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Object Shift with Raising Verbs [LING 32:3]C. Jan-Wouter ZwartArticle2001-07-01
Cocaine-induced Impulsive Choices Are Accompanied by Impaired Delay-dependent An... [JOCN 24:1]Yanfang Zuo, Xinsheng Wang, Cailian Cui, Fei Luo, Peng Yu, XueWei WangArticle2012-01-01
Argumentation Machines: New Frontiers in Argumentation and Computation [COLI 31:1]Ingrid ZukermanArticle2005-03-01
Implicit, Intuitive, and Explicit Knowledge of Abstract Regularities in a Sound ... [JOCN 18:8]Titia L. van Zuijen, Veerle L. Simoens, Petri Paavilainen, Risto Näätänen, Mari TervaniemiArticle2006-08-01
Evolution of an Optimal Lexicon under Constraints from Embodiment [ARTL 9:4]Willem Zuidema, Gert WestermannArticle2003-10-01
Does This Ring a Bell? Music-cued Retrieval of Semantic Knowledge and Metamemory... [JOCN 24:11]Maya Zuckerman, Daniel A. Levy, Roni Tibon, Niv Reggev, Anat MarilArticle2012-11-01
Two Stages of Curve Detection Suggest Two Styles of Visual Computation [NECO 1:1]Steven W. Zucker, Allan Dobbins, Lee IversonArticle1989-03-01
Coherent Compound Motion: Corners and Nonrigid Configurations [NECO 2:1]Steven W. Zucker, Lee Iverson, Robert A. HummelArticle1990-03-01
Dutch 2nd Singular Prosodic Weakening: Two Rejoinders [LING 38:4]Wim ZonneveldArticle2007-10-01
Optimal Tone Mapping [LING 34:2]Cheryl ZollArticle2003-04-01
Vowel Reduction and Reduplication in Klamath [LING 33:3]Cheryl ZollArticle2002-07-01
Manifold Stochastic Dynamics for Bayesian Learning [NECO 13:11]Mark Zlochin, Yoram BaramArticle2001-11-01
Rhesus Monkeys Behave As If They Perceive the Duncker Illusion [JOCN 17:7]A. Z. Zivotofsky, M. E. Goldberg, K. D. PowellArticle2005-07-01
Recurrent Neural Network for Computing Outer Inverse [NECO 28:5]Ivan S. Živković, Predrag S. Stanimirović, Yimin WeiArticle
Comparison of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms: Empirical Results [EVCO 8:2]Eckart Zitzler, Kalyanmoy Deb, Lothar ThieleArticle2000-06-01
Haloperidol Impairs Learning and Error-related Negativity in Humans [JOCN 16:6]Patrick J. Zirnheld, Christine A. Carroll, Paul D. Kieffaber, Brian F. O'Donnell, Anantha Shekhar, William P. HetrickArticle2004-07-01
A Subgrouping Strategy that Reduces Complexity and Speeds Up Learning in Recurre... [NECO 1:4]David ZipserArticle1989-12-01
Recurrent Network Model of the Neural Mechanism of Short-Term Active Memory [NECO 3:2]David ZipserArticle1991-06-01
Neural Dynamics Associated with Semantic and Episodic Memory for Faces: Evidence... [JOCN 22:2]Elana Zion-Golumbic, Marta Kutas, Shlomo BentinArticle2010-02-01
Disturbed Sound Lateralization in Patients with Spatial Neglect [JOCN 15:5]Ulrike Zimmer, Jörg Lewald, Hans-Otto KarnathArticle2003-05-01
Evolving Control Metabolisms for a Robot [ARTL 7:2]Jens Ziegler, Wolfgang BanzhafArticle2001-04-01
Word, Pseudoword, and Nonword Processing: A Multitask Comparison Using Event-Rel... [JOCN 9:6]Johannes C. Ziegler, Mireille Besson, Arthur M. Jacobs, Tatjana A. Nazir, Thomas H. CarrArticle1997-11-01
Do Words Stink? Neural Reuse as a Principle for Understanding Emotions in Readin... [JOCN 30:7]Johannes C. Ziegler, Marie Montant, Benny B. Briesemeister, Tila T. Brink, Bruno Wicker, Aurélie Ponz, Mireille Bonnard, Arthur M. Jacobs, Mario BraunArticle
Blind Source Separation by Sparse Decomposition in a Signal Dictionary [NECO 13:4]Michael Zibulevsky, Barak A. PearlmutterArticle2001-04-01
The Interaction of Lexical Semantics and Cohort Competition in Spoken Word Recog... [JOCN 23:12]Jie Zhuang, Billi Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Lorraine K. TylerArticle2011-12-01
Probing Changes in Neural Interaction During Adaptation [NECO 15:10]Liqiang Zhu, Ying-Cheng Lai, Frank C. Hoppensteadt, Jiping HeArticle2003-10-01
Antipredictable Sequences: Harder to Predict Than Random Sequences [NECO 10:8]Huaiyu Zhu, Wolfgang KinzelArticle1998-11-01
Minimax Entropy Principle and Its Application to Texture Modeling [NECO 9:8]Song Chun Zhu, Ying Nian Wu, David MumfordArticle1997-11-01
A Generalized Contrast Function and Stability Analysis for Overdetermined Blind ... [NECO 18:3]Xiao-Long Zhu, Xian-Da Zhang, Ji-Min YeArticle2006-03-01
A Multifactor Winner-Take-All Dynamics [NECO 23:7]Junmei ZhuArticle2011-07-01
No Free Lunch for Cross-Validation [NECO 8:7]Huaiyu Zhu, Richard RohwerArticle1996-10-01
Binocular Receptive Field Models, Disparity Tuning, and Characteristic Disparity [NECO 8:8]Yu-Dong Zhu, Ning QianArticle1996-11-01
A Systematic and Effective Supervised Learning Mechanism Based on Jacobian Rank ... [NECO 10:4]Guian Zhou, Jennie SiArticle1998-05-01
Time-Varying Perturbations Can Distinguish Among Integrate-to-Threshold Models f... [NECO 21:8]Xiang Zhou, KongFatt Wong-Lin, Philip HolmesArticle2009-08-01
Correlation Between Eigenvalue Spectra and Dynamics of Neural Networks [NECO 21:10]Qingguo Zhou, Tao Jin, Hong ZhaoArticle2009-10-01
Competitive Layer Model of Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Networks with LT Neuro... [NECO 22:8]Wei Zhou, Jacek M. ZuradaArticle2010-08-01
Second-Order Cone Programming Formulations for Robust Multiclass Classification [NECO 19:1]Ping Zhong, Masao FukushimaArticle2007-01-01
Gap-Based Estimation: Choosing the Smoothing Parameters for Probabilistic and Ge... [NECO 19:10]Mingyu Zhong, Dave Coggeshall, Ehsan Ghaneie, Thomas Pope, Mark Rivera, Michael Georgiopoulos, Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos, Mansooreh Mollaghasemi, Samuel RichieArticle2007-10-01
Large Margin Low Rank Tensor Analysis [NECO 26:4]Guoqiang Zhong, Mohamed CherietArticle2014-04-01
Bootstrapping Distributional Feature Vector Quality [COLI 35:3]Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet, Ido DaganArticle2009-09-01
A Modified Algorithm for Generalized Discriminant Analysis [NECO 16:6]Wenming Zheng, Li Zhao, Cairong ZouArticle2004-06-01
The Key Locus of Common Response Inhibition Network for No-go and Stop Signals [JOCN 20:8]Dongming Zheng, Tatsuro Oka, Hirokazu Bokura, Shuhei YamaguchiArticle2008-08-01
Functional Overlap between Regions Involved in Speech Perception and in Monitori... [JOCN 22:8]Zane Z. Zheng, Kevin G. Munhall, Ingrid S. JohnsrudeArticle2010-08-01
Class-Incremental Generalized Discriminant Analysis [NECO 18:4]Wenming ZhengArticle2006-04-01
MISEP Method for Postnonlinear Blind Source Separation [NECO 19:9]Chun-Hou Zheng, De-Shuang Huang, Kang Li, George Irwin, Zhan-Li SunArticle2007-09-01
Efficient Continuous-Time Asymmetric Hopfield Networks for Memory Retrieval [NECO 22:6]Pengsheng Zheng, Wansheng Tang, Jianxiong ZhangArticle2010-06-01
Tonically Balancing Intracortical Excitation and Inhibition by GABAergic Gliotra... [NECO 26:8]Meihong Zheng, Takami Matsuo, Ai Miyamoto, Osamu HoshinoArticle2014-08-01
Mixture Modeling with Pairwise, Instance-Level Class Constraints [NECO 17:11]Qi Zhao, David J. MillerArticle2005-11-01
A Bound on Modeling Error in Observable Operator Models and an Associated Learni... [NECO 21:9]Ming-Jie Zhao, Herbert Jaeger, Michael ThonArticle2009-09-01
Making the Error-Controlling Algorithm of Observable Operator Models Constructiv... [NECO 21:12]Ming-Jie Zhao, Herbert Jaeger, Michael ThonArticle2009-12-01