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Similarity in Perception: A Window to Brain Organization [JOCN 13:1]Zach Solan, Eytan RuppinArticle2001-01-01
Failed Suppression of Direct Visuomotor Activation in Parkinson's Disease [JOCN 13:1]P. Praamstra, F. M. PlatArticle2001-01-01
Visual Representation in the Wild: How Rhesus Monkeys Parse Objects [JOCN 13:1]Yuko Munakata, Laurie R. Santos, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Marc D. Hauser, Randall C. O'Reilly, Randall C. O'ReillyArticle2001-01-01
The Role of Large-Scale Memory Organization in the Mismatch Negativity Event-Rel... [JOCN 13:1]István Winkler, Erich Schröger, Nelson CowanArticle2001-01-01
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Visual Object Construction and Shape Di... [JOCN 13:1]Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, Kenneth Whang, Maria-Alexandra Georgopoulos, Georgios A. Tagaris, Bagrat Amirikian, Wolfgang Richter, Seong-Gi Kim, Kâmil U&gcaron;urbilArticle2001-01-01
The Speed of Sight [JOCN 13:1]C. Keysers, D.-K. Xiao, P. Földiák, D. I. PerrettArticle2001-01-01
A Neural Model of Smooth Pursuit Control and Motion Perception by Cortical Area ... [JOCN 13:1]Christopher Pack, Stephen Greenberg, Ennio MingollaArticle2001-01-01
Self-Organizing Dynamics of Lexical Access in Normals and Aphasics [JOCN 13:2]Mark G. McNellis, Sheila E. BlumsteinArticle2001-02-01
Relative Shift in Activity from Medial to Lateral Frontal Cortex During Internal... [JOCN 13:2]Bruce Crosson, Joseph R. Sadek, Leeza Maron, Didem Gökçay, Cecile M. Mohr, Edward J. Auerbach, Alan J. Freeman, Christiana M. Leonard, Richard W. BriggsArticle2001-02-01
A Limit to the Speed of Processing in Ultra-Rapid Visual Categorization of Novel... [JOCN 13:2]Michèle Fabre-Thorpe, Arnaud Delorme, Catherine Marlot, Simon ThorpeArticle2001-02-01
Binding Personal and Peripersonal Space: Evidence from Tactile Extinction [JOCN 13:2]Sandeep Vaishnavi, Jesse CalhounArticle2001-02-01
Encoding of Categories by Noncategory-Specific Neurons in the Inferior Temporal ... [JOCN 13:2]Elizabeth Thomas, Marc M.Van Hulle, Rufin VogelArticle2001-02-01
Brain Potentials Reflect Behavioral Differences in True and False Recognition [JOCN 13:2]Tim Curran, Daniel L. Schacter, Marcia K. Johnson, Ruth SpinksArticle2001-02-01
Motor Learning of Compatible and Incompatible Visuomotor Maps [JOCN 13:2]Scott T. Grafton, Joanna Salidis, Daniel B. WillinghamArticle2001-02-01
Abnormal Processing of Social Information from Faces in Autism [JOCN 13:2]Ralph Adolphs, Lonnie Sears, Joseph PivenArticle2001-02-01
Different Brain Mechanisms Mediate Sensitivity to Sensory Consonance and Harmoni... [JOCN 13:2]Pascaline Regnault, Emmanuel Bigand, Mireille BessonArticle2001-02-01
A Model of Saccade Initiation Based on the Competitive Integration of Exogenous ... [JOCN 13:2]Thomas P. Trappenberg, Michael C. Dorris, Douglas P. Munoz, Douglas P. Munoz, Raymond M. KleinArticle2001-02-01
The BOLD Hemodynamic Response in Healthy Aging [JOCN 16:5]Howard J. Aizenstein, Kristi A. Clark, Meryl A. Butters, Jennifer Cochran, V. Andrew Stenger, Carolyn C. Meltzer, Charles F. Reynolds, Cameron S. CarterArticle2004-06-01
Derivation and Analysis of Basic Computational Operations of Thalamocortical Cir... [JOCN 16:5]A. Rodriguez, J. Whitson, R. GrangerArticle2004-06-01
Reading in a Regular Orthography: An fMRI Study Investigating the Role of Visual... [JOCN 16:5]Anja Ischebeck, Peter Indefrey, Nobuo Usui, Izuru Nose, Frauke Hellwig, Masato TairaArticle2004-06-01
Left But Not Right Temporal Involvement in Opaque Idiom Comprehension: A Repetit... [JOCN 16:5]Massimiliano Oliveri, Leonor Romero, Costanza PapagnoArticle2004-06-01
Predicting Success: Patterns of Cortical Activation and Deactivation Prior to Re... [JOCN 16:5]Robert L. Hester, Kevin Murphy, John J. Foxe, Deirdre M. Foxe, Daniel C. Javitt, Hugh GaravanArticle2004-06-01
Mechanisms of Moving the Mind's Eye: Planning and Execution of Spatial Shifts of... [JOCN 16:5]Chad J. Hazlett, Marty G. WoldorffArticle2004-06-01
Electrophysiological Evidence for Reversed Lexical Repetition Effects in Languag... [JOCN 16:5]Tamara Y. Swaab, C. Christine Camblin, Peter C. GordonArticle2004-06-01
Effects of Strategies on Mental Rotation and Hemispheric Lateralization: Neurops... [JOCN 16:5]Barbara Tomasino, Raffaella I. RumiatiArticle2004-06-01
Neural Correlates of Attentional Capture in Visual Search [JOCN 16:5]Jan de Fockert, Geraint Rees, Chris Frith, Nilli LavieArticle2004-06-01
Multisensory Integration Sites Identified by Perception of Spatial Wavelet Filte... [JOCN 16:5]Daniel E. Callan, Jeffery A. Jones, Kevin Munhall, Christian Kroos, Akiko M. Callan, Eric Vatikiotis-BatesonArticle2004-06-01
Consistent Chronostasis Effects across Saccade Categories Imply a Subcortical Ef... [JOCN 16:5]Kielan Yarrow, Helen Johnson, Patrick Haggard, John C. RothwellArticle2004-06-01
Neural Correlates of First-Person Perspective as One Constituent of Human Self-C... [JOCN 16:5]K. Vogeley, M. May, A. Ritzl, P. Falkai, K. Zilles, G. R. FinkArticle2004-06-01
Analog Numerical Representations in Rhesus Monkeys: Evidence for Parallel Proces... [JOCN 16:5]Andreas Nieder, Earl K. MillerArticle2004-06-01
Event-Related Potential Correlates of the Retrieval of Emotional and Nonemotiona... [JOCN 16:5]Adam P. R. Smith, Raymond J. Dolan, Michael D. RuggArticle2004-06-01
Shape Saliency Modulates Contextual Processing in the Human Lateral Occipital Co... [JOCN 16:5]Christian F. Altmann, Arne Deubelius, Zoe KourtziArticle2004-06-01
Involvement of the Superior Temporal Cortex and the Occipital Cortex in Spatial ... [JOCN 16:5]Jörg Lewald, Ingo G. Meister, Jürgen Weidemann, Rudolf TöpperArticle2004-06-01
Modular Subdivisions of Dolphin Insular Cortex: Does Evolutionary History Repeat... [JOCN 10:2]Paul Manger, Monika Sum, Michael Szymanski, Sam Ridgway, Leah KrubitzerArticle1998-03-01
Contribution of Human Prefrontal Cortex to Delay Performance [JOCN 10:2]Linda L. Chao, Robert T. KnightArticle1998-03-01
Toward a Functional Analysis of the Basal Ganglia [JOCN 10:2]Amy E. Hayes, Matthew C. Davidson, Steven W. Keele, Robert D. RafalArticle1998-03-01
Self-Organization of Binocular Disparity Tuning by Reciprocal Corticogeniculate ... [JOCN 10:2]Alexander Grunewald, Stephen GrossbergArticle1998-03-01
Neural Site of the Redundant Target Effect: Electrophysiological Evidence [JOCN 10:2]C. Miniussi, M. Girelli, C. A. MarziArticle1998-03-01
Cortical-Hippocampal Auditory Processing Identified by Magnetoencephalography [JOCN 10:2]Nobuyuki Nishitani, Takashi Nagamine, Naohito Fujiwara, Shogo Yazawa, Hiroshi ShibasakiArticle1998-03-01
Encapsulation of Implicit and Explicit Memory in Sequence Learning [JOCN 10:2]Paul J. Reber, Larry R. SquireArticle1998-03-01
Event-Related Brain Potentials and Case Information in Syntactic Ambiguities [JOCN 10:2]Jens-Max Hopf, Josef Bayer, Markus Bader, Michael MengArticle1998-03-01
The Neurology of Empty Categories: Aphasics' Failure to Detect Ungrammaticality [JOCN 10:2]Yosef Grodzinsky, Lisa FinkelArticle1998-03-01
News and Comments [JOCN 10:3]Ian R. WickershamArticle1998-05-01
Semantic Processing of Spoken Words in Alzheimer's Disease: An Electrophysiologi... [JOCN 10:3]Antti Revonsuo, Raija Portin, Kirsi Juottonen, Juha O. RinneArticle1998-05-01
Auxiliary Selection in Italian: A Comment on Miozzo and Caramazza's “On Knowing ... [JOCN 10:3]David KemmererArticle1998-05-01
Neuroanatomical Correlates of Human Reasoning [JOCN 10:3]Vinod Goel, Brian Gold, Shitij Kapur, Sylvain HouleArticle1998-05-01
A Functional Neuroimaging Description of Two Deep Dyslexic Patients [JOCN 10:3]C. J. Price, D. Howard, K. Patterson, E. A. Warburton, K. J. Friston, R. S. J. FrackowiakArticle1998-05-01
Coupled Temporal Memories in Parkinson's Disease: A Dopamine-Related Dysfunction [JOCN 10:3]Chara Malapani, Brian Rakitin, R. Levy, Warren H. Meck, Bernard Deweer, Bruno Dubois, John GibbonArticle1998-05-01
Perseveration and Strategy in a Novel Spatial Self-Ordered Sequencing Task for N... [JOCN 10:3]P. Collins, A. C. Roberts, R. Dias, B. J. Everitt, T. W. RobbinsArticle1998-05-01
Is the Category-Specific Deficit for Living Things Spurious? [JOCN 10:3]Matthew A. Kurbat, Martha J. Farah, Martha J. FarahArticle1998-05-01