-Based Model of Genotype Editing [EVCO 15:3]Chien-feng Huang, Jasleen Kaur, Ana Maguitman, Luis M. RochaArticle2007-09-01
Age-related Alterations in Simple Declarative Memory and the Effect of Negative ... [JOCN 21:10]Vishnu P. Murty, Fabio Sambataro, Saumitra Das, Hao-Yang Tan, Joseph H. Callicott, Terry E. Goldberg, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Daniel R. Weinberger, Venkata S. MattayArticle2009-10-01
Age-related and Genetic Modulation of Frontal Cortex Efficiency [JOCN 26:4]Lars Nyberg, Micael Andersson, Karolina Kauppi, Anders Lundquist, Jonas Persson, Sara Pudas, Lars-Göran NilssonArticle2014-04-01
Age-related Changes in Brain Activity across the Adult Lifespan [JOCN 18:2]Cheryl L. Grady, Mellanie V. Springer, Donaya Hongwanishkul, Anthony R. McIntosh, Gordon WinocurArticle2006-02-01
Age-related Changes in Object Processing and Contextual Binding Revealed Using f... [JOCN 18:4]Michael W. L. Chee, Joshua O. S. Goh, Vinod Venkatraman, Jiat Chow Tan, Angela Gutchess, Brad Sutton, Andy Hebrank, Eric Leshikar, Denise ParkArticle2006-04-01
Age-related Changes in the Activation of the Intraparietal Sulcus during Nonsymb... [JOCN 18:11]Daniel Ansari, Bibek DhitalArticle2006-11-01
Age-related Changes in the Sleep-dependent Reorganization of Declarative Memorie... [JOCN 28:6]Bengi Baran, Janna Mantua, Rebecca M. C. SpencerArticle
Age-related Decline of Visual Working Memory: Behavioral Results Simulated with ... [JOCN 30:10]Matthew C. Costello, Aaron T. BussArticle
Age-related Differences in Brain Activity during True and False Memory Retrieval [JOCN 20:8]Nancy A. Dennis, Hongkeun Kim, Roberto CabezaArticle2008-08-01
Age-related Differences in Corticomotor Excitability and Inhibitory Processes du... [JOCN 24:5]Hakuei Fujiyama, Mark R. Hinder, Matthew W. Schmidt, Christophe Tandonnet, Michael I. Garry, Jeffery J. SummersArticle2012-05-01
Age-related differences in functional brain network segregation are consistent w... [NETN 4:1]Tania S. Kong, Caterina Gratton, Kathy A. Low, Chin Hong Tan, Antonio M. Chiarelli, Mark A. Fletcher, Benjamin Zimmerman, Edward L. Maclin, Bradley P. Sutton, Gabriele Gratton, Monica FabianiArticle
Age-Related Differences in Neural Activity during Item and Temporal-Order Memory... [JOCN 12:1]Roberto Cabeza, Nicole D. Anderson, Sylvain Houle, Jennifer A. Mangels, Lars NybergArticle2000-01-01
Age-related Differences in Prestimulus Subsequent Memory Effects Assessed with E... [JOCN 30:6]Joshua D. Koen, Erin D. Horne, Nedra Hauck, Michael D. RuggArticle
Age-related Differences in the Neural Bases of Phonological and Semantic Process... [JOCN 26:12]Michele T. Diaz, Micah A. Johnson, Deborah M. Burke, David J. MaddenArticle
Age-related Multiscale Changes in Brain Signal Variability in Pre-task versus Po... [JOCN 28:7]Hongye Wang, Anthony R. McIntosh, Natasa Kovacevic, Maria Karachalios, Andrea B. ProtznerArticle
Age-related Neural Changes during Memory Conjunction Errors [JOCN 22:7]Kelly S. Giovanello, Elizabeth A. Kensinger, Alana T. Wong, Daniel L. SchacterArticle2010-07-01
Age-related Neural Reorganization during Spoken Word Recognition: The Interactio... [JOCN 24:6]Meredith Shafto, Billi Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Paul Wright, L. K. TylerArticle2012-06-01
Age-related Shift in Neural Complexity Related to Task Performance and Physical ... [JOCN 27:3]Jennifer J. Heisz, Michelle Gould, Anthony R. McIntoshArticle
Aging Affects the Interaction between Attentional Control and Source Memory: An ... [JOCN 26:12]Michael R. Dulas, Audrey DuarteArticle
Aging and Recognition Memory: Changes in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Associated... [JOCN 11:5]David J. Madden, Lawrence R. Gottlob, Laura L. Denny, Timothy G. Turkington, James M. Provenzale, Thomas C. Hawk, R. Edward ColemanArticle1999-09-01
Aging and the Neural Correlates of Successful Picture Encoding: Frontal Activati... [JOCN 17:1]Angela H. Gutchess, Robert C. Welsh, Trey Hedden, Ashley Bangert, Meredith Minear, Linda L. Liu, Denise C. ParkArticle2005-01-01
The Aging Brain and Executive Functions Revisited: Implications from Meta-analyt... [JOCN 33:9]Marisa K. Heckner, Edna C. Cieslik, Simon B. Eickhoff, Julia A. Camilleri, Felix Hoffstaedter, Robert LangnerArticle
Aging Does Not Affect Brain Patterns of Repetition Effects Associated with Perce... [JOCN 20:10]Anja Soldan, Yunglin Gazes, H. John Hilton, Yaakov SternArticle2008-10-01
Agnostic PAC Learning of Functions on Analog Neural Nets [NECO 7:5]Wolfgang MaassArticle1995-09-01
Agrammatism: Behavioral Description and Neurobiological Explanation [JOCN 7:2]Friedemann PulvermüllerArticle1995-04-01
Agreeing Adpositions in Avar and The Directionality-of-Valuation Debate [LING 51:4]Pavel RudnevArticle
Agreeing How? Implications for Theories of Agreement and Locality [LING 44:2]Vicki Carstens, Michael DiercksArticle2013-04-01
Agreement and Head MovementIan RobertsBook2010-10-29
The Agreement Measure γcat a Complement to γ Focused on Categorization of a Cont... [COLI 43:3]Yann MathetArticle