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Fitness Probability Distribution of Bit-Flip Mutation [EVCO 23:2]Francisco Chicano, Andrew M. Sutton, L. Darrell Whitley, Enrique AlbaArticle
Hyper-heuristic Evolution of Dispatching Rules: A Comparison of Rule Representat... [EVCO 23:2]Jürgen Branke, Torsten Hildebrandt, Bernd Scholz-ReiterArticle
Determining Relative Importance and Effective Settings for Genetic Algorithm Con... [EVCO 23:2]K. L. Mills, J. J. Filliben, A. L. HainesArticle
Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithms for the Winner Determination Problem in Com... [EVCO 23:2]Carlos Eduardo de Andrade, Rodrigo Franco Toso, Mauricio G. C. Resende, Flávio Keidi MiyazawaArticle
Attentional Bias Through Oscillatory Coherence Between Excitatory Activity and I... [NECO 27:7]Sebastian Blaes, Thomas BurwickArticle
Learning Slowness in a Sparse Model of Invariant Feature Detection [NECO 27:7]Thusitha N. Chandrapala, Bertram E. ShiArticle
Clusterless Decoding of Position from Multiunit Activity Using a Marked Point Pr... [NECO 27:7]Xinyi Deng, Daniel F. Liu, Kenneth Kay, Loren M. Frank, Uri T. EdenArticle
A Hebbian/Anti-Hebbian Neural Network for Linear Subspace Learning: A Derivation... [NECO 27:7]Cengiz Pehlevan, Tao Hu, Dmitri B. ChklovskiiArticle
Unifying Blind Separation and Clustering for Resting-State EEG/MEG Functional Co... [NECO 27:7]Jun-ichiro Hirayama, Takeshi Ogawa, Aapo HyvärinenArticle
On the Spike Train Variability Characterized by Variance-to-Mean Power Relations... [NECO 27:7]Shinsuke KoyamaArticle
Comments and Correction on "U-Processes and Preference Learning" (Neural Computa... [NECO 27:7]Wojciech Rejchel, Hong Li, Luoqing LiArticle
The Operation Sequence Model—Combining N-Gram-Based and Phrase-Based Statistical... [COLI 41:2]Nadir Durrani, Helmut Schmid, Alexander Fraser, Philipp Koehn, Hinrich SchützeArticle
Lexicalization and Generative Power in CCG [COLI 41:2]Marco Kuhlmann, Alexander Koller, Giorgio SattaArticle
Efficient Global Learning of Entailment Graphs [COLI 41:2]Jonathan Berant, Noga Alon, Ido Dagan, Jacob GoldbergerArticle
A Statistical Parsing Framework for Sentiment Classification [COLI 41:2]Li Dong, Furu Wei, Shujie Liu, Ming Zhou, Ke XuArticle
Evaluating Human Pairwise Preference Judgments [COLI 41:2]Mark DrasArticle
Practice Structure Improves Unconscious Transitional Memories by Increasing Sync... [JOCN 27:8]Sunbin Song, Stephen J. Gotts, Eran Dayan, Leonardo G. CohenArticle
Seeing the Same Words Differently: The Time Course of Automaticity and Top–Down ... [JOCN 27:8]Kristof Strijkers, Daisy Bertrand, Jonathan GraingerArticle
Feel between the Lines: Implied Emotion in Sentence Comprehension [JOCN 27:8]Vicky Tzuyin Lai, Roel M. Willems, Peter HagoortArticle
Preconscious Prediction of a Driver's Decision Using Intracranial Recordings [JOCN 27:8]Omri Perez, Roy Mukamel, Ariel Tankus, Jonathan D. Rosenblatt, Yehezkel Yeshurun, Itzhak FriedArticle
The Devil Is in the Detail: Brain Dynamics in Preparation for a Global–Local Tas... [JOCN 27:8]Echo E. Leaver, Kathy A. Low, Assunta DiVacri, Arcangelo Merla, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele GrattonArticle
The Inclusion of Functional Connectivity Information into fMRI-based Neurofeedba... [JOCN 27:8]Dong-Youl Kim, Seung-Schik Yoo, Marion Tegethoff, Gunther Meinlschmidt, Jong-Hwan LeeArticle
Attention and Temporal Expectations Modulate Power, Not Phase, of Ongoing Alpha ... [JOCN 27:8]Rosanne M. van Diepen, Michael X Cohen, Damiaan Denys, Ali MazaheriArticle
Oscillatory Theta Activity during Memory Formation and Its Impact on Overnight C... [JOCN 27:8]Dominik P. J. Heib, Kerstin Hoedlmoser, Peter Anderer, Georg Gruber, Josef Zeitlhofer, Manuel SchabusArticle
Auditory Perceptual Category Formation Does Not Require Perceptual Warping [JOCN 27:8]Valeria C. Caruso, Evan BalabanArticle
Occipital Cortex of Blind Individuals Is Functionally Coupled with Executive Con... [JOCN 27:8]Ben Deen, Rebecca Saxe, Marina BednyArticle
Differentiating the Functional Contributions of Resting Connectivity Networks to... [JOCN 27:8]Ravi D. Mill, Ian Cavin, Akira R. O'ConnorArticle
Involvement of the TPJ Area in Processing of Novel Global Forms [JOCN 27:8]Johannes Rennig, Marc Himmelbach, Elisabeth Huberle, Hans-Otto KarnathArticle
Cognitive Network Neuroscience [JOCN 27:8]John D. Medaglia, Mary-Ellen Lynall, Danielle S. BassettArticle
The Contribution of Attentional Lapses to Individual Differences in Visual Worki... [JOCN 27:8]Kirsten C. S. Adam, Irida Mance, Keisuke Fukuda, Edward K. VogelArticle
Robots that Talk and Listen [COLI 41:2]Martha EvensArticle
Syntactic Neutralization in Double Object Constructions [LING 46:3]Peter HallmanArticle
Learnable vs. Unlearnable Harmony Patterns [LING 46:3]Regine LaiArticle
A Minimalist Condition on Semantic Reconstruction [LING 46:3]E. G. RuysArticle
Ergativity and Transitivity [LING 46:3]Ellen WoolfordArticle
The Nonuniform Syntax of Postverbal Elements in SOV Languages: Hindi, Bangla, an... [LING 46:3]Andrew Simpson, Arunima ChoudhuryArticle
A Note on Someone (Else): An Island Repair Solution and Its Competitors [LING 46:3]Andrés SaabArticle
Nominalization in English: Semantic Restrictions on Argument Realization [LING 46:3]Anastasia SmirnovaArticle
Experimental Support for Inverse Scope Readings of Finite-Clause-Embedded Antece... [LING 46:3]Kristen SyrettArticle
Minimal Sign Representation of Boolean Functions: Algorithms and Exact Results f... [NECO 27:8]Can Eren Sezener, Erhan OztopArticle
Subsampled Hessian Newton Methods for Supervised Learning [NECO 27:8]Chien-Chih Wang, Chun-Heng Huang, Chih-Jen LinArticle
Inheritance of Hippocampal Place Fields Through Hebbian Learning: Effects of The... [NECO 27:8]Tiziano D'Albis, Jorge Jaramillo, Henning Sprekeler, Richard KempterArticle
Competitive STDP Learning of Overlapping Spatial Patterns [NECO 27:8]Dalius KrungleviciusArticle
An Empirical Model for Reliable Spiking Activity [NECO 27:8]Wanjie Wang, Shreejoy J. Tripathy, Krishnan Padmanabhan, Nathaniel N. Urban, Robert E. KassArticle
Active Learning Using Hint Information [NECO 27:8]Chun-Liang Li, Chun-Sung Ferng, Hsuan-Tien LinArticle
A Statistical Framework to Infer Delay and Direction of Information Flow from Me... [NECO 27:8]Johannes Schumacher, Thomas Wunderle, Pascal Fries, Frank Jäkel, Gordon PipaArticle
Optimality of Upper-Arm Reaching Trajectories Based on the Expected Value of the... [NECO 27:8]Yoshiaki Taniai, Jun NishiiArticle
A Reward-Maximizing Spiking Neuron as a Bounded Rational Decision Maker [NECO 27:8]Felix Leibried, Daniel A. BraunArticle
The Timing of Regular Sequences: Production, Perception, and Covariation [JOCN 27:9]Michael Schwartze, Sonja A. KotzArticle
Read My Lips: Brain Dynamics Associated with Audiovisual Integration and Devianc... [JOCN 27:9]Chun-Yu Tse, Gabriele Gratton, Susan M. Garnsey, Michael A. Novak, Monica FabianiArticle