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The Perfect C. elegans Project: An Initial Report [ARTL 4:2]Hiroaki Kitano, Shugo Hamahashi, Sean LukeArticle1998-04-01
Phototaxic Foraging of the Archaepaddler, a Hypothetical Deep-Sea Species [ARTL 4:2]R. J. V. Bertin, W. A. van de GrindArticle1998-04-01
Self-Adaptation in Evolving Systems [ARTL 4:2]C. R. Stephens, I. García Olmedo, J. Mora Vargas, H. WaelbroeckArticle1998-04-01
Self-Evolution in a Constructive Binary String System [ARTL 4:2]Peter Dittrich, Wolfgang BanzhafArticle1998-04-01
Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Biology and Social Science [ARTL 4:2]Steen RasmussenArticle1998-04-01
Guest Editors' Introduction: Von Neumann's Legacy: Special Issue on Self-Replica... [ARTL 4:3]Moshe Sipper, Gianluca Tempesti, Daniel Mange, Eduardo SanchezArticle1998-07-01
Von Neumann's Quintessential Message: Genotype + Ribotype = Phenotype [ARTL 4:3]Daniel Mange, Moshe SipperArticle1998-07-01
John von Neumann: The Founding Father of Artificial Life [ARTL 4:3]Pierre MarchalArticle1998-07-01
Fifty Years of Research on Self-Replication: An Overview [ARTL 4:3]Moshe SipperArticle1998-07-01
Self-Replicating and Self-Repairing Multicellular Automata [ARTL 4:3]Gianluca Tempesti, Daniel Mange, André StaufferArticle1998-07-01
Self-Replicating Structures: Evolution, Emergence, and Computation [ARTL 4:3]James A. Reggia, Jason D. Lohn, Hui-Hsien ChouArticle1998-07-01
Embodied Artificial Life—Editorial [ARTL 4:4]Henrik Hautop Lund, Minoru AsadaArticle1998-10-01
Selection, the Impersonal Engineer [ARTL 4:4]Valentino BraitenbergArticle1998-10-01
Coevolving Predator and Prey Robots: Do “Arms Races” Arise in Artificial Evoluti... [ARTL 4:4]Stefano Nolfi, Dario FloreanoArticle1998-10-01
Evolutionary Body Building: Adaptive Physical Designs for Robots [ARTL 4:4]Pablo Funes, Article1998-10-01
Online Evolution for a Self-Adapting Robotic Navigation System Using Evolvable H... [ARTL 4:4]Didier Keymeulen, Masaya Iwata, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Tetsuya HiguchiArticle1998-10-01
On the Evolution of Multicellularity and Eusociality [ARTL 5:1]Larry BullArticle1999-01-01
Visualizing Evolutionary Activity of Genotypes [ARTL 5:1]Mark A. Bedau, C. Titus BrownArticle1999-01-01
Tile Automaton: A Model for an Architecture of a Living System [ARTL 5:1]Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Kunihiko KanekoArticle1999-01-01
The Creatures Global Digital Ecosystem [ARTL 5:1]Dave Cliff, Stephen GrandArticle1999-01-01
Editor's Introduction: Stigmergy [ARTL 5:2]Eric BonabeauArticle1999-04-01
A Brief History of Stigmergy [ARTL 5:2]Guy Theraulaz, Eric BonabeauArticle1999-04-01
Decentralized Control of Construction Behavior in Paper Wasps: An Overview of th... [ARTL 5:2]István KarsaiArticle1999-04-01
Ant Algorithms for Discrete Optimization [ARTL 5:2]Marco Dorigo, Gianni Di Caro, Luca M. GambardellaArticle1999-04-01
Stigmergy, Self-Organization, and Sorting in Collective Robotics [ARTL 5:2]Owen Holland, Chris MelhuishArticle1999-04-01
Evolving Learnable Neural Networks Under Changing Environments with Various Rate... [ARTL 5:3]Takahiro Sasaki, Mario TokoroArticle1999-07-01
Design, Observation, Surprise! A Test of Emergence [ARTL 5:3]Edmund M. A. Ronald, Moshe Sipper, Mathieu S. CapcarrèreArticle1999-07-01
On the Baldwin Effect [ARTL 5:3]Larry BullArticle1999-07-01
Evolution and Development of a Central Pattern Generator for the Swimming of a L... [ARTL 5:3]Auke Jan Ijspeert, Jérôme KodjabachianArticle1999-07-01
“Niche Selection” and the Evolution of Complex Behavior in a Changing Environmen... [ARTL 5:3]Richard WalkerArticle1999-07-01
The Simulated Evolution of Biochemical Guilds: Reconciling Gaia Theory and Natur... [ARTL 5:4]Keith Downing, Peter ZvirinskyArticle1999-10-01
An Emergence of Coordinated Communication in Populations of Agents [ARTL 5:4]Vladimir Kvasnicka, Jiri PospichalArticle1999-10-01
A New Structurally Dissolvable Self-Reproducing Loop Evolving in a Simple Cellul... [ARTL 5:4]Hiroki SayamaArticle1999-10-01
An Approach to Biological Computation: Unicellular Core-Memory Creatures Evolved... [ARTL 5:4]Hideaki SuzukiArticle1999-10-01
The Subject-in-Situ Generalization and the Role of Case in Driving Computations [LING 32:2]Artemis Alexiadou, Elena AnagnostopoulouArticle2001-04-01
QR Obeys Superiority: Frozen Scope and ACD [LING 32:2]Benjamin BrueningArticle2001-04-01
Formal Syntax, Diachronic Minimalism, and Etymology: The History of French Chez [LING 32:2]Giuseppe LongobardiArticle2001-04-01
Sideward Movement [LING 32:2]Jairo NunesArticle2001-04-01
Head-ing toward PF [LING 32:2]Cedric Boeckx, Sandra StjepanovićArticle2001-04-01
Understanding the Yarowsky Algorithm [COLI 30:3]Steven AbneyArticle2004-09-01
Learning Subjective Language [COLI 30:3]Janyce Wiebe, Theresa Wilson, Rebecca Bruce, Matthew Bell, Melanie MartinArticle2004-09-01
Sample Selection for Statistical Parsing [COLI 30:3]Rebecca HwaArticle2004-09-01
Handbook for Language Engineers [COLI 30:3]Ruslan MitkovArticle2004-09-01
Centering: A Parametric Theory and Its Instantiations [COLI 30:3]Massimo Poesio, Rosemary Stevenson, Barbara Di Eugenio, Janet HitzemanArticle2004-09-01
The Mathematics of Language [COLI 30:4]Hans-Jörg TiedeArticle2004-12-01
The Alignment Template Approach to Statistical Machine Translation [COLI 30:4]Franz Josef Och, Hermann NeyArticle2004-12-01
Optimizing Referential Coherence in Text Generation [COLI 30:4]Rodger Kibble, Richard PowerArticle2004-12-01
Briefly Noted [COLI 30:4]Article2004-12-01
Intricacies of Collins' Parsing Model [COLI 30:4]Daniel M. BikelArticle2004-12-01
Fast Approximate Search in Large Dictionaries [COLI 30:4]Stoyan Mihov, Klaus U. SchulzArticle2004-12-01