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Errata [JOCN 28:5]Article2010-12-01
Opposite Effects of Cortisol on Consolidation of Temporal Sequence Memory during... [JOCN 23:12]Ines Wilhelm, Ullrich Wagner, Jan BornArticle2011-12-01
The Artificial Life Roots of Artificial Intelligence [ARTL 1:1_2]Luc SteelsArticle1993-10-01
The Raising Analysis of Relative Clauses: A Reply to Borsley [LING 31:1]Valentina BianchiArticle2000-01-01
Mirror Theory: Syntactic Representation in Perfect Syntax [LING 31:1]Michael BrodyArticle2000-01-01
Quantifier Float and Wh-Movement in an Irish English [LING 31:1]James McCloskeyArticle2000-01-01
Rethinking Geminates, Long-Distance Geminates, and the OCP [LING 31:1]Sharon RoseArticle2000-01-01
The Licensing of Null Arguments in American Sign Language [LING 31:1]Benjamin Bahan, Judy Kegl, Robert G. Lee, Dawn MacLaughlin, Carol NeidleArticle2000-01-01
Illicit Remnant Movement: An Argument for Feature-Driven Movement [LING 31:1]Yuji TakanoArticle2000-01-01
“Substance Abuse” and “Dysfunctionalism”: Current Trends in Phonology [LING 31:1]Mark Hale, Charles ReissArticle2000-01-01
Features, Syntax, and Categories in the Latin Perfect [LING 31:2]David EmbickArticle2000-04-01
The Grammatical Ingredients of Counterfactuality [LING 31:2]Sabine IatridouArticle2000-04-01
Glide and Glottal Stop Insertion in Slavic Languages: A DOT Analysis [LING 31:2]Jerzy RubachArticle2000-04-01
Concord in Minimalist Theory [LING 31:2]Vicki CarstensArticle2000-04-01
A Note on Contraction [LING 31:2]Cedric BoeckxArticle2000-04-01
On Feature Spreading and the Representation of Place of Articulation [LING 31:3]Morris Halle, Bert Vaux, Andrew WolfeArticle2000-07-01
Scandinavian Stylistic Fronting: How Any Category Can Become an Expletive [LING 31:3]Anders HolmbergArticle2000-07-01
Strengthening PF [LING 31:3]Juvénal NdayiragijeArticle2000-07-01
Weak Crossover as a Scope Phenomenon [LING 31:3]E. G. RuysArticle2000-07-01
Remarks on Backcopying [LING 31:3]Eric RaimyArticle2000-07-01
Binding Effects with Covert Movement [LING 31:3]Philip BraniganArticle2000-07-01
Indefinite Pronouns and Overt N-Raising [LING 31:3]Hideki KishimotoArticle2000-07-01
Economy, The Copy Theory, and Antecedent-Contained Deletion [LING 31:3]Jason MerchantArticle2000-07-01
An Experimental Investigation of Syntactic Satiation Effects [LING 31:3]William SnyderArticle2000-07-01
Principle D [LING 31:4]Seth A. MinkoffArticle2000-10-01
The Mental Representation of Semitic Words [LING 31:4]Jean-François Prunet, Renée Béland, Ali IdrissiArticle2000-10-01
Information Structure and the Syntax-Phonology Interface [LING 31:4]Mark SteedmanArticle2000-10-01
“Postverbal” Subjects and the Mapping Hypothesis [LING 31:4]Giuseppe LongobardiArticle2000-10-01
Wh-Subjects in English and the Vacuous Movement Hypothesis [LING 31:4]Brian AgbayaniArticle2000-10-01
Vowel Hiatus and Faithfulness In Tohono O'Odham Reduplication [LING 31:4]Colleen M. FitzgeraldArticle2000-10-01
Noncyclic Operations and the LCA in a Derivational Theory [LING 31:4]Jon GajewskiArticle2000-10-01
Indefinites and Choice Functions [LING 31:4]Bart GeurtsArticle2000-10-01
Books and Journals Received [LING 47:4]Article2000-10-01
The Maturation of Grammatical Principles: Evidence from Russian Unaccusatives [LING 32:1]Maria Babyonyshev, Jennifer Ganger, David Pesetsky, Kenneth WexlerArticle2001-01-01
Empirical Tests of the Gradual Learning Algorithm [LING 32:1]Paul Boersma, Bruce HayesArticle2001-01-01
Multiple Wh-Fronting [LING 32:1]Günther GrewendorfArticle2001-01-01
Condition R [LING 32:1]Jeffrey LidzArticle2001-01-01
Null Case and the Distribution of PRO [LING 32:1]Roger MartinArticle2001-01-01
The Semantics of -ship Suffixation [LING 32:1]Mark Aronoff, Sungeun ChoArticle2001-01-01
An Argument for Multiple Spell-Out [LING 32:1]Steven Franks, Željko BoškovićArticle2001-01-01
An Idiomatic Argument for Lexical Decomposition [LING 32:1]Norvin RichardsArticle2001-01-01
Unambiguous Triggers [LING 29:1]Janet Dean FodorArticle1998-01-01
Tiberian Hebrew Spirantization and Phonological Derivations [LING 29:1]William J. IdsardiArticle1998-01-01
Scope Inversion under the Rise-Fall Contour in German [LING 29:1]Manfred KrifkaArticle1998-01-01
Have/Be Raising, Move F, and Procrastinate [LING 29:1]Ian RobertsArticle1998-01-01
Null Object and Sloppy Identity in Japanese [LING 29:1]Hajime HojiArticle1998-01-01
A Null Pronominal in the Noun Phrase [LING 29:1]Richard CampbellArticle1998-01-01
Bare X-Bar Theory and Structures Formed by Movement [LING 29:1]Jairo NunesArticle1998-01-01
A Slovak Argument for the Onset-Rhyme Distinction [LING 29:1]Jerzy RubachArticle1998-01-01
Overt Scope Marking and Covert Verb-Second [LING 29:2]Samuel David EpsteinArticle1998-04-01