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Bayesian Active Learning of Neural Firing Rate Maps with Transformed Gaussian Pr... [NECO 26:8]Mijung Park, J. Patrick Weller, Gregory D. Horwitz, Jonathan W. PillowArticle2014-08-01
ROC-Based Estimates of Neural-Behavioral Covariations Using Matched Filters [NECO 26:8]Kamal Farah, Jackson E. T. Smith, Erik P. CookArticle2014-08-01
Incremental Learning by Message Passing in Hierarchical Temporal Memory [NECO 26:8]Erik M. Rehn, Davide MaltoniArticle2014-08-01
The Competing Benefits of Noise and Heterogeneity in Neural Coding [NECO 26:8]Eric Hunsberger, Matthew Scott, Chris EliasmithArticle2014-08-01
Task Partitioning in a Robot Swarm: Object Retrieval as a Sequence of Subtasks w... [ARTL 20:3]Giovanni Pini, Arne Brutschy, Alexander Scheidler, Marco Dorigo, Mauro BirattariArticle2014-07-01
Simulated Predator Attacks on Flocks: A Comparison of Tactics [ARTL 20:3]Jure Demšar, Iztok Lebar BajecArticle2014-07-01
Reviewers of Volume 20 [ARTL 20:4]Article2014-10-01
Authorship Attribution with Topic Models [COLI 40:2]Yanir Seroussi, Ingrid Zukerman, Fabian BohnertArticle2014-06-01
Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution [COLI 40:2]Cosmin Adrian Bejan, Sanda HarabagiuArticle2014-06-01
Phrase Dependency Machine Translation with Quasi-Synchronous Tree-to-Tree Featur... [COLI 40:2]Kevin Gimpel, Noah A. SmithArticle2014-06-01
Practical Linguistic Steganography using Contextual Synonym Substitution and a N... [COLI 40:2]Ching-Yun Chang, Stephen ClarkArticle2014-06-01
Identification of Multiword Expressions by Combining Multiple Linguistic Informa... [COLI 40:2]Yulia Tsvetkov, Shuly WintnerArticle2014-06-01
A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification [COLI 40:2]Khaled ShaalanArticle2014-06-01
Automatic Selection of HPSG-Parsed Sentences for Treebank Construction [COLI 40:3]Montserrat Marimon, Núria Bel, Lluís PadróArticle2014-09-01
A Random Walk–Based Model for Identifying Semantic Orientation [COLI 40:3]Ahmed Hassan, Amjad Abu-Jbara, Wanchen Lu, Dragomir RadevArticle2014-09-01
Feature-Frequency–Adaptive On-line Training for Fast and Accurate Natural Langua... [COLI 40:3]Xu Sun, Wenjie Li, Houfeng Wang, Qin LuArticle2014-09-01
Probabilistic Distributional Semantics with Latent Variable Models [COLI 40:3]Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha, Anna KorhonenArticle2014-09-01
Similarity-Driven Semantic Role Induction via Graph Partitioning [COLI 40:3]Joel Lang, Mirella LapataArticle2014-09-01
Improved Estimation of Entropy for Evaluation of Word Sense Induction [COLI 40:3]Linlin Li, Ivan Titov, Caroline SporlederArticle2014-09-01
Pushdown Automata in Statistical Machine Translation [COLI 40:3]Cyril Allauzen, Bill Byrne, Adrià de Gispert, Gonzalo Iglesias, Michael RileyArticle2014-09-01
Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining [COLI 40:2]Claire CardieArticle2014-06-01
Semantic Relations Between Nominals [COLI 40:2]Lucy VanderwendeArticle2014-06-01
Semi-Supervised Learning and Domain Adaptation in Natural Language Processing [COLI 40:2]George FosterArticle2014-06-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 45:4]Article2014-10-01
Index to Volume 45 [LING 45:4]Article2014-10-01
Latent Trees for Coreference Resolution [COLI 40:4]Eraldo Rezende Fernandes, Cícero Nogueira dos Santos, Ruy Luiz MilidiúArticle
A Large-Scale Pseudoword-Based Evaluation Framework for State-of-the-Art Word Se... [COLI 40:4]Mohammad Taher Pilehvar, Roberto NavigliArticle
Adaptive Generation in Dialogue Systems Using Dynamic User Modeling [COLI 40:4]Srinivasan Janarthanam, Oliver LemonArticle
Reflections on the Penn Discourse TreeBank, Comparable Corpora, and Complementar... [COLI 40:4]Rashmi Prasad, Bonnie Webber, Aravind JoshiArticle
Auditory Evoked Responses in Musicians during Passive Vowel Listening Are Modula... [JOCN 26:12]Jürg Kühnis, Stefan Elmer, Lutz JänckeArticle
Person-specific Theory of Mind in Medial pFC [JOCN 27:1]B. Locke Welborn, Matthew D. LiebermanArticle
Spatiotemporal Neurodynamics Underlying Internally and Externally Driven Tempora... [JOCN 27:3]Giovanni Mento, Vincenza Tarantino, Antonio Vallesi, Patrizia Silvia BisiacchiArticle
Semantic Advantage for Learning New Phonological Form Representations [JOCN 27:4]Erin Hawkins, Duncan E. Astle, Kathleen RastleArticle
Selective Attention Modulates Early Human Evoked Potentials during Emotional Fac... [JOCN 27:4]Hao Tam Ho, Erich Schröger, Sonja A. KotzArticle
Reinstatement of Individual Past Events Revealed by the Similarity of Distribute... [JOCN 27:4]Erik A. Wing, Maureen Ritchey, Roberto CabezaArticle
Pupillometry as a Glimpse into the Neurochemical Basis of Human Memory Encoding [JOCN 27:4]Russell Cohen Hoffing, Aaron R. SeitzArticle
Tolerance of Macaque Middle STS Body Patch Neurons to Shape-preserving Stimulus ... [JOCN 27:5]Ivo D. Popivanov, Jan Jastorff, Wim Vanduffel, Rufin VogelsArticle
Sequence Memory Based on Coherent Spin-Interaction Neural Networks [NECO 26:12]Min Xia, W. K. Wong, Zhijie WangArticle
A Neural Framework for Organization and Flexible Utilization of Episodic Memory ... [NECO 26:12]Vishwanathan Mohan, Giulio Sandini, Pietro MorassoArticle
Dynamics and Reliability of Bistable Neurons Driven with Time-Dependent Stimuli [NECO 26:12]Soledad Gonzalo Cogno, Susanne Schreiber, Inés SamengoArticle
Alternating Proximal Regularized Dictionary Learning [NECO 26:12]Saverio Salzo, Salvatore Masecchia, Alessandro Verri, Annalisa BarlaArticle
On Quadrature Methods for Refractory Point Process Likelihoods [NECO 26:12]Gonzalo Mena, Liam PaninskiArticle
Topological Sparse Learning of Dynamic Form Patterns [NECO 27:1]T. Guthier, V. Willert, J. EggertArticle
Efficient Training of Convolutional Deep Belief Networks in the Frequency Domain... [NECO 27:1]Tom Brosch, Roger TamArticle
Spike Train SIMilarity Space (SSIMS): A Framework for Single Neuron and Ensemble... [NECO 27:1]Carlos E. Vargas-Irwin, David M. Brandman, Jonas B. Zimmermann, John P. Donoghue, Michael J. BlackArticle
Graph Degree Sequence Solely Determines the Expected Hopfield Network Pattern St... [NECO 27:1]Daniel Berend, Shlomi Dolev, Ariel HanemannArticle
Optimizing the Representation of Orientation Preference Maps in Visual Cortex [NECO 27:1]Nicholas J. Hughes, Geoffrey J. GoodhillArticle
Toward a Multisubject Analysis of Neural Connectivity [NECO 27:1]C. J. Oates, L. Costa, T. E. NicholsArticle
Natural Gradient Learning Algorithms for RBF Networks [NECO 27:2]Junsheng Zhao, Haikun Wei, Chi Zhang, Weiling Li, Weili Guo, Kanjian ZhangArticle
Reliability of Information-Based Integration of EEG and fMRI Data: A Simulation ... [NECO 27:2]Sara Assecondi, Dirk Ostwald, Andrew P. BagshawArticle