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Answering Clinical Questions with Knowledge-Based and Statistical Techniques [COLI 33:1]Dina Demner-Fushman, Jimmy LinArticle2007-03-01
Ant Algorithms for Discrete Optimization [ARTL 5:2]Marco Dorigo, Gianni Di Caro, Luca M. GambardellaArticle1999-04-01
Ant- and Ant-Colony-Inspired ALife Visual Art [ARTL 21:3]Gary Greenfield, Penousal MachadoArticle
Ant Colony Optimization and Stochastic Gradient Descent [ARTL 8:2]Nicolas Meuleau, Marco DorigoArticle2002-04-01
Ant-Based Clustering and Topographic Mapping [ARTL 12:1]J. Handl, J. Knowles, M. DorigoArticle2006-01-01
Ant-Based Computing [ARTL 15:3]Loizos MichaelArticle2009-07-01
Antecedent-Contained Deletion and the Copy Theory of Movement [LING 33:1]Danny FoxArticle2002-01-01
Anterior Cingulate and the Monitoring of Response Conflict: Evidence from an fMR... [JOCN 12:2]Deanna M. Barch, Todd S. Braver, Fred W. Sabb, Douglas C. NollArticle2000-03-01
Anterior Frontal Cortex and the Effect of Proactive Interference in Paired Assoc... [JOCN 2:4]F. Uhl, P. Franzen, W. Serles, W. Lang, G. Lindinger, L. DeeckeArticle1990-10-01
The Anterior Hippocampus Supports a Coarse, Global Environmental Representation ... [JOCN 25:11]Hallvard Røe Evensmoen, Hanne Lehn, Jian Xu, Menno P. Witter, Lynn Nadel, Asta K. HåbergArticle2013-11-01
Anterior Intraparietal Sulcus is Sensitive to Bottom–Up Attention Driven by Stim... [JOCN 21:8]Joy J. Geng, George R. MangunArticle2009-08-01
The Anterior N1 Component as an Index of Modality Shifting [JOCN 21:9]Thomas Töllner, Klaus Gramann, Hermann J. Müller, Martin EimerArticle2009-09-01
Anterior Temporal Lobe Tracks the Formation of Prejudice [JOCN 29:3]Hugo J. Spiers, Bradley C. Love, Mike E. Le Pelley, Charlotte E. Gibb, Robin A. MurphyArticle
Anthropomorphizing without Social Cues Requires the Basolateral Amygdala [JOCN 31:4]Adam Waytz, John T. Cacioppo, Rene Hurlemann, Fulvia Castelli, Ralph Adolphs, Lynn K. PaulArticle
(Anti)reconstruction Effects in Free Relatives: A New Argument against the Comp ... [LING 33:3]Barbara CitkoArticle2002-07-01
Anticipating Conflict Facilitates Controlled Stimulus-response Selection [JOCN 21:8]Ángel Correa, Anling Rao, Anna C. NobreArticle2009-08-01
Anticipating Words and Their Gender: An Event-related Brain Potential Study of S... [JOCN 16:7]Nicole Y. Y. Wicha, Eva M. Moreno, Marta KutasArticle2004-09-01
Anticipatory Gain Modulation in Preparation for Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements [JOCN 17:12]Hiromitsu Tabata, Kenichiro Miura, Kenji KawanoArticle2005-12-01
Antilocality and Antiagreement [LING 48:2]Nico BaierArticle
An Antinomy about Anaphora [LING 42:3]Mahrad AlmotahariArticle2011-07-01
Antipredictable Sequences: Harder to Predict Than Random Sequences [NECO 10:8]Huaiyu Zhu, Wolfgang KinzelArticle1998-11-01
ANUBIS: Artificial Neuromodulation Using a Bayesian Inference System [NECO 25:1]Benjamin J. H. Smith, Chakravarthini M. Saaj, Elie AllouisArticle2013-01-01
Anxiety Reduction through Detachment: Subjective, Physiological, and Neural Effe... [JOCN 17:6]Raffael Kalisch, Katja Wiech, Hugo D. Critchley, Ben Seymour, John P. O'Doherty, David A. Oakley, Philip Allen, Raymond J. DolanArticle2005-06-01
Anxious Mind, TheCharlie KurthBook2018-03-30
AP Adjacency as a Precedence Constraint [LING 48:1]Zoë Belk, Ad NeelemanArticle
An Application of Univariate and Multivariate Approaches in fMRI to Quantifying ... [JOCN 24:3]Carolyn McGettigan, Samuel Evans, Stuart Rosen, Zarinah K. Agnew, Poonam Shah, Sophie K. ScottArticle2012-03-01
Applications of Automata Theory and Algebra via the Mathematical Theory of Compl... [ARTL 17:2]Attila Egri-NagyArticle2011-04-01
Applications of Lexicographic Semirings to Problems in Speech and Language Proce... [COLI 40:4]Richard Sproat, Mahsa Yarmohammadi, Izhak Shafran, Brian RoarkArticle
Applications of Recurrent Neural Networks in Environmental Factor Forecasting: A... [NECO 30:11]Yingyi Chen, Qianqian Cheng, Yanjun Cheng, Hao Yang, Huihui YuArticle
Applying Computational Models of Spatial Prepositions to Visually Situated Dialo... [COLI 35:2]John D. Kelleher, Fintan J. CostelloArticle2009-06-01
Applying the Multivariate Time-Rescaling Theorem to Neural Population Models [NECO 23:6]Felipe Gerhard, Robert Haslinger, Gordon PipaArticle2011-06-01
The Approach of a Neuron Population Firing Rate to a New Equilibrium: An Exact T... [NECO 12:5]B. W. Knight, A. Omurtag, L. SirovichArticle2000-05-01
An Approach to Biological Computation: Unicellular Core-Memory Creatures Evolved... [ARTL 5:4]Hideaki SuzukiArticle1999-10-01
Approaching the Bad and Avoiding the Good: Lateral Prefrontal Cortical Asymmetry... [JOCN 22:9]Elliot T. Berkman, Matthew D. LiebermanArticle2010-09-01
Approximate Emergent Synchrony in Spatially Coupled Spiking Neurons with Discret... [NECO 26:11]Hans Supèr, August RomeoArticle2014-11-01
Approximate Learning Algorithm in Boltzmann Machines [NECO 21:11]Muneki Yasuda, Kazuyuki TanakaArticle2009-11-01
Approximate Maximum Entropy Joint Feature Inference Consistent with Arbitrary Lo... [NECO 12:9]David J. Miller, Lian YanArticle2000-09-01
Approximate Statistical Tests for Comparing Supervised Classification Learning A... [NECO 10:7]Thomas G. DietterichArticle1998-10-01
Approximate, Computationally Efficient Online Learning in Bayesian Spiking Neuro... [NECO 26:3]Levin Kuhlmann, Michael Hauser-Raspe, Jonathan H. Manton, David B. Grayden, Jonathan Tapson, André van SchaikArticle2014-03-01
Approximating Covering Problems by Randomized Search Heuristics Using Multi-Obje... [EVCO 18:4]Tobias Friedrich, Jun He, Nils Hebbinghaus, Frank Neumann, Carsten WittArticle2010-12-01
Approximating the Architecture of Visual Cortex in a Convolutional Network [NECO 31:8]Bryan TrippArticle
Approximating the Nondominated Front Using the Pareto Archived Evolution Strateg... [EVCO 8:2]Joshua D. Knowles, David W. CorneArticle2000-06-01
Approximation and Radial-Basis-Function Networks [NECO 5:2]Jooyoung Park, Irwin W. SandbergArticle1993-03-01
Approximation Bounds for Some Sparse Kernel Regression Algorithms [NECO 14:12]Tong ZhangArticle2002-12-01
Approximation by Fully Complex Multilayer Perceptrons [NECO 15:7]Taehwan Kim, Tülay AdalıArticle2003-07-01
Approximation Capability of Layered Neural Networks with Sigmoid Units on Two La... [NECO 6:6]Yoshifusa ItoArticle1994-11-01
Approximation of Boolean Functions by Sigmoidal Networks: Part I: XOR and Other ... [NECO 1:4]E. K. BlumArticle1989-12-01
An Approximation of the Error Backpropagation Algorithm in a Predictive Coding N... [NECO 29:5]James C. R. Whittington, Rafal BogaczArticle
Arabic Computational Morphology: Knowledge-Based and Empirical Methods [COLI 34:3]George KirazArticle2008-09-01
Arabic Conjunct-Sensitive Agreement and Primitive Operations [LING 44:4]Bradley LarsonArticle2013-10-01