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Weighted DAG Automata for Semantic Graphs [COLI 44:1]David Chiang, Frank Drewes, Daniel Gildea, Adam Lopez, Giorgio SattaArticle
Weighted and Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars Are Equally Expressive [COLI 33:4]Noah A. Smith, Mark JohnsonArticle2007-12-01
A Weight-Adaptive Laplacian Embedding for Graph-Based Clustering [NECO 29:7]De Cheng, Feiping Nie, Jiande Sun, Yihong GongArticle
Weight Perturbation: An Optimal Architecture and Learning Technique for Analog V... [NECO 3:4]Marwan Jabri, Barry FlowerArticle1991-12-01
Webots Simulator 5.1.7. Cyberbotics Ltd. (2006). Available in different versions... [ARTL 13:3]R. Téllez, C. AnguloArticle2007-07-01
wEBMT: Developing and Validating an Example-Based Machine Translation System Usi... [COLI 29:3]Andy Way, Nano GoughArticle2003-09-01
WebAL Comes of Age: A Review of the First 21 Years of Artificial Life on the Web [ARTL 22:3]Tim Taylor, Joshua E. Auerbach, Josh Bongard, Jeff Clune, Simon Hickinbotham, Charles Ofria, Mizuki Oka, Sebastian Risi, Kenneth O. Stanley, Jason YosinskiArticle
Web Corpus Construction [COLI 41:1]Serge SharoffArticle
The Web as a Parallel Corpus [COLI 29:3]Philip Resnik, Noah A. SmithArticle2003-09-01
Weak, Stochastic Temporal Correlation of Large-Scale Synaptic Input Is a Major D... [NECO 12:3]David M. HallidayArticle2000-03-01
Weak Links: Stabilizers of Complex Systems from Proteins to Social Networks. Pet... [ARTL 13:2]Jennifer H. Watkins, Marko A. RodriguezArticle2007-04-01
Weak Crossover as a Scope Phenomenon [LING 31:3]E. G. RuysArticle2000-07-01
We Usually Don’t Like Going to the Dentist: Using Common Sense to Detect Irony o... [COLI 44:4]Cynthia Van Hee, Els Lefever, Véronique HosteArticle
WCO, ACD, and QR of DPs [LING 33:4]Heidi HarleyArticle2002-10-01
A Way with Words: Recent Advances in Lexical Theory and Analysis: A Festschrift ... [COLI 37:2]Paul CookArticle2011-06-01
Watset: Local-Global Graph Clustering with Applications in Sense and Frame Induc... [COLI 45:3]Dmitry Ustalov, Alexander Panchenko, Chris Biemann, Simone Paolo PonzettoArticle
Watching My Mind Unfold versus Yours: An fMRI Study Using a Novel Camera Technol... [JOCN 23:6]Peggy L. St. Jacques, Martin A. Conway, Matthew W. Lowder, Roberto CabezaArticle2011-06-01
Wasps, Termites, and Waspmites: Distinguishing Competence from Performance in Co... [ARTL 18:3]Seth Bullock, Dan Ladley, Michael KerbyArticle2012-07-01
Wanting, Having, and Getting: A Note on Fodor and Lepore 1998 [LING 35:2]Heidi HarleyArticle2004-04-01
Wains: A Pattern-Seeking Artificial Life Species [ARTL 18:4]Amy de Buitléir, Michael Russell, Mark DalyArticle2012-10-01
Wada Testing Reveals Frontal Lateralization for the Memorization of Words and Fa... [JOCN 14:1]W. M. Kelley, J. G. Ojemann, R. D. Wetzel, C. P. Derdeyn, C. J. Moran, D. T. Cross, J. L. Dowling, J. W. Miller, S. E. PetersenArticle2002-01-01
VV > VC > V for Stress: Coercion vs. Prominence [LING 51:1]Kevin M. RyanArticle
V-Raising and Grammar Competition in Korean: Evidence from Negation and Quantifi... [LING 38:1]Chung-hye Han, Jeffrey Lidz, Julien MusolinoArticle2007-01-01
VP-Ellipsis Is Not Licensed by VP-Topicalization [LING 43:4]Lobke Aelbrecht, Liliane HaegemanArticle2012-10-01
Vowel Reduction and Reduplication in Klamath [LING 33:3]Cheryl ZollArticle2002-07-01
Vowel Hiatus and Faithfulness In Tohono O'Odham Reduplication [LING 31:4]Colleen M. FitzgeraldArticle2000-10-01
Vowel Harmony and Disharmony Are Not Equivalent in Learning [LING 52:1]Alexander Martin, James WhiteArticle
The von Restorff Effect in Visual Object Recognition Memory in Humans and Monkey... [JOCN 10:6]Amanda Parker, Edward Wilding, Colin AkermanArticle1998-11-01
The von Restorff Effect in Amnesia: The Contribution of the Hippocampal System t... [JOCN 16:1]M. M. Kishiyama, A. P. Yonelinas, M. M. LazzaraArticle2004-01-01
Von Neumann's Quintessential Message: Genotype + Ribotype = Phenotype [ARTL 4:3]Daniel Mange, Moshe SipperArticle1998-07-01
Voluntary Selection of Task Sets Revealed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagi... [JOCN 18:3]Birte U. Forstmann, Marcel Brass, Irving Koch, D. Yves von CramonArticle2006-03-01
Voluntary Saccadic Eye Movements Ride the Attentional Rhythm [JOCN 28:10]Hinze HogendoornArticle
Voluntary Explicit versus Involuntary Conceptual Memory Are Associated with Diss... [JOCN 23:8]Cristina Ramponi, Philip J. Barnard, Ferath Kherif, Richard N. HensonArticle2011-08-01
Voluntary Control of Task Selection Does Not Eliminate the Impact of Selection H... [JOCN 32:11]Dion T. Henare, Hanna Kadel, Anna SchuböArticle
Volume 21 Index by Author [NECO 21:12]Article2009-12-01
Volume 20 Index by Author [NECO 20:12]Article2008-12-01
Volume 22 Index by Author [NECO 22:12]Article2010-12-01
Volitional Covert Orienting to a Peripheral Cue Does Not Suppress Cue-induced In... [JOCN 12:4]Giovanni Berlucchi, Leonardo Chelazzi, Giancarlo TassinariArticle2000-07-01
A Volatility Measure for Annealing in Feedback Neural Networks [NECO 4:2]Joshua Alspector, Torsten Zeppenfeld, Stephan LunaArticle1992-03-01
Voiding Island Effects via Head Movement [LING 43:4]Arthur StepanovArticle2012-10-01
Voice Mismatches in Sloppy VP-Ellipsis [LING 44:3]Taichi NakamuraArticle2013-04-01
Voice Mismatch and Syntactic Identity [LING 42:3]Hidekazu TanakaArticle2011-07-01
Voice Identity Recognition: Functional Division of the Right STS and Its Behavio... [JOCN 27:2]Sonja Schall, Stefan J. Kiebel, Burkhard Maess, Katharina von KriegsteinArticle
Voice and vJulie Anne LegateBook2014-11-28
Voice and Emotion Processing in the Human Neonatal Brain [JOCN 24:6]Yawei Cheng, Shin-Yi Lee, Hsin-Yu Chen, Ping-Yao Wang, Jean DecetyArticle2012-06-01
Voice and Ellipsis [LING 44:1]Jason MerchantArticle2013-01-01
VLSI Implementation of Neural Classifiers [NECO 2:1]Arun Rao, Mark R. Walker, Lawrence T. Clark, L. A. Akers, R. O. GrondinArticle1990-03-01
V-like Formations in Flocks of Artificial Birds [ARTL 14:2]Andre Nathan, Valmir C. BarbosaArticle2008-04-01
Visuotactile Representation of Peripersonal Space: A Neural Network Study [NECO 22:1]Elisa Magosso, Melissa Zavaglia, Andrea Serino, Giuseppe di Pellegrino, Mauro UrsinoArticle2010-01-01
Visuotactile Learning and Body Representation: An ERP Study with Rubber Hands an... [JOCN 20:2]Clare Press, Cecilia Heyes, Patrick Haggard, Martin EimerArticle2008-02-01