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Briefly Noted [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Natural Language Processing Using Very Large Corpora [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Techniques in Speech Acoustics [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Word-Order Based Grammar [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 1998: Selected Papers from the Nint... [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
Publications Received [COLI 26:2]Article2000-06-01
The CHILDES Project: Tools for Analyzing Talk (third edition): Volume I: Transcr... [COLI 26:4]Article2000-12-01
UnicodeTM: A Primer [COLI 26:4]Article2000-12-01
Author Index: Volume 26 [COLI 26:4]Article2000-12-01
Title Index: Volume 26 [COLI 26:4]Article2000-12-01
Automatic Indexing and Abstracting of Document Texts [COLI 27:1]Article2001-03-01
Handbook of Multimodal and Spoken Dialogue Systems: Resources, Terminology and P... [COLI 27:1]Article2001-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 27:1]Article2001-03-01
Handbook of Natural Language Processing [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Where Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Biology Meet: Essays in Ho... [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing II: Selected Papers from RANLP '9... [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Intelligent Help Systems for UNIX [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Author Index: Volume 27 [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Title Index: Volume 27 [COLI 27:4]Article2001-12-01
Mathematical Foundations of Information Retrieval [COLI 28:1]Robert LoseeArticle2002-03-01
Spatial Language: Cognitive and Computational Perspectives [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Corpus Linguistics at Work [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Phrase Structure Composition and Syntactic Dependencies [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Author Index: Volume 28 [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Title Index: Volume 28 [COLI 28:4]Article2002-12-01
Une grammaire électronique du français [COLI 29:3]Jessie PinkhamArticle2003-09-01
Publications Received [COLI 29:3]Article2003-09-01
Author Index [COLI 29:4]Article2003-12-01
Title Index [COLI 29:4]Article2003-12-01
Publications Received [COLI 30:1]Article2004-03-01
Publications Received [COLI 30:2]Article2004-06-01
Reviewers for Volume 31 [COLI 31:4]Article2005-12-01
Publications Received [COLI 32:2]Article2006-06-01
Publications Received [COLI 32:3]Article2006-09-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 32:4]Dick CrouchArticle2006-12-01
Publications Received [COLI 32:4]Article2006-12-01
Reviewers for Volume 32 [COLI 32:4]Article2006-12-01
Publications Received [COLI 33:2]Article2007-06-01
Briefly Noted/Publications Received [COLI 33:3]Article2007-09-01
Briefly Noted/Publications Received [COLI 33:4]Michael A. Covington, Afra AlishahiArticle2007-12-01
Reviewers for Volume 33 [COLI 33:4]Article2007-12-01
Origins of Music, TheNils L. Walin, Björn Merker, Steven BrownBook2001-09-01
White Noise Improves Learning by Modulating Activity in Dopaminergic Midbrain Re... [JOCN 26:7]Vanessa H. Rausch, Eva M. Bauch, Nico BunzeckArticle2014-07-01
Endogenous and Rapid Serial Visual Presentation-induced Alpha Band Oscillations ... [JOCN 26:7]Jolanda Janson, Maarten De Vos, Jeremy D. Thorne, Cornelia KrancziochArticle2014-07-01
Motor Intention Determines Sensory Attenuation of Brain Responses to Self-initia... [JOCN 26:7]Jana Timm, Iria SanMiguel, Julian Keil, Erich Schröger, Marc SchönwiesnerArticle2014-07-01
The Timing and Neuroanatomy of Conscious Vision as Revealed by TMS-induced Blind... [JOCN 26:7]Christopher P. G. Allen, Petroc Sumner, Christopher D. ChambersArticle2014-07-01
Producing Speech with a Newly Learned Morphosyntax and Vocabulary: An Magnetoenc... [JOCN 26:8]Annika Hultén, Leena Karvonen, Matti Laine, Riitta SalmelinArticle2014-08-01
Neural Correlates of Feedback Processing in Toddlers [JOCN 26:7]Marlene Meyer, Harold Bekkering, Denise J. C. Janssen, Ellen R. A. de Bruijn, Sabine HunniusArticle2014-07-01
Prior Expectations Evoke Stimulus Templates in the Primary Visual Cortex [JOCN 26:7]Peter Kok, Michel F. Failing, Floris P. de LangeArticle2014-07-01