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In This Issue [JOCN 11:1]Ian WickershamArticle1999-01-01
Effects of Background Color on the Global and Local Processing of Hierarchically... [JOCN 11:1]Chikashi Michimata, Matia Okubo , Yosuke MugishimaArticle1999-01-01
Graded Functional Activation in the Visuospatial System with the Amount of Task ... [JOCN 11:1]P. A. Carpenter, M. A. Just, T. A. Keller, W. Eddy, K. ThulbornArticle1999-01-01
Cortical Regions Associated with Perceiving, Naming, and Knowing about Colors [JOCN 11:1]Linda L. Chao, Alex MartinArticle1999-01-01
Neural Evidence Linking Visual Object Enumeration and Attention [JOCN 11:1]K. Sathian, Tony J. Simon, Scott Peterson, Gargi A. Patel, John M. Hoffman, Scott T. GraftonArticle1999-01-01
Blindsight in Subjects with Homonymous Visual Field Defects [JOCN 11:1]Heinz Schärli, Alison M. Harman, John H. HogbenArticle1999-01-01
Frames of Reference for Mapping Tactile Stimuli in Brain-Damaged Patients [JOCN 11:1]Salvatore Aglioti, Nicola Smania, Andrea PeruArticle1999-01-01
Conceptual Processing during the Conscious Resting State: A Functional MRI Study [JOCN 11:1]J. R. Binder, J. A. Frost, T. A. Hammeke, P. S. F. Bellgowan, S. M. Rao, R. W. CoxArticle1999-01-01
Neural Basis of Endogenous and Exogenous Spatial Orienting: A Functional MRI Stu... [JOCN 11:2]Allyson C. Rosen, Stephen M. Rao, Paolo Caffarra, Augusto Scaglioni, Julie A. Bobholz, Scott J. Woodley, Thomas A. Hammeke, Joseph M. Cunningham, Thomas E. Prieto, Jeffrey R. BinderArticle1999-03-01
Categorical and Metric Spatial Processes Distinguished by Task Demands and Pract... [JOCN 11:2]Marie T. Banich, Kara D. FedermeierArticle1999-03-01
A Neural Network Model of Lateralization during Letter Identification [JOCN 11:2]Natalia Shevtsova, James A. ReggiaArticle1999-03-01
Sleep-Induced Changes in Associative Memory [JOCN 11:2]Robert Stickgold, Laurie Scott, Cynthia Rittenhouse, J. Allan HobsonArticle1999-03-01
Electrophysiological Evidence for Two Steps in Syntactic Analysis: Early Automat... [JOCN 11:2]Anja Hahne, Angela D. FriedericiArticle1999-03-01
Saccadic Performance as a Function of the Presence and Disappearance of Auditory... [JOCN 11:2]Tracy L. Taylor, Raymond M. Klein, Douglas P. MunozArticle1999-03-01
Spatial S-R Compatibility with Centrally Presented Stimuli: An Event-Related Asy... [JOCN 11:2]Edmund Wascher, Meike Reinhard, Bernd Wauschkuhn, Rolf VerlegerArticle1999-03-01
Interview with Jon Kaas [JOCN 11:2]Article1999-03-01
In This Issue [JOCN 11:3]Ian WickershamArticle1999-05-01
ERP Manifestations of Processing Printed Words at Different Psycholinguistic Lev... [JOCN 11:3]S. Bentin, Y. Mouchetant-Rostaing, M. H. Giard, J. F. Echallier, J. PernierArticle1999-05-01
Electrophysiological Signatures of Visual Lexical Processing: Open-and Closed-Cl... [JOCN 11:3]Colin M. Brown, Peter Hagoort, Mariken ter KeursArticle1999-05-01
Patterns of Brain Activity during Visual Imagery of Letters [JOCN 11:3]Tommi RaijArticle1999-05-01
The Neurophysiology of Backward Visual Masking: Information Analysis [JOCN 11:3]Edmund T. Rolls, Martin J. Tovée, Stefano PanzeriArticle1999-05-01
Testing a Computational Account of Category-Specific Deficits [JOCN 11:3]Conrad PerryArticle1999-05-01
Accessory Stimulus Effects on Response Selection: Does Arousal Speed Decision Ma... [JOCN 11:3]Steven A. Hackley, Fernando Valle-InclánArticle1999-05-01
Interview with George A. Ojemann [JOCN 11:3]Article1999-05-01
In This Issue [JOCN 11:4]Ian WickershamArticle1999-07-01
New Approaches to Functional Neuroenergetics [JOCN 11:4]Susan M. Fitzpatrick, Douglas RothmanArticle1999-07-01
Auditory Priming within and across Modalities: Evidence from Positron Emission T... [JOCN 11:4]Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, Daniel L. Schacter, Nathaniel M. AlpertArticle1999-07-01
Can Face Recognition Really be Dissociated from Object Recognition? [JOCN 11:4]Isabel Gauthier, Marlene Behrmann, Michael J. TarrArticle1999-07-01
Delineating Necessary and Sufficient Neural Systems with Functional Imaging Stud... [JOCN 11:4]C. J. Price, C. J. Mummery, C. J. Moore, R. S. J. Frackowiak, K. J. FristonArticle1999-07-01
The Neural Circuitry Involved in the Reading of German Words and Pseudowords: A ... [JOCN 11:4]Peter Hagoort, Peter Indefrey, Colin Brown, Hans Herzog, Helmuth Steinmetz, Rüdiger J. SeitzArticle1999-07-01
The Neural Substrate of Picture Naming [JOCN 11:4]Susan Murtha, Howard Chertkow, Mario Beauregard, Alan EvansArticle1999-07-01
Interactive Processing of Sensory Input and Motor Output in the Human Hippocampu... [JOCN 11:4]C. D. Tesche, J. KarhuArticle1999-07-01
Short-and Long-Delay Intracranial ERP Repetition Effects Dissociate Memory Syste... [JOCN 11:4]François Guillem, Alain Rougier, Bernard ClaverieArticle1999-07-01
Illusory Contour Perception and Amodal Boundary Completion: Evidence of a Dissoc... [JOCN 11:4]Paul M. Corballis and Robert Fendrich, Robert M. Shapley, Michael S. GazzanigaArticle1999-07-01
Auditory-Visual Integration during Multimodal Object Recognition in Humans: A Be... [JOCN 11:5]M. H. Giard, F. PeronnetArticle1999-09-01
Activation of Cortical and Cerebellar Motor Areas during Executed and Imagined H... [JOCN 11:5]Martin Lotze, Pedro Montoya, Michael Erb, Ernst Hülsmann, Herta Flor, Uwe Klose, Niels Birbaumer, Wolfgang GroddArticle1999-09-01
Residual Vision in a Subject with Damaged Visual Cortex [JOCN 11:5]Heinz Schärli, Alison M. Harman, John H. HogbenArticle1999-09-01
Aging and Recognition Memory: Changes in Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Associated... [JOCN 11:5]David J. Madden, Lawrence R. Gottlob, Laura L. Denny, Timothy G. Turkington, James M. Provenzale, Thomas C. Hawk, R. Edward ColemanArticle1999-09-01
Interindividual Variation in Human Visual Performance [JOCN 11:5]Scott D. Halpern, Timothy J. Andrews, Dale PurvesArticle1999-09-01
Semantic Cortical Activation in Dyslexic Readers [JOCN 11:5]Päivi Helenius, Riitta Salmelin, Elisabet Service, John F. ConnollyArticle1999-09-01
Spatio-Temporal Prediction Modulates the Perception of Self-Produced Stimuli [JOCN 11:5]Sarah-J. Blakemore, Chris D. Frith, Daniel M. WolpertArticle1999-09-01
Do Deaf People See Better? Texture Segmentation and Visual Search Compensate in ... [JOCN 11:5]Regina Rettenbach, Gottfried Diller, Ruxandra SireteanuArticle1999-09-01
In This Issue [JOCN 11:6]Ian WickershamArticle1999-11-01
Role of the Cerebellum in Tuning Anticipatory and Reactive Grip Force Responses [JOCN 11:6]Deborah J. Serrien, Mario WiesendangerArticle1999-11-01
Memory Lost and Regained Following Bilateral Hippocampal Damage [JOCN 11:6]Katharina Henke, Neal E. A. Kroll, Hamraz Behniea, David G. Amaral, Michael B. Miller, Robert Rafal, Michael S. GazzanigaArticle1999-11-01
“What”—Then—“Where” in Visual Working Memory: An Event-Related fMRI Study... [JOCN 11:6]Bradley R. Postle, Mark D'EspositoArticle1999-11-01
Frontal Brain Activity during Episodic and Semantic Retrieval: Insights from Eve... [JOCN 11:6]Charan Ranganath, Ken A. PallerArticle1999-11-01
Preferences for Visual Stimuli Following Amygdala Damage [JOCN 11:6]Ralph Adolphs, Daniel TranelArticle1999-11-01
Differential Contributions of the Left and Right Inferior Parietal Lobules to Nu... [JOCN 11:6]F. Chochon, L. Cohen, P. F. van de Moortele, S. DehaeneArticle1999-11-01
Set-and Code-Specific Activation in the Frontal Cortex: An fMRI Study of Encodin... [JOCN 11:6]Kathleen B. McDermott, Randy L. Buckner, Steven E. Petersen, William M. Kelley, Amy L. SandersArticle1999-11-01