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Visuo-tactile Integration in Personal Space [JOCN 24:3]Matthew R. Longo, Jason Jiri Musil, Patrick HaggardArticle2012-03-01
Visuospatial Attention Shift and Motor Responses in Cerebellar Disorders [JOCN 10:1]Shuhei Yamaguchi, Haruhisa Tsuchiya, Shotai KobayashiArticle1998-01-01
Visuomotor Coordination and Motor Representation by Human Temporal Lobe Neurons [JOCN 24:3]Ariel Tankus, Itzhak FriedArticle2012-03-01
Visuo-haptic Neuronal Convergence Demonstrated with an Inversely Effective Patte... [JOCN 24:4]Sunah Kim, Ryan A. Stevenson, Thomas W. JamesArticle2012-04-01
Visual–Motor Interactions during Action Observation Are Shaped by Cognitive Cont... [JOCN 25:11]Marta Bortoletto, Katharine S. Baker, Jason B. Mattingley, Ross CunningtonArticle2013-11-01
Visually Induced Auditory Expectancy in Music Reading: A Behavioral and Electrop... [JOCN 17:4]Daniele Schön, Mireille BessonArticle2005-04-01
Visualizing the Neural Bases of a Disconnection Syndrome with Diffusion Tensor I... [JOCN 14:4]N. Molko, L. Cohen, J. F. Mangin, F. Chochon, S. Lehéricy, D. Le Bihan, S. DehaeneArticle2002-05-01
Visualizing the Function Computed by a Feedforward Neural Network [NECO 12:6]Tony A. Plate, Joel Bert, John Grace, Pierre BandArticle2000-06-01
Visualizing Speciation in Artificial Cichlid Fish [ARTL 12:2]Ross ClementArticle2006-01-01
Visualizing Evolutionary Dynamics of Self-Replicators: A Graph-Based Approach [ARTL 12:2]Chris Salzberg, Antony Antony, Hiroki SayamaArticle2006-01-01
Visualizing Evolutionary Activity of Genotypes [ARTL 5:1]Mark A. Bedau, C. Titus BrownArticle1999-01-01
Visualizing Coevolution with CIAO Plots [ARTL 12:2]Dave Cliff, Geoffrey F. MillerArticle2006-01-01
Visualization and Measurement of the Cortical Surface [JOCN 12:5]Brian A. Wandell, Suelika Chial, Benjamin T. BackusArticle2000-09-01
Visual World of Shadows, TheRoberto Casati, Patrick CavanaghBook2019-05-03
Visual Working Memory Load Disrupts Template-guided Attentional Selection during... [JOCN 30:12]Nick Berggren, Martin EimerArticle
Visual Working Memory Is Impaired when the Medial Temporal Lobe Is Damaged [JOCN 18:7]Ingrid R. Olson, Katherine Sledge Moore, Marianna Stark, Anjan ChatterjeeArticle2006-07-01
Visual Tracking Using Neuromorphic Asynchronous Event-Based Cameras [NECO 27:4]Zhenjiang Ni, Sio-hoi Ieng, Christoph Posch, Stéphane Régnier, Ryad BenosmanArticle
Visual Space PerceptionMaurice HershensonBook1998-11-20
Visual Simultaneity Judgments Activate a Bilateral Frontoparietal Timing System [JOCN 31:3]Taylor Hanayik, Grigori Yourganov, Roger Newman-Norlund, Makayla Gibson, Chris RordenArticle
Visual Short-term Memory Load Reduces Retinotopic Cortex Response to Contrast [JOCN 24:11]Nikos Konstantinou, Bahador Bahrami, Geraint Rees, Nilli LavieArticle2012-11-01
Visual Short-term Memory Capacity for Simple and Complex Objects [JOCN 22:3]Roy Luria, Paola Sessa, Alex Gotler, Pierre Jolicœur, Roberto Dell'AcquaArticle2010-03-01
Visual Sensitivity Shifts with Perceived Eye Position [JOCN 25:7]Bartholomäus Odoj, Daniela BalslevArticle2013-07-01
Visual Selective Behavior Can Be Triggered by a Feed-Forward Process [JOCN 15:2]Rufin VanRullen, Christof KochArticle2003-02-01
Visual Selection of the Future Reach Path in Obstacle Avoidance [JOCN 30:12]Daniel BaldaufArticle
Visual Search Performance in the Neglect Syndrome [JOCN 1:4]Mirjam Eglin, Lynn C. Robertson, Robert T. KnightArticle1989-10-01
Visual Search for Feature and Conjunction Targets with an Attention Deficit [JOCN 5:4]Martin Arguin, Yves Joanette, Patrick CavanaghArticle1993-10-01
Visual Search and Dual Tasks Reveal Two Distinct Attentional Resources [JOCN 16:1]Rufin VanRullen, Lavanya Reddy, Christof KochArticle2004-01-01
Visual Representation in the Wild: How Rhesus Monkeys Parse Objects [JOCN 13:1]Yuko Munakata, Laurie R. Santos, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Marc D. Hauser, Randall C. O'ReillyArticle2001-01-01
Visual Remapping by Vector Subtraction: Analysis of Multiplicative Gain Field Mo... [NECO 19:9]Carlos R. Cassanello, Vincent P. FerreraArticle2007-09-01
Visual Recognition and Inference Using Dynamic Overcomplete Sparse Learning [NECO 19:9]Joseph F. Murray, Kenneth Kreutz-DelgadoArticle2007-09-01
Visual Processing without Awareness: Evidence from Unilateral Neglect [JOCN 4:4]Anna Berti , Giacomo RizzolattiArticle1992-10-01
Visual Processing of Faces in Temporal Cortex: Physiological Evidence for a Modu... [JOCN 3:1]M. H. Harries, D. I. PerrettArticle1991-01-01
Visual Processing of Contour Patterns under Conditions of Inattentional Blindnes... [JOCN 24:2]Michael A. Pitts, Antígona Martínez, Steven A. HillyardArticle2012-02-01
Visual Processing Affects the Neural Basis of Auditory Discrimination [JOCN 20:12]Daniel S. Kislyuk, Riikka Möttönen, Mikko SamsArticle2008-12-01
Visual Priming Within and Across Symbolic Format Using a Tachistoscopic Picture ... [JOCN 13:5]Karine Lebreton, Béatrice Desgranges, Brigitte Landeau, Jean-Claude Baron, Francis EustacheArticle2001-07-01
Visual Population CodesNikolaus Kriegeskorte, Gabriel KreimanBook2012-01-02
Visual PhenomenologyMichael MadaryBook2017-02-28
Visual Perception of Three-Dimensional Motion [NECO 2:2]David J. Heeger, Allan JepsonArticle1990-06-01
Visual Object Representations Can Be Formed outside the Focus of Voluntary Atten... [JOCN 22:6]Dagmar Müller, István Winkler, Urte Roeber, Susann Schaffer, István Czigler, Erich SchrögerArticle2010-06-01
Visual Object Representation: Interpreting Neurophysiological Data within a Comp... [JOCN 2:4]David C. Plaut, Martha J. FarahArticle1990-10-01
Visual Number Beats Abstract Numerical Magnitude: Format-dependent Representatio... [JOCN 27:7]Jessica Bulthé, Bert De Smedt, Hans P. Op de BeeckArticle
The Visual Neurosciences Volumes 1 and 2Leo M. Chalupa, John S. WernerReference Work2004
Visual Motion Priors Differ for Infants and Mothers [NECO 26:11]Florian Raudies, Rick O. GilmoreArticle2014-11-01
Visual Models of Morphogenesis [ARTL 1:1_2]Przemyslaw PrusinkiewiczArticle1993-10-01
Visual Mental Imagery Activates Topographically Organized Visual Cortex: PET Inv... [JOCN 5:3]Stephen M. Kosslyn, Nathaniel M. Alpert, William L. Thompson, Vera Maljkovic, Steven B. Weise, Christopher F. Chabris, Sania E. Hamilton, Scott L. Rauch, Ferdinando S. BuonannoArticle1993-07-01
Visual Memory in Unilateral Spatial Neglect: Immediate Recall versus Delayed Rec... [JOCN 26:9]Elior Moreh, Tal Seidel Malkinson, Ehud Zohary, Nachum SorokerArticle2014-09-01
Visual Localization Ability Influences Cross-Modal Bias [JOCN 15:1]W. D. Hairston, M. T. Wallace, J. W. Vaughan, B. E. Stein, J. L. Norris, J. A. SchirilloArticle2003-01-01
Visual Information Shapes the Dynamics of Corticobasal Ganglia Pathways during R... [JOCN 27:7]Sara Jahfari, Lourens Waldrop, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, H. Steven ScholteArticle
Visual Imagery: Effects of Short- and Long-Term Memory [JOCN 9:6]Alumit Ishai, Dov SagiArticle1997-11-01
Visual Imagery in Hemianopic Patients [JOCN 13:7]Joystone Gbadamosi, Wolfgang H. ZangemeisterArticle2001-10-01