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Ergativity and Transitivity [LING 46:3]Ellen WoolfordArticle
Conjoining Three Auditory Features: An Event-Related Brain Potential Study [JOCN 13:4]David L. Woods, Claude AlainArticle2001-05-01
The Right Tools: Reflections on Computation and Language [COLI 36:4]William A. WoodsArticle2010-12-01
Temporally Graded Activation of Neocortical Regions in Response to Memories of D... [JOCN 19:7]John L. Woodard, Michael Seidenberg, Kristy A. Nielson, Sarah K. Miller, Malgorzata Franczak, Piero Antuono, Kelli L. Douville, Stephen M. RaoArticle2007-07-01
Category-Specific Representations of Social and Nonsocial Knowledge in the Human... [JOCN 15:2]J. N. Wood, S. G. Romero, M. Makale, J. GrafmanArticle2003-02-01
Modeling Biology: Structures, Behaviors, Evolution. Manfred Laubicher and Gerd M... [ARTL 15:3]Rachel WoodArticle2009-07-01
Against the Movement Theory of Control: Another Argument from Icelandic [LING 43:2]Jim WoodArticle2012-01-01
Icelandic Object Extraposition Is Still a Problem for the Movement Theory of Con... [LING 48:3]Jim WoodArticle
Spontaneous Preference for Slowly Moving Objects in Visually Naïve Animals [OPMI 1:2]Justin N. WoodArticle
Neural Bases of Talker Normalization [JOCN 16:7]Patrick C. M. Wong, Howard C. Nusbaum, Steven L. SmallArticle2004-09-01
Evolutionary Program Induction Directed by Logic Grammars [EVCO 5:2]Man Leung Wong, Kwong Sak LeungArticle1997-06-01
A Multimodal Neural Network Recruited by Expertise with Musical Notation [JOCN 22:4]Yetta Kwailing Wong, Isabel GauthierArticle2010-04-01
The Bimusical Brain Is Not Two Monomusical Brains in One: Evidence from Musical ... [JOCN 23:12]Patrick C. M. Wong, Alice H. D. Chan, Anil Roy, Elizabeth H. MargulisArticle2011-12-01
Clustering Data by Melting [NECO 5:1]Yiu-fai WongArticle1993-01-01
Perceptual Expertise and Top–Down Expectation of Musical Notation Engages the Pr... [JOCN 26:8]Yetta Kwailing Wong, Cynthia Peng, Kristyn N. Fratus, Geoffrey F. Woodman, Isabel GauthierArticle2014-08-01
Evolving Fisher Kernels for Biological Sequence Classification [EVCO 21:1]K.-J. Won, C. Saunders, A. Prügel-BennettArticle2013-03-01
On Bias Plus Variance [NECO 9:6]David H. WolpertArticle1997-08-01
The Lack of A Priori Distinctions Between Learning Algorithms [NECO 8:7]David H. WolpertArticle1996-10-01
The Existence of A Priori Distinctions Between Learning Algorithms [NECO 8:7]David H. WolpertArticle1996-10-01
Reward Modulation of Hippocampal Subfield Activation during Successful Associati... [JOCN 24:7]Sasha M. Wolosin, Dagmar Zeithamova, Alison R. PrestonArticle2012-07-01
What Does the Right Hemisphere Know about Phoneme Categories? [JOCN 23:3]Michael Wolmetz, David Poeppel, Brenda RappArticle2011-03-01
Interpreting Rosen [ARTL 13:3]Olaf WolkenhauerArticle2007-07-01
What Is the Optimal Architecture for Visual Information Routing? [NECO 19:12]Philipp Wolfrum, Christoph von der MalsburgArticle2007-12-01
Mean, Variance, and Autocorrelation of Subthreshold Potential Fluctuations Drive... [NECO 22:1]Lars Wolff, Benjamin LindnerArticle2010-01-01
Bending the Rules: Strategic Behavioral Differences Are Reflected in the Brain [JOCN 22:2]Uta Wolfensteller, D. Yves von CramonArticle2010-02-01
Representing Discourse Coherence: A Corpus-Based Study [COLI 31:2]Florian Wolf, Edward GibsonArticle2005-06-01
Functional Parcellation of Attentional Control Regions of the Brain [JOCN 16:1]Marty G. Woldorff, Chad J. Hazlett, Harlan M. Fichtenholtz, Daniel H. Weissman, Anders M. Dale, Allen W. SongArticle2004-01-01
Opposing Dorsal/Ventral Stream Dynamics during Figure-ground Segregation [JOCN 26:2]Martijn E. Wokke, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. LammeArticle2014-02-01
Direct Estimation of Inhomogeneous Markov Interval Models of Spike Trains [NECO 21:8]Daniel K. Wójcik, Gabriela Mochol, Wit Jakuczun, Marek Wypych, Wioletta J. WaleszczykArticle2009-08-01
Current Source Density Reconstruction from Incomplete Data [NECO 22:1]Daniel K. Wójcik, Szymon ŁęskiArticle2010-01-01
Separate Influences of Acoustic AM and FM Sensitivity on the Phonological Decodi... [JOCN 14:6]Caroline Witton, John F. Stein, Catherine J. Stoodley, Burton S. Rosner, Joel B. TalcottArticle2002-08-01
Toward Anthropomimetic Robotics: Development, Simulation, and Control of a Muscu... [ARTL 19:1]Steffen Wittmeier, Cristiano Alessandro, Nenad Bascarevic, Konstantinos Dalamagkidis, David Devereux, Alan Diamond, Michael Jäntsch, Kosta Jovanovic, Rob Knight, Hugo Gravato Marques, Predrag Milosavljevic, Bhargav Mitra, Bratislav Svetozarevic, Veljko Potkonjak, Rolf Pfeifer, Alois Knoll, Owen HollandArticle2013-01-01
Dissociation of Habit-Learning in Parkinson's and Cerebellar Disease [JOCN 14:3]K. Witt, A. Nuhsman, G. DeuschlArticle2002-04-01
Runtime Analysis of the (μ + 1) EA on Simple Pseudo-Boolean Functions [EVCO 14:1]Carsten WittArticle2006-03-01
Window-Based Example Selection in Learning Vector Quantization [NECO 22:11]A. W. Witoelar, A. Ghosh, J. J. G. de Vries, B. Hammer, M. BiehlArticle2010-11-01
Slow Feature Analysis: Unsupervised Learning of Invariances [NECO 14:4]Laurenz Wiskott, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle2002-04-01
Slow Feature Analysis: A Theoretical Analysis of Optimal Free Responses [NECO 15:9]Laurenz WiskottArticle2003-09-01
Constrained Optimization for Neural Map Formation: A Unifying Framework for Weig... [NECO 10:3]Laurenz Wiskott, Terrence SejnowskiArticle1998-04-01
Novel vs. Well-learned Memory for Faces: A Positron Emission Tomography Study [JOCN 12:2]Anne K. Wiser, Nancy C. Andreasen, Daniel S. O'Leary, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Laura L. Boles-Ponto, G. Leonard Watkins, Richard D. HichwaArticle2000-03-01
Language and Computers [COLI 39:3]Mats WirénArticle2013-09-01
A Note on Typing Feature Structures [COLI 28:3]Shuly Wintner, Anoop SarkarArticle2002-09-01
Finite State Morphology [COLI 30:2]Shuly WintnerArticle2004-06-01
What Science Underlies Natural Language Engineering? [COLI 35:4]Shuly WintnerArticle2009-12-01
Atoms and Sets: A Characterization of Semantic Number [LING 33:3]Yoad WinterArticle2002-07-01
Computing Meaning, volume 1 [COLI 27:1]Yoad WinterArticle2001-03-01
The Role of Large-Scale Memory Organization in the Mismatch Negativity Event-Rel... [JOCN 13:1]István Winkler, Erich Schröger, Nelson CowanArticle2001-01-01
Preattentive Binding of Auditory and Visual Stimulus Features [JOCN 17:2]István Winkler, István Czigler, Elyse Sussman, János Horváth, László BalázsArticle2005-02-01
Predictive Mesoscale Network Model of Cell Fate Decisions during C. elegans Embr... [ARTL 15:4]David A. Winkler, Frank R. Burden, Julianne D. HalleyArticle2009-10-01
Interactions between Transient and Long-Term Auditory Memory as Reflected by the... [JOCN 8:5]István Winkler, Nelson Cowan, Valéria Csépe, István Czigler, Risto NäätänenArticle1996-09-01
Electrophysiological Correlates of Emotion-Induced Recognition Bias [JOCN 13:5]Sabine Windmann, Marta KutasArticle2001-07-01