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Verbal Paired Associates and the Hippocampus: The Role of Scenes [JOCN 30:12]Ian A. Clark, Misun Kim, Eleanor A. MaguireArticle
Verbal Labels Modulate Perceptual Object Processing in 1-Year-Old Children [JOCN 22:12]Teodora Gliga, Agnes Volein, Gergely CsibraArticle2010-12-01
Verbal ComplexesHilda Koopman, Anna SzabolcsiBook2000-11-13
Verb Movement in Embedded Clauses in West Flemish [LING 29:4]Liliane HaegemanArticle1998-10-01
Verb Class Disambiguation Using Informative Priors [COLI 30:1]Mirella Lapata, Chris BrewArticle2004-03-01
Ventromedial Frontal Lobe Plays a Critical Role in Facial Emotion Recognition [JOCN 20:4]Andrea S. Heberlein, Alisa A. Padon, Seth J. Gillihan, Martha J. Farah, Lesley K. FellowsArticle2008-04-01
The Ventromedial Frontal Lobe Contributes to Forming Effective Solutions to Real... [JOCN 29:6]Sarah L. Peters, Lesley K. Fellows, Signy SheldonArticle
Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Updates Chosen Value According to Choice Set Siz... [JOCN 30:3]Juri Fujiwara, Nobuo Usui, Satoshi Eifuku, Toshio Iijima, Masato Taira, Ken-Ichiro Tsutsui, Philippe N. ToblerArticle
Ventral Striatum and the Evaluation of Memory Retrieval Strategies [JOCN 26:9]David Badre, Sophie Lebrecht, David Pagliaccio, Nicole M. Long, Jason M. ScimecaArticle2014-09-01
Ventral and Dorsal Visual Stream Contributions to the Perception of Object Shape... [JOCN 26:1]Valentinos Zachariou, Roberta Klatzky, Marlene BehrmannArticle2014-01-01
Ventral and Dorsal Stream Interactions during the Perception of the Müller-Lyer ... [JOCN 24:10]Thorsten Plewan, Ralph Weidner, Simon B. Eickhoff, Gereon R. FinkArticle2012-10-01
Vehicle Change Phenomena as an Argument for Move F [LING 38:3]Joseph Aoun, Jairo NunesArticle2007-07-01
Vehicle Change and Reconstruction in Ā-Chains [LING 30:4]Ken SafirArticle1999-10-01
Vectorized Algorithms for Spiking Neural Network Simulation [NECO 23:6]Romain Brette, Dan F. M. GoodmanArticle2011-06-01
Vector-Derived Transformation Binding: An Improved Binding Operation for Deep Sy... [NECO 31:5]Jan Gosmann, Chris EliasmithArticle
Vector Symbolic Spiking Neural Network Model of Hippocampal Subarea CA1 Novelty ... [NECO 28:4]Claus AgerskovArticle
VC Dimension of an Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Model [NECO 8:3]Anthony M. Zador, Barak A. PearlmutterArticle1996-04-01
The VC Dimension for Mixtures of Binary Classifiers [NECO 12:6]Wenxin JiangArticle2000-06-01
The VC Dimension and Pseudodimension of Two-Layer Neural Networks with Discrete ... [NECO 8:3]Peter L. Bartlett, Robert C. WilliamsonArticle1996-04-01
VBM–DTI Correlates of Verbal Intelligence: A Potential Link to Broca's Area [JOCN 24:4]Andreas Konrad, Goran Vucurevic, Francesco Musso, Georg WintererArticle2012-04-01
Vase or Face? A Neural Correlate of Shape-Selective Grouping Processes in the Hu... [JOCN 13:6]Uri Hasson, Talma Hendler, Dafna Ben Bashat, Rafael MalachArticle2001-08-01
Vascular Risk Moderates Associations between Hippocampal Subfield Volumes and Me... [JOCN 25:11]Andrew R. Bender, Ana M. Daugherty, Naftali RazArticle2013-11-01
A Varying Role for Abstraction in Models of Category Learning Constructed from N... [JOCN 31:1]J. Brendan Ritchie, Hans Op de BeeckArticle
Varieties of MeaningRuth Garrett MillikanBook2007-02-01
Variations on the Theme of Synaptic Filtering: A Comparison of Integrate-and-Exp... [NECO 28:11]Terry ElliottArticle
Variations in Synaptic Plasticity and Types of Memory in Corticohippocampal Netw... [JOCN 4:3]Gary Lynch, Richard GrangerArticle1992-07-01
Variational Mixture of Bayesian Independent Component Analyzers [NECO 15:1]R. A. Choudrey, S. J. RobertsArticle2003-01-01
A Variational Method for Learning Sparse and Overcomplete Representations [NECO 13:11]Mark GirolamiArticle2001-11-01
Variational Learning in Nonlinear Gaussian Belief Networks [NECO 11:1]Brendan J. Frey, Geoffrey E. HintonArticle1999-01-01
Variational Learning for Switching State-Space Models [NECO 12:4]Zoubin Ghahramani, Geoffrey E. HintonArticle2000-04-01
Variational Latent Gaussian Process for Recovering Single-Trial Dynamics from Po... [NECO 29:5]Yuan Zhao, Il Memming ParkArticle
The Variational Gaussian Approximation Revisited [NECO 21:3]Manfred Opper, Cédric ArchambeauArticle2009-03-01
Variational Bayesian Multinomial Probit Regression with Gaussian Process Priors [NECO 18:8]Mark Girolami, Simon RogersArticle2006-08-01
Variational Bayesian Learning of ICA with Missing Data [NECO 15:8]Kwokleung Chan, Te-Won Lee, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle2003-08-01
Variational Bayes Solution of Linear Neural Networks and Its Generalization Perf... [NECO 19:4]Shinichi Nakajima, Sumio WatanabeArticle2007-04-01
Variation in the Local Motion Statistics of Real-Life Optic Flow Scenes [NECO 24:7]Szonya Durant, Johannes M. ZankerArticle2012-07-01
Variation in Circumstantial Modality: Polish versus St'át'imcets [LING 41:4]María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui, Ewelina FrąckowiakArticle2010-10-01
The Variance of Covariance Rules for Associative Matrix Memories and Reinforceme... [NECO 5:2]Peter Dayan, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle1993-03-01
Variable Timescales of Repeated Spike Patterns in Synfire Chain with Mexican-Hat... [NECO 19:9]Kosuke Hamaguchi, Masato Okada, Kazuyuki AiharaArticle2007-09-01
Variable Selection for Nonparametric Learning with Power Series Kernels [NECO 31:8]Kota Matsui, Wataru Kumagai, Kenta Kanamori, Mitsuaki Nishikimi, Takafumi KanamoriArticle
Variable Length Representation in Evolutionary Electronics [EVCO 8:1]Ricardo S. Zebulum, Marley Vellasco, Marco Aurélio PachecoArticle2000-03-01
Variable Left-hemisphere Language and Orthographic Lateralization Reduces Right-... [JOCN 27:5]Eva M. Dundas, David C. Plaut, Marlene BehrmannArticle
Variability in the Case Patterns of Causative Formation in Romance and Its Impli... [LING 41:3]Esther TorregoArticle2010-07-01
Variability and stability of large-scale cortical oscillation patterns [NETN 2:4]Roy Cox, Anna C. Schapiro, Robert StickgoldArticle
Variability and Consistency in Early Language LearningMichael C. Frank, Mika Braginsky, Daniel Yurovsky, Virginia A. MarchmanBook2021-03-16
Vapnik-Chervonenkis Generalization Bounds for Real Valued Neural Networks [NECO 8:6]Arne HoleArticle1996-08-01
The Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension: Information versus Complexity in Learning [NECO 1:3]Yaser S. Abu-MostafaArticle1989-09-01
Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension Bounds for Two- and Three-Layer Networks [NECO 5:3]Peter L. BartlettArticle1993-05-01
The Value of Being Wrong: Intermittent Feedback Delivery Alters the Striatal Res... [JOCN 28:2]Karolina M. Lempert, Elizabeth TricomiArticle
Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Early Visual Cortex Codes Monetary Value of... [JOCN 27:5]Andrew S. Persichetti, Geoffrey K. Aguirre, Sharon L. Thompson-SchillArticle