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Semantic and Visual Determinants of Face Recognition in a Prosopagnosic Patient [JOCN 10:3]Mike J. Dixon, Daniel N. Bub, Martin ArguinArticle1998-05-01
H.M. Revisited: Relations between Language Comprehension, Memory, and the Hippoc... [JOCN 10:3]Donald G. MacKay, Rachel Stewart, Deborah M. BurkeArticle1998-05-01
Deficits in Complex Visual Perception Following Unilateral Temporal Lobectomy [JOCN 10:3]Krystel R. Huxlin, William H. MeriganArticle1998-05-01
In This Issue [JOCN 10:4]Ian WickershamArticle1998-07-01
Lateralization of Speech and Auditory Temporal Processing [JOCN 10:4]Pascal Belin, Monica Zilbovicius, Sophie Crozier, Lionel Thivard, Anne Fontaine, Marie-Cécile Masure, Yves SamsonArticle1998-07-01
Effects of Syntactic Structure and Propositional Number on Patterns of Regional ... [JOCN 10:4]David Caplan, Nathaniel Alpert, Gloria WatersArticle1998-07-01
A Cortico-Spinal Model of Reaching and Proprioception under Multiple Task Constr... [JOCN 10:4]Paul Cisek, Stephen Grossberg, Daniel BullockArticle1998-07-01
Navigation and Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge in a Virtual Maze [JOCN 10:4]Sabine Gillner, Hanspeter A. MallotArticle1998-07-01
An Electrophysiological Correlate of Visual Motion Awareness in Man [JOCN 10:4]Thomas Haarmeier, Peter ThierArticle1998-07-01
Spatial Processing and Hemispheric Asymmetry: Contributions of the Transient/Mag... [JOCN 10:4]Elizabeth Cowin Roth, Joseph B. HelligeArticle1998-07-01
Neural Mechanisms of Global and Local Processing: A Combined PET and ERP Study [JOCN 10:4]H. J. Heinze, H. Hinrichs, M. Scholz, W. Burchert, G. R. MangunArticle1998-07-01
On-Line Evidence for Context Use by Right-Brain-Damaged Patients [JOCN 10:4]Carol L. Leonard, Shari R. BaumArticle1998-07-01
Losing Their Configural Mind: Amnesic Patients Fail on Transverse Patterning [JOCN 10:4]Timothy C. Rickard, Jordan GrafmanArticle1998-07-01
Neural Correlates of Levels of Emotional Awareness: Evidence of an Interaction b... [JOCN 10:4]Richard D. Lane, Eric M. Reiman, Beatrice Axelrod, Lang-Sheng Yun, Andrew Holmes, Gary E. SchwartzArticle1998-07-01
In This Issue [JOCN 10:5]Ian R. WickershamArticle1998-09-01
Frontal Lobe Contributions to Theory of Mind [JOCN 10:5]Valerie E. Stone, Simon Baron-Cohen, Robert T. KnightArticle1998-09-01
Interview with Apostolos P. Georgopoulos [JOCN 10:5]Article1998-09-01
An MEG Study of Picture Naming [JOCN 10:5]Willem J. M. Levelt, Peter Praamstra, Antje S. Meyer, Päivi Helenius, Riitta SalmelinArticle1998-09-01
What Processing Is Impaired in Apperceptive Agnosia? Evidence from Normal Subjec... [JOCN 10:5]Shaun P. Vecera, Kendra S. GildsArticle1998-09-01
Neuropsychological Evidence of an Integrated Visuotactile Representation of Peri... [JOCN 10:5]Elisabetta Làdavas, Giuseppe di Pellegrino, Alessandro Farnè, Gabriele ZeloniArticle1998-09-01
Neural Mechanisms of Involuntary Attention to Acoustic Novelty and Change [JOCN 10:5]Carles Escera, Kimmo Alho, István Winkler, Risto NäätänenArticle1998-09-01
Reactivation of a Dormant Representation of an Auditory Stimulus Feature [JOCN 10:5]Walter Ritter, Hilary Gomes, Nelson Cowan, Elyse Sussman, Herbert G. Vaughan Jr.Article1998-09-01
Why Faces May Be Special: Evidence of the Inversion Effect in Chimpanzees [JOCN 10:5]Lisa A. Parr, Tara Dove, William D. HopkinsArticle1998-09-01
A Computational Role for Dopamine Delivery in Human Decision-Making [JOCN 10:5]David M. Egelman, Christophe Person, P. Read MontagueArticle1998-09-01
Reading the Windows to the Soul: Evidence of Domain-Specific Sparing in Williams... [JOCN 10:5]Helen Tager-Flusberg, Jenea Boshart, Simon Baron-CohenArticle1998-09-01
In This Issue [JOCN 10:6]Ian R. WickershamArticle1998-11-01
Functional Neuroanatomy of the Semantic System: Divisible by What? [JOCN 10:6]C. J. Mummery, K. Patterson, J. R. Hodges, C. J. PriceArticle1998-11-01
Interview with Larry R. Squire [JOCN 10:6]Article1998-11-01
Hemispheric and Facial Asymmetry: Faces of Academe [JOCN 10:6]William M. SmithArticle1998-11-01
When True Recognition Suppresses False Recognition: Evidence from Amnesic Patien... [JOCN 10:6]Daniel L. Schacter, Mieke Verfaellie, Michael D. Anes, Carrie RacineArticle1998-11-01
Disentangling Gravitational, Environmental, and Egocentric Reference Frames in S... [JOCN 10:6]H.-O. Karnath, M. Fetter, M. NiemeierArticle1998-11-01
The von Restorff Effect in Visual Object Recognition Memory in Humans and Monkey... [JOCN 10:6]Amanda Parker, Edward Wilding, Colin AkermanArticle1998-11-01
Effects of Parietal Lesions in Humans on Color and Location Priming [JOCN 10:6]Paola Marangolo, Enrico Di Pace, Robert Rafal, Donatella ScabiniArticle1998-11-01
Processing Syntactic Relations in Language and Music: An Event-Related Potential... [JOCN 10:6]Aniruddh D. Patel, Edward Gibson, Jennifer Ratner, Mireille Besson, Phillip J. HolcombArticle1998-11-01
Dissociable Processes for Learning the Surface Structure and Abstract Structure ... [JOCN 10:6]Peter F. Dominey, Taïssia Lelekov, Jocelyne Ventre-Dominey, Marc JeannerodArticle1998-11-01
Cerebellar Contributions to Motor Timing: A PET Study of Auditory and Visual Rhy... [JOCN 10:6]V. B. Penhune, R. J. Zatorre, A. C. EvansArticle1998-11-01
Editor's Note [JOCN 10:1]Michael S. GazzanigaArticle1998-01-01
Switching Attention without Shifting the Spotlight: Object-Based Attentional Mod... [JOCN 10:1]Mitchell Valdes-Sosa, Maria A. Bobes, Valia Rodriguez, Tupac PinillaArticle1998-01-01
Domain-Specific Knowledge Systems in the Brain: The Animate-Inanimate Distinctio... [JOCN 10:1]Alfonso Caramazza, Jennifer R. SheltonArticle1998-01-01
A Model of Reaching Dynamics in Primary Motor Cortex [JOCN 10:1]Sohie Lee Moody, David ZipserArticle1998-01-01
Binocular Rivalry and Motion Perception [JOCN 10:1]Randolph Blake, Karen Yu, Michelle Lokey, Hideko NormanArticle1998-01-01
Knowing Where Things Are: Parahippocampal Involvement in Encoding Object Locatio... [JOCN 10:1]E. A. Maguire, C. D. Frith, N. Burgess, J. G. Donnett, J. O'KeefeArticle1998-01-01
Category-Specific Semantic Deficits in Focal and Widespread Brain Damage: A Comp... [JOCN 10:1]Joseph T. Devlin, Laura M. Gonnerman, Elaine S. Andersen, Mark S. SeidenbergArticle1998-01-01
Visuospatial Attention Shift and Motor Responses in Cerebellar Disorders [JOCN 10:1]Shuhei Yamaguchi, Haruhisa Tsuchiya, Shotai KobayashiArticle1998-01-01
A Computational Model of How the Basal Ganglia Produce Sequences [JOCN 10:1]Gregory S. Berns, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle1998-01-01
The Effect of Pictorial Illusion on Prehension and Perception [JOCN 10:1]Angela M. Haffenden, Melvyn A. GoodaleArticle1998-01-01
Editor's Note and Announcement of a New Journal Section [JOCN 11:1]Michael S. GazzanigaArticle1999-01-01
Functional Anatomy of Perceptual and Semantic Processing for Odors [JOCN 11:1]Jean-P. Royet, Olivier Koenig, Marie-C. Gregoire, Luc Cinotti, Frank Lavenne, Didier Le Bars, Nicolas Costes, Michel Vigouroux, Vincent Farget, Gilles Sicard, André Holley, François Mauguière, Dominique Comar, Jean-C. FromentArticle1999-01-01
Cerebral Mechanisms of Hypnotic Induction and Suggestion [JOCN 11:1]Pierre Rainville, Robert K. Hofbauer , Tomáš Paus, Gary H. Duncan, M. Catherine Bushnell, Donald D. PriceArticle1999-01-01
Book Reviews [JOCN 11:1]Article1999-01-01