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A Neural Mass Model with Direct and Indirect Excitatory Feedback Loops: Identifi... [NECO 27:2]Aurélie Garnier, Alexandre Vidal, Clément Huneau, Habib BenaliArticle
Mismatched Training and Test Distributions Can Outperform Matched Ones [NECO 27:2]Carlos R. González, Yaser S. Abu-MostafaArticle
Subdiffusive Dynamics of Bump Attractors: Mechanisms and Functional Roles [NECO 27:2]Yang Qi, Michael Breakspear, Pulin GongArticle
Active Inference, Evidence Accumulation, and the Urn Task [NECO 27:2]Thomas H. B. FitzGerald, Philipp Schwartenbeck, Michael Moutoussis, Raymond J. Dolan, Karl FristonArticle
Delay Differential Analysis of Electroencephalographic Data [NECO 27:3]Claudia Lainscsek, Manuel E. Hernandez, Howard Poizner, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle
Memristor Models for Machine Learning [NECO 27:3]Juan Pablo Carbajal, Joni Dambre, Michiel Hermans, Benjamin SchrauwenArticle
Oscillator-Interference Models of Path Integration Do Not Require Theta Oscillat... [NECO 27:3]Jeff OrchardArticle
On Resolving Simultaneous Congruences Using Belief Propagation [NECO 27:3]Yongseok Yoo, Sriram VishwanathArticle
What Can Neuromorphic Event-Driven Precise Timing Add to Spike-Based Pattern Rec... [NECO 27:3]Himanshu Akolkar, Cedric Meyer, Xavier Clady, Olivier Marre, Chiara Bartolozzi, Stefano Panzeri, Ryad BenosmanArticle
Delay Differential Analysis of Time Series [NECO 27:3]Claudia Lainscsek, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle
Two-Trace Model for Spike-Timing-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity [NECO 27:3]Rodrigo Echeveste, Claudius GrosArticle
Structural Intervention Distance for Evaluating Causal Graphs [NECO 27:3]Jonas Peters, Peter BühlmannArticle
On Firing Rate Estimation for Dependent Interspike Intervals [NECO 27:3]Elisa Benedetto, Federico Polito, Laura SacerdoteArticle
Spontaneous Action Potentials and Neural Coding in Unmyelinated Axons [NECO 27:4]Cian O’Donnell, Mark C. W. van RossumArticle
Hardware-Amenable Structural Learning for Spike-Based Pattern Classification Usi... [NECO 27:4]Shaista Hussain, Shih-Chii Liu, Arindam BasuArticle
The Benefits of Modeling Slack Variables in SVMs [NECO 27:4]Fengzhen Tang, Peter Tiňo, Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez, Huanhuan ChenArticle
Visual Tracking Using Neuromorphic Asynchronous Event-Based Cameras [NECO 27:4]Zhenjiang Ni, Sio-hoi Ieng, Christoph Posch, Stéphane Régnier, Ryad BenosmanArticle
Accurate Connection Strength Estimation Based on Variational Bayes for Detecting... [NECO 27:4]Takuya Isomura, Yutaro Ogawa, Kiyoshi Kotani, Yasuhiko JimboArticle
An Evolutionary Approach for Image Segmentation [EVCO 22:4]Alessia Amelio, Clara PizzutiArticle
An Adaptive Multi-Swarm Optimizer for Dynamic Optimization Problems [EVCO 22:4]Changhe Li, Shengxiang Yang, Ming YangArticle
Human-Interpretable Feature Pattern Classification System Using Learning Classif... [EVCO 22:4]Toktam Ebadi, Ignas Kukenys, Will N. Browne, Mengjie ZhangArticle
Pareto Front Estimation for Decision Making [EVCO 22:4]Ioannis Giagkiozis, Peter J. FlemingArticle
Call for Papers [EVCO 22:4]Article
Homeostatic Plasticity for Single Node Delay-Coupled Reservoir Computing [NECO 27:6]Hazem Toutounji, Johannes Schumacher, Gordon PipaArticle
Cortical Spatiotemporal Dimensionality Reduction for Visual Grouping [NECO 27:6]Giacomo Cocci, Davide Barbieri, Giovanna CittiArticle
Refined Generalization Bounds of Gradient Learning over Reproducing Kernel Hilbe... [NECO 27:6]Shao-Gao LvArticle
Timescale Separation in Recurrent Neural Networks [NECO 27:6]Thomas FlynnArticle
Autonomous Droplet Architectures [ARTL 21:2]Gareth Jones, Philip H. King, Hywel Morgan, Maurits R. R. de Planque, Klaus-Peter ZaunerArticle
Complexity Measurement Based on Information Theory and Kolmogorov Complexity [ARTL 21:2]Leong Ting Lui, Germán Terrazas, Hector Zenil, Cameron Alexander, Natalio KrasnogorArticle
Excitability Modulation of Oscillating Media in 3D-Printed Structures [ARTL 21:2]Philip H. King, Chinnu H. Abraham, Klaus-Peter Zauner, Maurits R. R. de PlanqueArticle
Autonomous Pattern Formation of Micro-organic Cell Density with Optical Interlin... [ARTL 21:2]Kazunari Ozasa, Jeesoo Lee, Simon Song, Masahiko Hara, Mizuo MaedaArticle
An Autonomous In Vivo Dual Selection Protocol for Boolean Genetic Circuits [ARTL 21:2]David Benes, Petr Sosik, Alfonso Rodríguez-PatónArticle
An Artificial Bioindicator System for Network Intrusion Detection [ARTL 21:2]Christian Blum, José A. Lozano, Pedro Pinacho DavidsonArticle
Learning Tensegrity Locomotion Using Open-Loop Control Signals and Coevolutionar... [ARTL 21:2]Atil Iscen, Ken Caluwaerts, Jonathan Bruce, Adrian Agogino, Vytas SunSpiral, Kagan TumerArticle
Minimal Conditions for Protocell Stationary Growth [ARTL 21:2]Erwan Bigan, Jean-Marc Steyaert, Stéphane DouadyArticle
On the Evolution of Behaviors through Embodied Imitation [ARTL 21:2]Mehmet D. Erbas, Larry Bull, Alan F. T. WinfieldArticle
Editorial [OPMI 1:1]Article
Flexible Information Coding in Human Auditory Cortex during Perception, Imagery,... [JOCN 27:7]Annika C. Linke, Rhodri CusackArticle
Rhythmic Gamma Stimulation Affects Bistable Perception [JOCN 27:7]Yuranny Cabral-Calderin, Carsten Schmidt-Samoa, Melanie WilkeArticle
Rescaling Retinal Size into Perceived Size: Evidence for an Occipital and Pariet... [JOCN 27:7]Sylvia Kreutzer, Ralph Weidner, Gereon R. FinkArticle
Visual Number Beats Abstract Numerical Magnitude: Format-dependent Representatio... [JOCN 27:7]Jessica Bulthé, Bert De Smedt, Hans P. Op de BeeckArticle
The Timing of Anterior Temporal Lobe Involvement in Semantic Processing [JOCN 27:7]Rebecca L. Jackson, Matthew A. Lambon Ralph, Gorana PobricArticle
The Effects of Short-term and Long-term Learning on the Responses of Lateral Int... [JOCN 27:7]Heida M. Sigurdardottir, David L. SheinbergArticle
Basic Level Category Structure Emerges Gradually across Human Ventral Visual Cor... [JOCN 27:7]Marius Cătălin Iordan, Michelle R. Greene, Diane M. Beck, Li Fei-FeiArticle
A Neurocomputational Model of Automatic Sequence Production [JOCN 27:7]Sebastien Helie, Jessica L. Roeder, Lauren Vucovich, Dennis Rünger, F. Gregory AshbyArticle
Social Norms Shift Behavioral and Neural Responses to Foods [JOCN 27:7]Erik C. Nook, Jamil ZakiArticle
Changes in Theta and Beta Oscillations as Signatures of Novel Word Consolidation [JOCN 27:7]Iske Bakker, Atsuko Takashima, Janet G. van Hall, Gabriele Janzen, James M. McQueenArticle
Order-2 Stability Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization [EVCO 23:2]Qunfeng LiuArticle
Hyper-heuristic Evolution of Dispatching Rules: A Comparison of Rule Representat... [EVCO 23:2]Jürgen Branke, Torsten Hildebrandt, Bernd Scholz-ReiterArticle
Determining Relative Importance and Effective Settings for Genetic Algorithm Con... [EVCO 23:2]K. L. Mills, J. J. Filliben, A. L. HainesArticle