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Visual Imagery in Hemianopic Patients [JOCN 13:7]Joystone Gbadamosi, Wolfgang H. ZangemeisterArticle2001-10-01
Visual Imagery Facilitates Visual Perception: Psychophysical Evidence [JOCN 9:4]Alumit Ishai, Dov SagiArticle1997-07-01
Visual Grouping and the Focusing of Attention Induce Gamma-band Oscillations at ... [JOCN 18:11]Juan R. Vidal, Maximilien Chaumon, J. Kevin O'Regan, Catherine Tallon-BaudryArticle2006-11-01
Visual Extinction and Stimulus Repetition [JOCN 5:4]Gordon C. Baylis, Jon Driver, Robert D. RafalArticle1993-10-01
Visual Experience Specifically Regulates Synaptic Molecules in Rat Visual Cortex [JOCN 3:3]Aniek A. Schoups, Ira B. BlackArticle1991-07-01
Visual Enhancing of Tactile Perception in the Posterior Parietal Cortex [JOCN 16:1]Tony Ro, Ruth Wallace, Judith Hagedorn, Alessandro Farné, Elizabeth PienkosArticle2004-01-01
Visual Discrimination Task Improvement: A Multi-Step Process Occurring During Sl... [JOCN 12:2]Robert Stickgold, Dana Whidbee, Beth Schirmer, Vipul Patel, J. Allan HobsonArticle2000-03-01
Visual Development and the Acquisition of Motion Velocity Sensitivities [NECO 15:4]Robert A. Jacobs, Melissa DominguezArticle2003-04-01
Visual Decisions in the Presence of Measurement and Stimulus Correlations [NECO 27:11]Manisha Bhardwaj, Samuel Carroll, Wei Ji Ma, Krešimir JosićArticle
Visual Cortical Representation of Whole Words and Hemifield-split Word Parts [JOCN 28:2]Lars Strother, Alexandra M. Coros, Tutis VilisArticle
Visual Cortex and Deep NetworksTomaso A. Poggio, Fabio AnselmiBook2016-10-28
Visual Causality Judgments Correlate with the Phase of Alpha Oscillations [JOCN 27:10]Andre Mascioli Cravo, Karin Moreira Santos, Marcelo Bussotti Reyes, Marcelo Salvador Caetano, Peter M. E. ClaessensArticle
Visual Category Learning Results in Rapid Changes in Brain Activation Reflecting... [JOCN 28:11]Rubi Hammer, Vladimir SloutskyArticle
Visual Categorization with Random Projection [NECO 27:10]Rosa I. Arriaga, David Rutter, Maya Cakmak, Santosh S. VempalaArticle
Visual Categorization and Object Representation in Monkeys and Humans [JOCN 14:2]N. Sigala, F. Gabbiani, N. K. LogothetisArticle2002-02-01
Visual Awareness Is Limited by the Representational Architecture of the Visual S... [JOCN 27:11]Michael A. Cohen, Ken Nakayama, Talia Konkle, Mirta Stantić, George A. AlvarezArticle
Visual Attention in Children with Perinatal Brain Injury: Asymmetric Effects of ... [JOCN 6:2]Suzanne Craft, Desiree A. White, T. S. Park, Gary FigielArticle1994-04-01
Visual Attention Deficits in Schizophrenia Can Arise From Inhibitory Dysfunction... [CPSY 2:]Yohan J. John, Basilis Zikopoulos, Daniel Bullock, Helen BarbasArticle
Visual Attention and Cortical CircuitsJochen Braun, Christof Koch, Joel L. DavisBook2001-04-16
Visual Anticipatory Information Modulates Multisensory Interactions of Artificia... [JOCN 22:7]Jean Vroomen, Jeroen J. StekelenburgArticle2010-07-01
Visual and Semantic Processing of Living Things and Artifacts: An fMRI Study [JOCN 22:3]Gian Daniele Zannino, Ivana Buccione, Roberta Perri, Emiliano Macaluso, Emanuele Lo Gerfo, Carlo Caltagirone, Giovanni A. CarlesimoArticle2010-03-01
Visual AnalogyBarbara Maria StaffordBook1999-09-24
Visual Adaptation to Goal-directed Hand Actions [JOCN 21:9]Nick E. Barraclough, Rebecca H. Keith, Dengke Xiao, Mike W. Oram, David I. PerrettArticle2009-09-01
Visual Activation in Prefrontal Cortex is Stronger in Monkeys than in Humans [JOCN 16:9]Katrien Denys, Wim Vanduffel, Denis Fize, Koen Nelissen, Hiromasa Sawamura, Svetlana Georgieva, Rufin Vogels, David Van Essen, Guy A. OrbanArticle2004-11-01
Visser’s Generalization: The Syntax of Control and the Passive [LING 44:1]Coppe van UrkArticle2013-01-01
Vision, Brain, and Cooperative ComputationMichael A. Arbib, Allen R. HansonBook1990-01-24
Vision and MindRobert Alva Nöe, Evan ThompsonBook2002-09-30
VisionDavid MarrBook2010-07-09
VisionJohn E. Dowling, Joseph L. Dowling, Jr. Book2016-04-28
Visibility graphs for fMRI data: Multiplex temporal graphs and their modulations... [NETN 1:3]Speranza Sannino, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Lucas Lacasa, Daniele MarinazzoArticle
Viscous Populations and Their Support for Reciprocal Cooperation [ARTL 9:3]James A. R. Marshall, Jonathan E. RoweArticle2003-07-01
Virtual Score, TheWalter B. Hewlett, Eleanor Selfridge-FieldBook2001-07-01
Virtual MusicDavid CopeBook2004-03-01
Virtual Lesion of Angular Gyrus Disrupts the Relationship between Visuoproprioce... [JOCN 25:4]Hannah Block, Amy Bastian, Pablo CelnikArticle2013-04-01
Violation of Expectation: Neural Correlates Reflect Bases of Prediction [JOCN 21:1]Andreja Bubic, D. Yves von Cramon, Thomas Jacobsen, Erich Schröger, Ricarda I. SchubotzArticle2009-01-01
Vigor in the Face of Fluctuating Rates of Reward: An Experimental Examination [JOCN 23:12]Marc Guitart-Masip, Ulrik R. Beierholm, Raymond Dolan, Emrah Duzel, Peter DayanArticle2011-12-01
Viewpoint (In)dependence of Action Representations: An MVPA Study [JOCN 24:4]Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Steven P. Tipper, Paul E. DowningArticle2012-04-01
Viewpoint Dependency in Visual Object Recognition Does Not Necessarily Imply Vie... [JOCN 13:6]Moshe BarArticle2001-08-01
Viewing One's Own Face Being Touched Modulates Tactile Perception: An fMRI Study [JOCN 23:3]Flavia Cardini, Marcello Costantini, Gaspare Galati, Gian Luca Romani, Elisabetta Làdavas, Andrea SerinoArticle2011-03-01
The View from the Periphery: The English Comparative Correlative [LING 30:4]Peter W. Culicover, Ray JackendoffArticle1999-10-01
The View From Elsewhere: Perspectives on ALife Modeling [ARTL 8:1]Michael Wheeler, Seth Bullock, Ezequiel Di Paolo, Jason Noble, Mark Bedau, Philip Husbands, Simon Kirby, Anil SethArticle2002-01-01
Victor H. Yngve [COLI 38:3]W. John HutchinsArticle2012-09-01
VI. Genome Structure and Cognitive Map of Williams Syndrome [JOCN 12:Supplement 1]Julie R. Korenberg, Xiao-Ning Chen, Hamao Hirota, Zona Lai, Ursula Bellugi, Dennis Burian, Bruce Roe, Rumiko MatsuokaArticle2000-03-01
Veto and Vacillation: A Neural Precursor of the Decision to Withhold Action [JOCN 26:2]Erman Misirlisoy, Patrick HaggardArticle2014-02-01
Vestibular Stimulation Modulates Neural Correlates of Own-body Mental Imagery [JOCN 32:3]Manuel P. Klaus, Gerda C. Wyssen, Sebastian M. Frank, Wilhelm M. Malloni, Mark W. Greenlee, Fred W. MastArticle
A Very Simple Spiking Neuron Model That Allows for Modeling of Large, Complex Sy... [NECO 20:1]Jeffrey J. Lovelace, Krzysztof J. CiosArticle2008-01-01
A Very Short Note on Existential Constructions [LING 38:2]Norbert HornsteinArticle2007-03-01
Vergence Dynamics Predict Fixation Disparity [NECO 13:7]Saumil S. Patel, Bai-Chuan Jiang, Haluk OgmenArticle2001-07-01
Verbs of Inherently Directed Motion Are Compatible with Resultative Phrases [LING 29:2]Christina M. TortoraArticle1998-04-01
Verbless Sentences and Clause Structure [LING 41:3]Ilan HazoutArticle2010-07-01