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Using the Web to Obtain Frequencies for Unseen Bigrams [COLI 29:3]Frank Keller, Mirella LapataArticle2003-09-01
Using Suffix Arrays to Compute Term Frequency and Document Frequency for All Sub... [COLI 27:1]Mikio Yamamoto, Kenneth W. ChurchArticle2001-03-01
Using Structural Priming to Study Scopal Representations and Operations [LING 46:1]Emmanuel Chemla, Lewis BottArticle
Using Semantics for Granularities of Tokenization [COLI 44:3]Martin Riedl, Chris BiemannArticle
Using Psilocybin to Investigate the Relationship between Attention, Working Memo... [JOCN 17:10]Olivia L. Carter, David C. Burr, John D. Pettigrew, Guy M. Wallis, Felix Hasler, Franz X. VollenweiderArticle2005-10-01
Using Previous Models to Bias Structural Learning in the Hierarchical BOA [EVCO 20:1]M. W. Hauschild, M. Pelikan, K. Sastry, D. E. GoldbergArticle2012-03-01
Using Parallel Distributed Processing Models to Simulate Phonological Dyslexia: ... [JOCN 19:7]Stephen R. Welbourne, Matthew A. Lambon RalphArticle2007-07-01
Using Noise to Compute Error Surfaces in Connectionist Networks: A Novel Means o... [NECO 14:7]Robert M. French, Nick ChaterArticle2002-07-01
Using Neuroimaging to Resolve the Psi Debate [JOCN 20:1]Samuel T. Moulton, Stephen M. KosslynArticle2008-01-01
Using Neural Networks to Model Conditional Multivariate Densities [NECO 8:4]Peter M. WilliamsArticle1996-05-01
Using network analysis to localize the epileptogenic zone from invasive EEG reco... [NETN 2:02]Adam Li, Bhaskar Chennuri, Sandya Subramanian, Robert Yaffe, Steve Gliske, William Stacey, Robert Norton, Austin Jordan, Kareem A. Zaghloul, Sara K. Inati, Shubhi Agrawal, Jennifer J. Haagensen, Jennifer Hopp, Chalita Atallah, Emily Johnson, Nathan Crone, William S. Anderson, Zach Fitzgerald, Juan Bulacio, John T. Gale, Sridevi V. Sarma, Jorge Gonzalez-MartinezArticle
Using Multilayer Perceptron Computation to Discover Ideal Insect Olfactory Recep... [NECO 27:1]Luqman R. Bachtiar, Charles P. Unsworth, Richard D. NewcombArticle
Using Learning to Facilitate the Evolution of Features for Recognizing Visual Co... [EVCO 4:3]J. Bala, K. De Jong, J. Huang, H. Vafaie, H. WechslerArticle1996-09-01
Using Landscape Topology to Compare Continuous Metaheuristics: A Framework and C... [EVCO 20:2]R. Morgan, M. GallagherArticle2012-06-01
Using Inspiration from Synaptic Plasticity Rules to Optimize Traffic Flow in Dis... [NECO 29:5]Jonathan Y. Suen, Saket NavlakhaArticle
Using Inconsistency Detection to Overcome Structural Ambiguity [LING 35:2]Bruce TesarArticle2004-04-01
Using Hidden Markov Modeling to Decompose Human-Written Summaries [COLI 28:4]Hongyan JingArticle2002-12-01
Using Hadoop MapReduce for Parallel Genetic Algorithms: A Comparison of the Glob... [EVCO 26:4]Filomena Ferrucci, Pasquale Salza, Federica SarroArticle
Using Genetic Algorithms to Explore Pattern Recognition in the Immune System [EVCO 1:3]Stephanie Forrest, Brenda Javornik, Robert E. Smith, Alan S. PerelsonArticle1993-09-01
Using Expectation-Maximization for Reinforcement Learning [NECO 9:2]Peter Dayan, Geoffrey E. HintonArticle1997-02-01
Using Event-related Potentials to Inform the Neurocognitive Processes Underlying... [JOCN 29:11]Nicole L. Varga, Patricia J. BauerArticle
Using Economy of Means to Evolve Transition Rules within 2D Cellular Automata [ARTL 16:2]David L. RippsArticle2010-04-01
Using Coverage as a Model Building Constraint in Learning Classifier Systems [EVCO 2:1]David Perry Greene, Stephen F. SmithArticle1994-03-01
Using Complement Coercion to Understand the Neural Basis of Semantic Composition... [JOCN 23:11]E. Matthew Husband, Lisa A. Kelly, David C. ZhuArticle2011-11-01
Using Brain Imaging to Extract the Structure of Complex Events at the Rational T... [JOCN 20:9]John R. Anderson, Yulin QinArticle2008-09-01
Using Bottlenecks in Feedforward Networks as a Dimension Reduction Technique: An... [NECO 8:6]Janet Wiles, Paul Bakker, Adam Lynton, Michael Norris, Sean Parkinson, Mark Staples, Alan WhitesideArticle1996-08-01
Using Bayes' Rule to Model Multisensory Enhancement in the Superior Colliculus [NECO 12:5]Thomas J. Anastasio, Paul E. Patton, Kamel Belkacem-BoussaidArticle2000-05-01
Using Avida to Test the Effects of Natural Selection on Phylogenetic Reconstruct... [ARTL 10:2]George I. Hagstrom, Dehua H. Hang, Charles Ofria, Eric TorngArticle2004-01-01
Using Action-congruent Language Facilitates the Motor Response during Action Obs... [JOCN 32:4]Zoë Claire Franklin, David James Wright, Paul Stewart HolmesArticle
Using a Large-scale Neural Model of Cortical Object Processing to Investigate th... [JOCN 29:11]Qin Liu, Antonio Ulloa, Barry HorwitzArticle
U-shaped Relation between Prestimulus Alpha-band and Poststimulus Gamma-band Pow... [JOCN 30:4]Marc André Wittenberg, Thomas J. Baumgarten, Alfons Schnitzler, Joachim LangeArticle
The Use of Neural Networks in High-Energy Physics [NECO 5:4]Bruce DenbyArticle1993-07-01
Use of Modality and Negation in Semantically-Informed Syntactic MT [COLI 38:2]Kathryn Baker, Michael Bloodgood, Bonnie J. Dorr, Chris Callison-Burch, Nathaniel W. Filardo, Christine Piatko, Lori Levin, Scott MillerArticle2012-06-01
Use of an Artificial Neural Network for Data Analysis in Clinical Decision-Makin... [NECO 2:4]William G. BaxtArticle1990-12-01
Use of a Deep Belief Network for Small High-Level Abstraction Data Sets Using Ar... [NECO 30:12]Yoichi HayashiArticle
The Use of a Computer Display Exaggerates the Connection Between Education and A... [OPMI 2:1]Edward Gibson, Julian Jara-Ettinger, Roger Levy, Steven PiantadosiArticle
The Upward Bias in Measures of Information Derived from Limited Data Samples [NECO 7:2]Alessandro Treves, Stefano PanzeriArticle1995-03-01
The Upstart Algorithm: A Method for Constructing and Training Feedforward Neural... [NECO 2:2]Marcus FreanArticle1990-06-01
U-Processes and Preference Learning [NECO 26:12]Hong Li, Chuanbao Ren, Luoqing LiArticle
An Upper Bound on the Minimum Number of Monomials Required to Separate Dichotomi... [NECO 18:12]Erhan OztopArticle2006-12-01
Upper Beta Band Oscillations in Human Premotor Cortex Encode Subjective Choices ... [JOCN 28:5]Jan Herding, Bernhard Spitzer, Felix BlankenburgArticle
Updating Existing Emotional Memories Involves the Frontopolar/Orbito-frontal Cor... [JOCN 23:11]Michiko Sakaki, Kazuhisa Niki, Mara MatherArticle2011-11-01
Untethered Hovering Flapping Flight of a 3D-Printed Mechanical Insect [ARTL 17:2]Charles Richter, Hod LipsonArticle2011-04-01
Unsupervised Type and Token Identification of Idiomatic Expressions [COLI 35:1]Afsaneh Fazly, Paul Cook, Suzanne StevensonArticle2009-03-01
Unsupervised Spike Detection and Sorting with Wavelets and Superparamagnetic Clu... [NECO 16:8]R. Quian Quiroga, Z. Nadasdy, Y. Ben-ShaulArticle2004-08-01
Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition Using Syntactic and Semantic Contextual Ev... [COLI 27:1]Alessandro Cucchiarelli, Paola VelardiArticle2001-03-01
Unsupervised Mutual Information Criterion for Elimination of Overtraining in Sup... [NECO 7:1]G. Deco, W. Finnoff, H. G. ZimmermannArticle1995-01-01
Unsupervised Multilingual Sentence Boundary Detection [COLI 32:4]Tibor Kiss, Jan StrunkArticle2006-12-01
Unsupervised Learning of the Morphology of a Natural Language [COLI 27:2]John GoldsmithArticle2001-06-01
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology [COLI 37:2]Harald Hammarström, Lars BorinArticle2011-06-01