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Target Selection for Pursuit and Saccadic Eye Movements in Humans [JOCN 11:6]R. J. Krauzlis, A. Z. Zivotofsky, F. A. MilesArticle1999-11-01
Words without Mind [JOCN 11:6]Nicholas Schiff, Urs Ribary, Fred Plum, Rodolfo LlinásArticle1999-11-01
Semantic Integration in Sentences and Discourse: Evidence from the N400 [JOCN 11:6]Jos J. A. van Berkum, Peter Hagoort, Colin M. BrownArticle1999-11-01
Editorial Introduction [EVCO 8:1]Darrell WhitleyArticle2000-03-01
Cooperative Coevolution: An Architecture for Evolving Coadapted Subcomponents [EVCO 8:1]Mitchell A. Potter, Kenneth A. De JongArticle2000-03-01
Information Characteristics and the Structure of Landscapes [EVCO 8:1]Vesselin K. Vassilev, Terence C. Fogarty, Julian F. MillerArticle2000-03-01
Fitness Landscapes, Memetic Algorithms, and Greedy Operators for Graph Bipartiti... [EVCO 8:1]Peter Merz, Bernd FreislebenArticle2000-03-01
Variable Length Representation in Evolutionary Electronics [EVCO 8:1]Ricardo S. Zebulum, Marley Vellasco, Marco Aurélio PachecoArticle2000-03-01
Errata [EVCO 8:1]Article2000-03-01
Electronic Calendar and Other EC-Related Resources [EVCO 8:1]Article2000-03-01
Introduction to the Special Issue: Multicriterion Optimization [EVCO 8:2]Kalyanmoy Deb, Jeffrey HornArticle2000-06-01
Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms: Analyzing the State-of-the-Art [EVCO 8:2]David A. Van Veldhuizen, Gary B. LamontArticle2000-06-01
Approximating the Nondominated Front Using the Pareto Archived Evolution Strateg... [EVCO 8:2]Joshua D. Knowles, David W. CorneArticle2000-06-01
Multiobjective Satisfaction within an Interactive Evolutionary Design Environmen... [EVCO 8:2]Ian C. Parmee, Dragan Cvetković, Andrew H. Watson, Christopher R. BonhamArticle2000-06-01
Efficient and Scalable Pareto Optimization by Evolutionary Local Selection Algor... [EVCO 8:2]Filippo Menczer, Melania Degeratu, W. Nick StreetArticle2000-06-01
Electronic Calendar and Other EC-Related Resources [EVCO 8:2]Article2000-06-01
Comparison of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms: Empirical Results [EVCO 8:2]Eckart Zitzler, Kalyanmoy Deb, Lothar ThieleArticle2000-06-01
Introduction to the Special Issue: Advances in Genetic Algorithms — Research Tre... [EVCO 8:4]Lashon B. Booker, Rick RioloArticle2000-12-01
Building Blocks, Cohort Genetic Algorithms, and Hyperplane-Defined Functions [EVCO 8:4]John H. HollandArticle2000-12-01
Toward Optimal Classifier System Performance in Non-Markov Environments [EVCO 8:4]Pier Luca Lanzi, Stewart W. WilsonArticle2000-12-01
Is Echo a Complex Adaptive System? [EVCO 8:4]Richard M. Smith, Mark A. BedauArticle2000-12-01
Architecture for an Artificial Immune System [EVCO 8:4]Steven A. Hofmeyr, Stephanie ForrestArticle2000-12-01
Embodiment of Evolutionary Computation in General Agents [EVCO 8:4]Robert E. Smith, Claudio Bonacina, Paul Kearney, Walter MerlatArticle2000-12-01
Electronic Calendar and Other EC-Related Resources [EVCO 8:4]Article2000-12-01
The Right Stuff: Appropriate Mathematics for Evolutionary and Developmental Biol... [ARTL 6:1]Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Günter P. WagnerArticle2000-01-01
RNA Shape Space Topology [ARTL 6:1]Jan Cupal, Stephan Kopp, Peter F. StadlerArticle2000-01-01
Asymmetry of Configuration Space Induced by Unequal Crossover: Implications for ... [ARTL 6:1]Max Shpak, Günter P. WagnerArticle2000-01-01
The Evolution and Understanding of Hierarchical Complexity in Biology from an Al... [ARTL 6:1]Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, John L. RhodesArticle2000-01-01
Duplication of Modules Facilitates the Evolution of Functional Specialization [ARTL 6:1]Raffaele Calabretta, Stefano Nolfi, Domenico Parisi, Günter P. WagnerArticle2000-01-01
Shapes in the Shadow: Evolutionary Dynamics of Morphogenesis [ARTL 6:1]P. HogewegArticle2000-01-01
Evolution of Self-Reproducing Programs in a Core Propelled by Parallel Protein E... [ARTL 6:2]Hideaki SuzukiArticle2000-04-01
A Simple Model of Unbounded Evolutionary Versatility as a Largest-Scale Trend in... [ARTL 6:2]Peter D. TurneyArticle2000-04-01
Effects of Compression on Language Evolution [ARTL 6:2]Tracy K. Teal, Charles E. TaylorArticle2000-04-01
Artificial Life: Discipline or Method? Report on a Debate Held at ECAL '99 [ARTL 6:2]Jason Noble, Seth Bullock, Ezequiel A. Di PaoloArticle2000-04-01
Cooperative Strategies and the Evolution of Communication [ARTL 6:2]Kyle WagnerArticle2000-04-01
Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots: Case Studies of Successful Robot Syst... [ARTL 6:2]Holly A. YancoArticle2000-04-01
A Developmental Model for the Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks [ARTL 6:3]J. C. Astor, C. AdamiArticle2000-07-01
Pattern Formation and Optimization in Army Ant Raids [ARTL 6:3]Ricard V. Solé, Eric Bonabeau, Jordi Delgado, Pau Fernández, Jesus MarínArticle2000-07-01
On Meme–Gene Coevolution [ARTL 6:3]Larry Bull, Owen Holland, Susan BlackmoreArticle2000-07-01
Talking Helps: Evolving Communicating Agents for the Predator-Prey Pursuit Probl... [ARTL 6:3]Kam-Chuen Jim, C. Lee GilesArticle2000-07-01
Evolutionary Games and Equilibrium Selection [ARTL 6:3]Andreas BlumeArticle2000-07-01
Editors' Introduction: Special Issue on Highlights of the Alife VI Conference [ARTL 4:1]Charles E. Taylor, Christopher G. Langton, Hiroaki KitanoArticle1998-01-01
Price and Niche Wars in a Free-Market Economy of Software Agents [ARTL 4:1]Jeffrey O. Kephart, James E. Hanson, Jakka SairameshArticle1998-01-01
Evolving Reaction-Diffusion Ecosystems with Self-Assembling Structures in Thin F... [ARTL 4:1]Jens Breyer, Jörg Ackermann, John McCaskillArticle1998-01-01
Computational Coevolution of Antiviral Drug Resistance [ARTL 4:1]Christopher D. Rosin, Richard K. Belew, Garrett M. Morris, Arthur J. Olson, David S. GoodsellArticle1998-01-01
Computational Models for the Formation of Protocell Structures [ARTL 4:1]Linglan Edwards, Yun Peng, James A. ReggiaArticle1998-01-01
Emergence of Multicellular Organisms with Dynamic Differentiation and Spatial Pa... [ARTL 4:1]Chikara Furusawa, Kunihiko KanekoArticle1998-01-01
Physical and Temporal Scaling Considerations in a Robot Model of Cricket Calling... [ARTL 4:1]Henrik Hautop Lund, Barbara Webb, John HallamArticle1998-01-01
Evolution of Linguistic Diversity in a Simple Communication System [ARTL 4:1]Takaya Arita, Yuhji KoyamaArticle1998-01-01
Four Puzzles About Life [ARTL 4:2]Mark A. BedauArticle1998-04-01